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  1. Oh aye it was me last December and I still have a scar inside the lip. Nothing visible though and all teeth are intact. I had a bit of PTSD (I know, I know, it’s not a right term!) and did contemplate about selling it for a pump machine. So happy I stuck with it!
  2. As long as you aren’t hammering tent pegs with it, you’ll be fine...
  3. With no experience with this particular grinder, do you purge between changing settings? Judging grinds from photos are difficult, but sharing one might not be the worst idea after all.
  4. I'd love such steam arms for Londinium R, but keep failing to find anything on the internet!
  5. Londiniums are also built by Fracino, but I assume designed by Reiss (Londinium) and uses higher end components. My Londinium R certainly doesn’t feel cheap. Grinder wise, it depends on what you drink and how often you’d like to change types of beans you drink. A £2k machine arguably requires a more than a decent grinder. Have a look at Mahlkonig (65S maybe?), Compak, Ceado... a grinder is just as important as a machine, if not more.
  6. My Chemex has broken many years ago, but there’s 23cm of clearance, not accounting the dip in the middle.
  7. I guess it depends on the volume you’re steaming for? One tiny cortado or two lattes? If it’s a one cup, then 350ml will be nicer. I’m currently using Barista Hustle 400ml pitcher in 150ml cups (I pull 40-50g of espresso).
  8. It’s a glorified kettle that holds temperature. I don’t have a variable temperature kettle anymore, so it was handy to run around the flat without getting the water too cold again!
  9. Is this borderline crazy? Got up slightly earlier for a run, forgot my LR hasn’t even started warming up...
  10. Phew! Thanks Salty.
  11. Does the scale fit fine for you? Lunars are too small and fall into the dip of the base. Not having to clean carafe/brewing chamber is a win tho.
  12. I did try a manual pulse, but it’s rather a lot more faff. The reason I got a Brazen is so that I can brew once in a while. 8.5 on ek... Rather tasty, but my filter taste buds have been hibernating for too long... I’d be tempted to back to manual brews, but then Stagg EKG is not available in UK yet!
  13. That’s what I use. I am not going to buy water in plastic bottles and I’m not keen to plumb in a water filter. I think Jeebsy said he just uses tap water. That was a long time ago though.
  14. It’s the assumed/average inflation isn’t it?
  15. Just a 3% yearly increase brings 6.5 to 7.1 over three years. So yeah... £7.5 posted is a steal. I haven’t had IMM since 2016, so I have no idea how good quality IMM beans are these days.
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