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  1. sorry about some of the pics being on their side.. no idea how to adjust this! more pics...
  2. Selling my Elektra Micro Casa due to an upgrade. This was my first Lever machine and got me hooked on Levers! It's the Chrome/brass version. I've owned it for about 2 years and it's made an expresso most mornings in that time. I recently put new seals on it. I bought it from a seller on eBay who had bought it for a cafe and realised he had bought the wrong machine. It's in good condition and looks fabulous in my kitchen. A few cosmetic points of note: There are a few scratches here and there and some staining on the front of the boiler presumably where water has splashed. The drain plate has some wear and lifting it off there is some minor corrosion underneath it where water has presumably run down and become trapped. Nothing serious though. Thus machine is well over £1k new. Selling for £450. The catch is i really don't want to ship this as i fear it would get damaged in transit. So you would have to pick it up from Glossop nr Manchester. I could drive little way to meet you though if that helped. A great machine for those looking to try out a sprung lever machine perhaps for the first time. I will throw in a good quality tamper that fits this machine too if required.
  3. Now loving this setup! Its just so easy now to get a good espresso out of it. The Mythos is dialled in and gives a great, even grind every time into the bottomless portafiler I use. I use the londinium tamper but don't seem to need the distribution tool that came with the machine. This could be down to the anti clump tweak that Coffechap did for me. The londinium R is a joy to use and i'm getting great results. The only real variable now is the coffee. I've become aware that i need to use the freshest coffee i can get my hands on. Couldn't be happier. Glad i made the investment in a good grinder though. Its made all the difference.
  4. I went through a similar situation recently. I was surprised at the difference fresh beans made. It was night and day! That would be the first thing I would look at. Then try and grind fine and break up any clumps.
  5. What a difference some fresh beans and a Mythos Grinder make. Enjoying my first decent espresso out of this baby! Grinder courtesy of coffee chap... thanks. Beans courtesy of Bold Street Coffee shop Liverpool. Scooped out of their mythos and bagged up for me.
  6. Was in Liverpool yesterday. Picked up a bag of Bold Street Coffee's house blend. No idea how to flip that image around by the way. Looks fine on my computer!
  7. Thinking about signing up for this. Is there still a forum discount in operation or have i missed the deadline?
  8. Ha Ha. Its just not my day! My Mignon seems to be jamming. Have cleaned it out twice and still does it. it was clumping really badly anyway. Looks like I will be enjoying a Nespresso on christmas day whilst gazing at my beautiful new Londinium. Mind you looking on the bright side it will be easier to justify a shiny grinder to the wife!
  9. yes.. usually leave it for an hour.
  10. Thanks.. will certainly be looking at some sort of training in the new year.
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