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  1. Fellow Stagg EKG. Decided not to turn Londinium at all and brew few coffees with Wave this morning. I missed that so much!
  2. I assumed that was electricity costs.
  3. Isn’t that one of the most important bits... we talk about all the bells and whistles, but we brew at home for out enjoyment. It’s been about 9 months since I got my ek43s/LR and I still catch myself just looking at it and smiling.
  4. You can get entry level espresso machine for £300... It would fit the Barisieur category for sure!
  5. Would you not need to add in the cost of a portafilter and basket, making it fairly close to what they come up as working refurbs? I think I paid £120 for mine, few years back...
  6. It might wobble a bit, look and feel cheap, but trust me. It’s quality unobtainium plastic. You won’t be able to break it.
  7. Still undecided whether I should make them blink, rotate or make some demonic noises. Any suggestions?
  8. Glad to see yet another Scottish roaster! I like their ethos as well and has them on my radar...
  9. Not a surprise, I found their customer service to be lacklustre.
  10. FWIW trying lighter roasts than Barn might be worth trying. Ditto on dialling in for the grinder. My best results with an EK have been 1:3 ratio in 20-26 seconds.
  11. PPapa

    Decent Espresso Knockbox

    Haha, I have a love-hate relationship with Grindstein and eyed up this one for quite some time.
  12. PPapa

    Decent Espresso Knockbox

    I’ll take it. PM your payment details!
  13. Ah, fair enough then. I have 4x250g bags open (only 4 because fifth is finished!) at the moment, so... Keep in mind that Ceado had a bit of a naming nightmare as I believe both E37 and E37J refer to a grinder that has 64ish mm burrs compared to 83mm on E37S. Easy mistake to do...
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