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  1. Let me know when you get one so I don’t need to! I did see it live in Glasgow Coffee Festival, I believe at Glen Lyon stand. I foolishly forgot about it when chatting away - I’m sure I could have had a closer look at it. Edit: Seen this? https://rhinocoffeegear.com/rhino-coffee-gear-dosing-cup.html# Available on Coffee Hit, but I dislike the fact that it's a copy of Acaia's cup (1st gen), e.g.: https://baristatechnology.com.au/products/acaia-portafilter-dosing-cup. Half the weight of Acaia one as well...
  2. PPapa

    Tapatalk access

    Hit that like button, I need to get on the leaderboard! [emoji23] Just kidding, glad it worked. I needed to re-do this couple of times within last week as there have been some further updates. It worked consistently though.
  3. Sorry, I don't understand what you mean. You will need to grind finer to achieve the same yield ratio with same extraction time if you underdose the basket. At least that's my experience with both IMS and VST baskets on EK43s.
  4. Yes and no! B Plus who are supposedly a distributor for La Pav had a limited run of La Pav stirrer. Now it just says BPLUS, which is fine with me. https://www.bplus.biz/products/the-stirrer-for-la-pavoni-machine-bplus They did not have any more in production, so I hastily bought a silver one... I checked moments later and it said silver ones were sold out! So I might have bought the last one.
  5. Well, Acaia have nailed with their scales! I did try the knock off Felicita ones and it was a disaster for the money I paid (£140). I am sure the dosing cup is just as nice, but I haven't figured out where to buy it from.
  6. The little brother for Londinium WDT [emoji4] Will see how 4 prongs compare to 3 wired ones!
  7. PPapa

    Tapatalk access

    Go to CFUK on Safari and click at the top which says open in Tapatalk - it should make it work. Posting this from iPhone via Tapatalk by the way!
  8. Wine tumblers do work as well, but they do have a welded bottom which can be difficult to clean. I’ve been using a mini cocktail shaker bottom which does work wonders. I keep meaning to get an Acaia one, but there’s *something* that stops me from getting one. I wonder what!
  9. Doesn’t VST suggest staying within 1g of the capacity of the basket? Underdosing might create more issues as you need to grind even finer.
  10. Some symmetry and not shabby cut through - finally! I usually get too excited if I get a good start and screw it up
  11. Will be interested to see how you get on with the silicone gaskets as well as the IMS 200um (?) screen.
  12. The fact that no grinds are coming out immediately when you start grinding suggests clogging up. Try opening or even removing the anti static flap to see if that is the issue?
  13. Owning an EK is like “throw all the knowledge you know about espresso and try again”. I recently had a mess up and got a 18g->62g shot in ~30 seconds. Damn tasty, surprisingly.
  14. The first I received had slight imperfections, so I received a second one. I got charged VAT (£8.5) and Royal Mail handling fees (£8) for both parcels. Add in shipping costs and here we are... I might stick the first one for sale as I really don’t need two. I can’t fault the jugs though! Quite happy with them. They’re apparently made by Fellow which I always regarded quite well too.
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