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  1. PPapa

    Audio Buffs

    You’ll struggle to use a Sonos Play speaker as powered speaker - the delay has been reported as being pretty bad. https://en.community.sonos.com/music-services-and-sources-228994/sonos-5-playback-delay-6803262 I got Klipsch R-41PM for my audio set-up of Schiit Modi 3 (DAC), Schiit Magni 3+ (headphone amp, with preamp output) and few headphones/earphones. The speakers do sound quite nicely and would not go back to Sonos. Active speakers also have some neat features such as Bluetooth... without needing stereo receiver.
  2. Not a surprise since the new owners seem to care about disingenuity within the forum in terms of members and now sponsors. If the integrity of the forum wasn’t compromised and the greed didn’t take over... the donations to the forum might have stopped this from happening? Who knows as I don’t have the number of visits to this forum or the donations.
  3. This one? Failing that, Cosmic Black is pretty good too:
  4. Postage wasn’t listed as an option, I’m afraid.
  5. Sorry, I don’t frequent this forum as often as I should. I took this offline [email protected] and will allow for a pickup or I’ll deliver it myself.
  6. Is that coming from a coffee equipment reviewer or a salesman? [emoji3166]
  7. Niche said that they will be selling "cups in the near future". That was last December. There's few made by Acaia and some Chinese knock offs. I have one and honestly, it's brilliant.
  8. PPapa

    Kinu M47

    Ah cool never mind then! Thanks for clarifying that.
  9. PPapa

    Kinu M47

    This is what I mean, the screw holds the outer burr: Unless AerGrind design changed after Kickstarter, of course.
  10. PPapa

    Kinu M47

    Aergrind. I’m not sure about Feld 2. The burrs are press fit, which means they cannot be replaced, realigned or taken apart for a deep clean. If they ever pop out... then I guess glue is the only option. My original Feldgrind has a grub screw on the side to hold the outer burr in place. It’s dead easy to do.
  11. PPapa

    Kinu M47

    It’s designed in a way that it cannot be user serviceable - not sure if that’s the case with Kinu grinders.
  12. I suggested this [email protected] but he wasn’t interested. It’s a shame because I’ve been burnt once by this trickery. It’s shameless and selfish move that does no good for the forum.
  13. The cardboard cover, I hear?
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