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  1. I'm loving these as filter, think I'm getting something a bit more tangy now rather than salty... Possibly something orangey or clemantiney rather than saltiness before! Grinding fine and using water straight off the boil has definitely helped, still in the 3:30-4:00 range, but if people are getting good results with a coarser grind and a quicker brew then I'm interested to hear it. I'm not getting luck with espresso though... It's okay, but I'm always making it into a flat white because the milk drowns out some of the weird flavours I'm getting! Last thought is to try more like 1:
  2. jaffro

    Crown & Canvas

    @Crownandcanvas I'll probably be putting an order in end of next week. Really keen to get some of that Guatemala, but sounds like you're running low! You likely to have it in stock for a bit longer?
  3. Edit: just realised how boring my response was. Agree, pay by card, get those protections!
  4. Fantastic set up! I have the same. I'm not sure you can get a better set up for the money with such a small footprint (and they're both so pretty 😉) Enjoy!
  5. Got my order through from @Altitude Coffee London Quick delivery and lovely packaging. Hope it tastes as good as it looks 😊
  6. I will report back... They recommend you rinse it out in hot water and put it in a cup of water in the fridge. Properly clean once a month. https://www.theclothfilter.co.uk/care I don't mind a small bit of hassle for environmental savings, just want it to make decent coffee too!
  7. Second attempt... Niche at 6 (!) gave a much more respectable 16:36 in 36 seconds. At 94 degrees there's still a little bit of saltiness/sourness in there, wondering about clicking the MaraX up to 96... Milk covered up the odd notes in there really well though, lovely flat white!
  8. No problem! Happy to post an honest review on here when I try them. I didn't need a big order at the moment but was keen to try... Costa Rica naturals are always a favourite so couldn't resist 😊 Another time I'll make a bit more of a varied order!
  9. Forgot to post this yesterday... As always, thanks @DogandHat 😊 tried the redemption roasters beans yesterday in the chemex and they're awesome. Neighbourhood will be tried later today... Separately, I got myself one of the cloth filters that square mile have up at the moment (they're a quid cheaper if you buy them direct from the cloth filter company). I got a hemp filter from amazon before and it sucked... But square mile said on insta thag they were actually having to grind finer with these cloth filters, so I hoped it would be a suitable substitute for paper filters. First try t
  10. Love trying a new roaster. Since there's a discount code and delivery is included I've grabbed a bag of the Costa Rica natural to try out 😊
  11. Amazing answers! Really interested to hear your thoughts on the market. I can completely see that people are getting coffee machines for home now that they aren't buying as much coffee out. Hopefully there's a good way to tap into the new customer base and get them buying good beans rather than supermarket stuff! Annoyingly, your three favourite beans you offer are the three I was trying to pick between...! I'll just have to get a 250g bag of each rather than a kilo of one when I make my next order 😉
  12. Not that I found. I'm half way through refurbing the classic at the moment, having upgraded. The OPV ended up pretty seized up. I'm struggling to loosen it, so it could just be that it was too stiff before. I'll see what I can do when I've sorted it...
  13. Go on then, I'll kick things off! a couple of random questions out of my own curiosity... There seem to be quite a few roasters popping up here and there. Is roasting a tough market in terms of competition? Is it a saturated market at all? How do you choose what beans to offer? It is mostly based in seasonality? Do you try to keep a range of origins, or a range of flavours available through the year? So you find any beans (origins, processes or varieties) easier harder to roast than others? What's your favourite beans you offer at the moment?
  14. First espresso today... I went for "finer than usual" on the Niche (8) and got 16:36 in 25 seconds including the 10 ish seconds of pre-infusion... Way too fast, need to grind a fair bit finer! Usually on the MaraX I'm preferring anything in the 36-40 second range. Sometimes longer than 40 depending on the bean. I'll try another later, tighten the grind up to 6 or so. That salty note is back in. That'll be joint finest grind I've used for espresso, matching the natural China from rave we had a while back. Think there was a Myanmar in the same range quite a while back too. Howev
  15. I should have taken a picture of the espresso and filter I made this morning. The one in the tin is a fantastic filter. 90 SCA score natural Ethiopian. Wonderfully fruity. I've been trying the washed Ethiopian out as filter and found it a little plain. Absolutely fine, just a bit... Meh. Nice chocolate aftertaste but couldn't find the jasmine/florals. Just had it as an espresso and it's amazing. All the florals came out, mild acidity giving a bit of juiciness to it, nicely balanced with the chocolate notes. Love it.
  16. Amazing! Small place, but lovely, just wish it wasn't so expensive...! Hope you're doing well in Devon. So before the current extensive mignon line up (specialita, manuale, silenzio, etc.) there was a mignon Mk2... Before that, there was a Mk1. That's the one I had. So I was a fair few versions back, hence not wanting to comment too much on the new mignon performance! I upgraded to the Niche a few years back though. Single dosing was a game changer given how often I change beans and switch between espresso and filter.
  17. Agree the mignon is the better buy. I had one before the Niche and it was great (albeit a mk1, not any of the new models!). I've never heard of a mignon struggling to grind fine enough for espresso... I could easily choke my old gaggia classic with mine. The sette in theory shold be a good grinder, but I'd be massively put off by the reliability issues. If you're lucky and get a great one it should be fine, but I personally wouldn't risk it... Neither are specifically designed for single dosing though. They might be okay with it, but can't say I've tried!
  18. Not exactly from the postie, but almost! I'm long-term lending my feldgrind to a friend. As a thank you he decided to try to find a roaster I hadn't come across before and bought us some beans (half each). He just dropped them off. Haven't tried them yet, going to cup them this afternoon, but here's what he bought. The tin is a premium one - natural Ethiopian with an SCA score of 90 - so I'm looking forward to that. And the other is a washed Ethiopian. Who doesn't love a washed Ethiopian?! Anyone tried Moon Roast before?
  19. Yep. Grind fine and brew hot is what I'm finding works! One attempt the other day ran a bit quick and I got a funky almost salty flavour from it... Really weird! Finding that a fine grind, water straight off the boil and a brew time in the range of 3:45-4:00 in the December is doing the trick nicely. Delicious brews now!
  20. jaffro

    Crown & Canvas

    Absolutely loved the last order and very, very good value. Honduras was great for filter, hammered through it. I keep eyeing up the Peru, and the Ethiopia sounds great... Soon!
  21. They're very pretty. I've been eyeing them op for a while but I absolutely do not need another brewer... Do I...
  22. Tried this in the December dripper just now, couldn't resist! 16:260, 42 on the Niche. 45 second bloom (closed off, opened to setting 3 after 30 secs). First pour up to 155g. Second pour at 1:45 up to 260g. Total time about 3:40. Tastes pretty wild. Really not sure about tasting notes, and I don't think I nailed it... I'll try again after a few more days rest, but this first cup tasted similar to the beans I had from Django's insight range a few months back... I think it was a funky macerated natural from Honduras.
  23. All received! Thanks to all involved, looking forward to cracking into this one when I've finished the ends of a couple of other bags...
  24. If it helps, I have brutally hard tap water and the filters last around 2 months a pop... Although the water sometimes starts to smell a bit funky towards the end, even if it hasn't reached the tds level they suggest you change the filter at. Think this is a common issue with these style filters, but not the end of the world! That's for probably 2 espresso based drinks and 4 filter coffees a day (ish).
  25. Thanks for the walk though. I thought it would be more difficult, but looks quite simple to be fair! Just ordered a 6mm Y and T connector off ebay, so I'll give this a go. As someone using zerowater, seeing the water drain into the drip tray is a bit frustrating. Now I just need to fix up the gaggia classic so I can sell it and buy the flow control kit, then I'll finally leave the machine alone...
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