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  1. Some excellent words to ponder about. Who do you trust?
  2. It’s also obvious this forum needs cooperation from administration, people that frustrate others and those that get frustrated. So far, it’s only been the frustrated that voiced their concerns.
  3. I couldn’t agree more with Coffeechaps, Hasi, Mildred and Thecatlinux. I had now multiple posts removed, some of those removals showing favouritism. I’m afraid to post anything because you must agree with the Lord of the Forum.
  4. I don’t think anyone will go for the toilet looks again. At least that’s my hope [emoji23]
  5. Thanks. My EK43s is certainly not zero retention, hence I mentioned low retention. I get about -0.3g when grinding finer and +0.3g when grinding coarser. It’s “zero point something” retention and I can live with that. Happy to join a party for testing/beta thing of course. Also, what burrs are you thinking of? 75mm?
  6. Great disclaimer chap. Low retention, high EY, easy cleaning (not losing calibration/zero point), fine adjustment, small footprint, lack of thwacking required. Might make rethink about owning EK.
  7. LMLM is something I always fancied. I think it looks great - I don’t like the looks of E61 machines as most of them are cookie cutter designs with a twist or two. It’s simple to use - I want something simple and reliable for daily coffee. It has an interesting boiler setup, which is meant to help with a quicker warmup and thermal stability. The new generation is also making it a bit smarter. I don’t like the placement of the water tank and price. You must pair it with a £1-3k grinder at very least and the total cost of coffee gear becomes quite a bit. If I had so much money, I would then pro
  8. Do you mind elaborating on this? Yes, it’s not visible, but as long as it’s consistent from shot to shot, day to day, why does it matter? You make it sound like it’s a negative, but don’t explain why. If you are swapping machines daily, then fair enough you want to eliminate this when changing from machine A to machine B. Most home users are married to their machines as they need to pay for their machines full price, so they’re stuck with them for years - probably good sign, for both environment and ourselves. I personally don’t find need to tweak settings on a machine as playing with a gr
  9. Or you know... you could create a thread about a machine that would compete against a machine another manufacturer is building. You also happen to have a relationship with such manufacturer. Then try and create problems that don’t exist but the other machine is going to address them anyway. I’ll put my tinfoil hat on, it tends to regulate the thermal efficiency of my skull.
  10. It cures upgradeitis, it’s reliable and so simple to use. You end up spending money on other stuff because LR is so perfect I don’t need to spend money on it or upgrade.
  11. If you are trying to hide an upgrade from significant other and already have a Silvia, that’s an easy sell. “Darling, I just added a screen to the machine we already have. Oh and I just had to replace blinker fluid for your car which cost us £1300!”
  12. No it just gets very expensive while dialling in.
  13. What grinder are you using? Never owned either, but I don’t think the difference will be as pronounced as upgrading a grinder (assuming there’s a room for an upgrade).
  14. Stir, let it cool down and drink. I sometimes will pull a flat white (150ml cup with 45-54g of espresso) in the mornings, but I probably drink 60-80% straight espresso. Depends on the bean, preference and rustiness of my latte art skills.
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