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  1. Hahaha [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]. I was a student, alright?! I need to stay away from seeing Synesso Hydra or Slayer as at that pace I might as well sell my car and a kidney...
  2. Yeah I know it’s not the case with Sparkyx. Just a general thought where high end machines end up being paired with subpar grinders.
  3. How many days post roast the beans are?
  4. I haven’t had a chance to play with the module yet, but I guess a lot of folk would benefit from a grinder upgrade first? Would you agree?
  5. Absolute gentleman, Paul.
  6. PPapa

    Pourover kettle

    Ah damn, I’ve heard the handle feels a bit plasticky, but $60 will pretty much make it to a £200 kettle. I’m hoping to get mine delivered next week... if you are ever in Glasgow, you know who to message!
  7. PPapa

    Pourover kettle

    It’s available to preorder for next week delivery from @coffeeomega. [emoji4]
  8. Wait until you find out that you don’t like medium roasts anymore and want to even lighter! Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t necessarily enjoy roasters I was loyal to.
  9. 0.4g is very little amount of retention compared to most if not all grinders in this price range. You can updose if you want to get over 34g and scoop out the excess. 0.01g scales won’t make you happier. Is 17.93g better than 18.07g? That’s what I was wondering this morning...
  10. You can’t just throw around FM keyword M...
  11. I found that grinding too fine results in channeling and ends up pouring fast-ish anyway.
  12. Ah I see - what's in your mind? There's a for sale section which you will be able to unlock once you are more active user.
  13. Welcome to the forum, Mark! Is this your set up or are you selling set ups? If you wish to advertise on Coffee Forums UK please click here or contact an Admin via email [email protected] or send a PM to Tait, Glenn or Rhys. Grab a cup and relax, Dave. Please don't be harsh to new members.
  14. FYI, there’s a 10% discount available for forum members. Just shoot them an email, asking for an invoice. I didn’t realise the price listed is without VAT, but a discount helped nevertheless [emoji4].
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