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  1. The beans arrived this morning here, thanks to the roasters and organisers! Nice to see letterbox friendly packaging and hear how people are getting on with the beans. I'm not great at detecting/analysing flavours unfortunately but had a go anyway. There's some kind of nutty/biscuity note when I opened the bag and ground the beans. In a V60 it tasted quite clean, I was sure I could pick up some kind finishing note that really reminded me of marzipan. Then later it was brewed up in a moka pot and it's very different, more body and some juicy acidity. Both were enjoyable brews. I think I prefer the non-filtered version so will try it in an aeropress with metal filter tomorrow.
  2. 1. Fez 2. EricC 3. Dunk 4. Mudlark13 5. Catpuccino 6. Border_all 7. Deeez Nuuutz (I’ll take 2 x 500g if there is spare emoji4.png) 8. Jason11 9. Johey 10. Gavin 11. Jacko112 12. MinesAbeer 13. Abs 14. Rob1 15. AmandaH 16. Dalerst 17. ratty 18. Nickdems 19. rippolaris One spot left...
  3. Would someone be so kind as to let me know the forum discount code please? I've not yet used CC they look to have some lovely choices Ta!
  4. Got mine the other day from Machina, along with a bag of Red de Mujeres. It's a 1.5mm hex key you need to adjust the grub screw on the lid. I also took a tip I read here somewhere and put a tiny chamfer on the main spindle with a needle file to allow the ball bearing to slide on more easily. It looks and feels a lot nicer with the new lid!
  5. Can't believe I've never ordered from here, they look to be pretty amazing value and there's some tasty sounding beans for brewed. Would someone mind letting me know the discount code please? Thanks!
  6. The point about the lid is true, I've used one for my work brews for about a while now, and if you leave the lid on there seems to be some kind of vacuum there that means it takes forever for the (very gurgly) draw down to happen. I've always had to lift the lid to break the vacuum when I place the CCD on the cup to dispense the brew. I tend to grind at 2.3 on the Aergrind, go for about an 1:18 coffee to water ratio, leave it till I remember/get bored of waiting/really need a coffee! It rarely gives a bad brew as long as the beans are decent. I need to try me some loooooooong brews and different ratios tho.
  7. I tried a 1.6 grind on an aeropress brew with the aerdisk filter this morning, there were a tiny amount of fines in the cup at the end so possibly at the fine end of the grind for this method. Tasted alright though with Dark Arts Gambling Man beans just on their 7th day of post roast rest. I'll probably go back to 1.8 for that. The second cup of the day was a V60, I tried a 1.10 grind but probably ballsed up the pour completely as I had a dry bed by 2mins which was a quicker than 2.4 grind! Still learning with that one obviously! Again, tasted quite good though. Or maybe I just don't care at that time of the day so long as it's warm and brown
  8. I'm not so far off a noob myself, but I used the settings in the Feldgrind thread here as a starting ballpark. I'm not sure if the burrs are identical to the Feld but they look to measure 38mm too. Just under 2 full turns from burr lock seems to be in about the right sort of area. I've had decent results with 1.8 to 1.10 for Aeropress, I didn't want to go too fine with a metal filter but you might get away with finer using paper filters? Might have to try 1.6 in the morning. V60 I'm still very much new to myself, but at 2.4 I was struggling to get 2:30 target time using the Perger method (12:200 ratio) so should probably go a little finer. I've not had any shocking bad cups so far anyway. It'd be interesting to hear what settings other people are finding works with what methods/recipes.
  9. It is an excellent grinder, of that there is no doubt and it has been instrumental in many dozens of fine brews since it came into my possession two weeks ago. Praise the Aergrind
  10. I spent some quality (!) time earlier flipping the bearings, after marking which was which and the orientation and recording the resulting lock position of the burrs. In all possible combinations, the bearings didn't make more than +-1 dot on the Aergrind adjustment gauge. I then took a closer look at the washers. In mine there's 3 thin ones and 1 thicker. I don't have the means to measure them accurately enough, the 3 thin ones are beyond the resolution on my vernier calipers. They're also very easy to bend, so be careful! I had assumed on initial re-assembly that it was just 2 washers per bearing, but look where that got me. I set about trying different combinations of washers under the upper and lower bearings, and whilst being careful to ensure they were seated properly I got burr locks anywhere from: 2+1 dot with no washers at all, 7 with 1 thick upper, 3 thin lower 8+2 dots with 1 thin 1 thick upper, 2 thin lower 5+1 dot with 2 thin upper, 1 thick 1 thin lower 4 with 1 thin upper, 1 thick 2 thin lower 10 with 2 thin 1 thick upper, 1 thin lower etc etc, there's more combos written down but you get the idea. By this point, I was bored and my hands were starting to cramp up from taking the *&?%ing thing apart so much, so I went and got a beer from the fridge and decided that 10 is a round enough number for me not to care anymore! I think the washers are the key though, so be very, very careful if you take it apart. Edit: It doesn't really matter where it locks I suppose, it still works the same and doesn't detract that it's a great grinder. I might shoot Knock a message for some advice.
  11. Nice pics! Interested to know, do other people's Aergrinds burrs touch at zero? And was there any "test" coffee residue in their units? When I got mine it zero'd at zero. I mean the burrs touched at zero! I took it apart, cleaned it (there was some coffee residue on the burrs which I assume meant it had been tested), re-assembled and it now zeros on 9 :| Not a deal breaker, it still works fine, it's just a little niggle. I've taken it apart again a few times again, checked all the washers are still there (2 slim washers under each bearing), tried flipping the bearings, putting them back in top/bottom in case I'd got them muddled up on re-assembly, etc to no avail. Is there any way to re-zero it?
  12. Much anticipated heavy metal goodness courtesy of the evil folks at Dark Arts \m/ Gratuitous merch shot They need to rest (in peace?) until the weekend at least. Not pictured, cheeky Pact 5 quid V60 + 3x 80g sampler bundle. First time V60 with random Rave decaf (it's getting late..) leftovers went better than expected!
  13. Jesus, they could have taken the pic sober? Logo looks like a La Pav. 70 quid sounds like a bit of a bargain? No idea about the machine but love doing some google detective work, it looks visually the same as this one : http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/La-Pavoni-Coffee-Machine-Group-2-/302428325549 I know nothing of these things, sure some of the caffeine jedis know exactly what this is.
  14. Possibly more suited to the brewed forum, but I'll roll with this thread as I'm really quite pleased with the Aergrind. I know I'm only coming from a humble Porlex tall, but I thought that was doing me OK with good beans. I had modded the porlex a bit to try and stabilise the burrs, I'd got to the point that I could dial it where the overall resulting grind size was about right for the relevant brew method, but you still inevitably got a few boulders and fines. With the Aergrind, the overall grind seems SO much more uniform. One thing that's surprised me is the differences I've noticed in the cup. Same beans, same recipes, same doses, and I'm aiming for the same grind size, but in the brews I've done so far the resulting coffee tastes different, in a good way! It's not a huge difference, and I don't think my pallete is particularly refined but still, I'm noticing different flavours I hadn't tasted before. Is this what clarity is?! Is this possibly down to the consistency of the grind on the Aergrind over the porlex I was using? Either that, or it's confirmation bias cause I'm using a new toy, but I don't think my taste buds are deceiving me seeing as all the other variables have stayed the same apart from the grind.
  15. Put 25g of Foundry Rocko through this morning, that's seems to be about the max you could grind in one go, which will fine for most of my requirements. (~16g for Aeropress, ~25g for the Clever Dripper, ~21g for Moka pot etc). Ground on 2 full turns from burrs locked (I assume that's a like a "2.0" setting from reading the Feldgrind thread?), this turned out too fine for a CCD, but I have't had time to season the burrs yet. The brew took longer than it should to drain due to ground fineness, which is entirely my own fault for winging it with the grind settings and not seasoning the burrs, but the brew still tasted good! The consistency of the grind seemed very good, and using the aergrind was a pleasure, very reassuring, sturdy, positive feel. I read in the Feldgrind sticky that you can season the burrs with uncooked rice, I assume the same will apply for the Aergrind due to similar burrset? Edit: parboiled/minute rice I mean as per http://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?30212-Made-By-Knock-Feldgrind-Manual-Tips-amp-Tricks-Modifications&p=402599#post402599 rather than "raw" rice
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