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  1. Riz

    Hario Buono pouring kettle

    Hi @Mark70 Great! Will get a price for postage by the afternoon and get in touch to arrange it all. Thanks!
  2. I'm selling my Hario kettle as it's now surplus. Used, good condition, does what it says really. Looking for £20 plus postage.
  3. If anyone has any excess flat white cups or tulips I'd be happy to take a couple off your hands
  4. Riz

    Bean Subscriptions

    @DogandHat for the win!
  5. Yes it's a flat bottomed filter. It doesn't have any programmed pre infusion. Wondering whether a crude method, such as turning the machine off would be a solution. Guess I'll give it a go and see if it works. Will try the recipe you suggested and see how it goes. It doesn't have a shut off mechanism. It does stop when the water runs out from what I've seen from the limited use I've had of it thus far (just done a descale cycle, waiting for the postman to deliver the filters to start using it).
  6. Hi all, Been a while. Things certainly seemed to have changed around here! I've recently got hold of a bravilor bonamat novo for serving filter coffee at home when there are guests around to save me having to stand there producing pour over coffee. Interested to see if anyone has any experience and/or ideas in respect of the queries below: -bloom; how can this be achieved? Is it necessary? -General grind size for 1.2litre brew (id be using a wilfa grinder with it)? - adjusting grind size/brew time for smaller brews? - is keeping the coffee hot by placing it on the plate a terrible idea? Thanks
  7. @pips they have a shop on Leyton high road, as well a small branch at leytonstone underground station. Also have a cafe at what used to the be the Waltham forest magistrates' court. Picked up a nice Honduras single origin from them last week. Great offer
  8. It seems that there have been quite a number of issues with this machine looking back over this thread. Maybe you should raise this with the mods or even @Glenn if the machine wasn't advertised properly on the forum.
  9. I'll take one please Dylan. If you can pm your details I'll get on to making payment.
  10. I normally have the grinder set at the second r in aeropress as a starting point and adjust depending on the bean. The filters I have are hario filters which have always been stored in a cupboard. I've just received some more this morning in the post and will give them a go and report back.
  11. The trick when it comes to steaming with the classic is to not let the red light come on so that the boiler continues to heat whilst you are steaming your milk. This will allow you to steam your milk in one go. Flick the steam switch, purge the water and start steaming before the light comes on.
  12. Funny thing is the African coffees I was having before would take a shorter amount of time then the coffees I'm having at present. The pharmacie is el Salvador and the notes is Brazilian. The longer brews are not as tasty as before and the flavours are really muted.
  13. Filters remain the same. I moved on to the pharmacie filter roast from the dog and hat sub and it was around that time I noticed the difference in time. I've since tried cleaning the grinder and trying the lsol from notes but the drain down times remain over the four min mark. I understand that different origins may require some adjusting to grind size but this is far beyond what I've ever had to do previously.
  14. Lately, v60 brews with beans ground with this grinder have been taking up to and beyond 5mins where the brew would usually drain by 3.5mins on the same grind setting and pour regime. I haven't interfered with the grinder in any way and everything else has remained consistent. I cannot understand why try brews are taking longer. I've tried going coarser but whilst those brews may drain quicker its not the taste/flavour/body I would usually get. I've since tried to clean any residual coffee in the burrs and start again but am still experiencing the same problem. In addition, I've been questioning whether I am properly replacing the top burr carrier on this grinder. It just seems to sit on top without being fixed into place in any way. Also have seen some discussion about which way around the top burr needs to sit but cannot notice any discernible difference. Any ideas?
  15. I've yet to crack open the most recent delivery!
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