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  1. Great work there @IamOiman! Loved reading this thread and seeing the pics. What's next?
  2. Thanks @MartinB. I'm going to have to get back to you on that and let you know. 250 is bit higher than what I had anticipated paying for a classic and it'll require posting as well.
  3. Thanks @Missy. Looks amazing and just read the restoration thread. Some great work there ! But I'm going to have pass.
  4. Thanks @MartinB Have you got any other pictures of the colour of the chassis at all - pics a bit dark to my eye so can't see it in all its glory. Are there any accessories that would come with it?
  5. Thanks @KTD Looks like I missed out on that. Shame. Looked good.
  6. Hi All I'm after a classic or La pavoni/style lever machine and thought I'd ask on here to see if anybody has one they want to move on. Thanks!
  7. Just feeding back on this issue. Niche sent out a new pcb board the very same day I contacted them about the issue and it arrived the following day together with email instructions and a set of tools required for the job. The instructions were easy to follow and I managed to switch the new pcb quickly and got to familiarise myself with the innards of the grinder in the process. Problem solved and the grinder now works as it should with no need for me to manually depress the hopper to ensure the switch is engaged. Great support and service by Niche.
  8. Here's a few pics of the machine. Looks to be in really good condition. Info on sticker on the bottom has a 2003 manufacture date on it. Really chuffed with it and can't thank @KTD enough for sharing that link. And with that begins my journey into the world of level espresso... I ran some descaler through it (not that there was very much scale in the boiler) and cleaned the group head with some puly caff. Haven't worked out the best way to remove the shower head and gasket as yet. I've seen videos online of people using a pick-like tool to remove the shower screen. Is this the only way t
  9. @KTD thanks for sharing the link. I've recently been spending some time looking at these machines for a friend who wanted one. I have increasingly been interested in getting one myself to dip my toe in the world of lever machines. Managed to pick this up as its not too far from me and am looking forward to tinkering with it.
  10. @Mrwayne86 was there any other info on the bag such as origin, varietal just to put the coffee into some sort of context?
  11. Thanks @DavecUK. Had to crop it due to file size limits and lack of experience of uploading anything significantly longer on here. I've checked the screw for the lid and it's tight so will follow the instructions and fit the new part 👍
  12. I've got an issue with my grinder whereby the the lid doesn't fully depress the red button resulting in coffee being ground intermittently at times. Sometimes it requires lifting the lid and closing it more forcibly to ensure the red button is fully depressed or manually pressing down on the hopper to ensure the red button is engaged. When moving the plastic hopper there seems to be some give on the hinge on the right side, closest to the red button, which I thought is what is causing the issue. I've reached out to the guys at Niche who were very responsive and they are of the view
  13. I had it on 41 on my niche. About 40 to 50gm bloom for 45 secs with the rest poured in thereafter on one steady spiral pour
  14. @jaffrowhat grind setting did you use on the niche for cupping? I've had this as espresso and as a v60 today. 17g to 34g in 35 secs (15 on my niche) 16g to 260g, bloom plus single pour on v60 with brew finishing in 3.25. Im getting some juicy, berry like flavours with an enjoyable amount of acidity. The body is quite 'velvety' for want of a better word. Reminds me of African coffees, particularly washed Kenyans and Rwandans I've had in the past but can't help but think that this is a natural process as opposed to a washed.
  15. @truecksuk I have two girls, 6 and 2 years of age. They're really good thankfully and know better than to start having tea (coffee?) parties with their dolls and my gear. They both love being involved in the brewing process and helping out where they can. @editor I've had it a few weeks now. I'm using it to brew espresso as opposed to the feldgrind just because it's easier and the workflow is so easy in comparison. Nice to be able to pull shots without too much work. I'm not a super taster and don't consider myself an expert by any stretch but the shots I've had it from have been enjoyab
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