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  1. Simple, clean and utilitarian. Better than most ACS or Lelit machines to be honest.
  2. How does this compare to brew water temperature? I admittedly had few cups with 15-20 min warm up time, pour milk in it and just chug it. My machine is on a smart plug, so the only times I do this are 4-5AM and I am barely awake anyway.
  3. LMLM has a 170ml boiler, which I think is non-standard, but I reckon that’s plenty for most folk. Doing back-to-back without a fast on-demand grinder and multiple portafilters is a slow enough process regardless.
  4. If this is in £1k-1.5k region, this is HOT.
  5. Yeah I wouldn't recycle the water back. Could use it for watering plants, dish water, etc? Admittedly, owning a machine with 2l+ boiler that requires a long warmup isn't the most eco-friendly solution. I had days where I had my LR turned on for most of the day, but had a couple of cups only. I am now more disciplined, turn off the machine earlier (would have a pourover if I fancy another coffee) and try to offset the environment by walking where possible, reducing waste and eating less meat.
  6. It looks like most of the stuff from AliExpress ends up being resold on eBay, Amazon and some smaller websites.
  7. I didn't comment on that thread out of respect, but I'd rather people saved money. Spot two differences... https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000262793695.html
  8. You can get dosing tools for 58mm on eBay, AliExpress etc. They start from £4. For example... https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F333268680611
  9. @Rhys I haven’t had a genuine one, but it’s certainly uneven on both sides. I am just happy I gave it another go as otherwise I would have been using cartridges!
  10. You can have my Merkur Futur tip off I bought from AliExpress. I wouldn’t recommend it to be honest! I am now using Muhle R89 Rosegold with Feather/Astra blades which is fantastic. I do rock a full beard, so I just need to tidy up sides and neck. I didn’t realise how cheap it is as shave cream I bought from Arran lasted half a year (still going) and 100 blade pack for a tenner has been around for two years now.
  11. I haven’t had any offers [emoji58]. How did you find a comparison?
  12. I haven’t heard of an auger for conical burr grinder, are there any out of the box grinders that have that?
  13. Could you share the equipment and test procedure being used?
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