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  1. What are you planning on using it for? My girlfriend's dad has one and to be fair for brewed it's fine for a starter grinder. So it'll do the job for cafetiere, Aeropress, clever dripper etc. Haven't tried pourover, obviously won't be perfect but can't imagine it'd be terrible I can't say I've tried it for espresso because... Well, it definitely wouldn't be good! Can't imagine it'll go fine enough.
  2. I had it last year and it was an absolute banger. Worth every penny (aware its a tad expensive!) If I wasn't totally inundated with beans at the moment I'd definitely grab some! I've never had a pre-coffee pickled egg before... Sounds like I'm not missing anything!
  3. I feel for you, that's not a great start. Suppose there's no harm in talking to the roaster or the supplier of the grinder, or maybe wilfa, just to see if any will lend you a hand, but I really don't know what their obligations are or whether they'll be willing to help. For what it's worth, this isn't THAT common an occurrence, so don't be put off. I've heard of people having similar issues, but they aren't that frequent and I've never experienced anything similar personally. Just double check the beans in the future to avoid anything similar and you should be fine. Hope you find a solution. If not, RIP wilfa
  4. I'm not getting parma violet in this (yet), but struggling to place the tasting notes... Love it though! Best so far has been v60 with a longer time (3:15-3:30 has been great) and 1:2.5 (14:35 in 15g vst, 93 degrees on PID gaggia classic) in around 25-27 seconds in a flat white has been a cracker. I tend to only make small flatties though. And I'm not the best at espresso, so definitely don't take my advice!
  5. This is ims shower screen. I haven't changed the screen - think it might be brass, but not a new one and the ims screen doesn't fit in it at all, so it is possible to get an okay stream either way!
  6. Yeah I've got two beans on the go at the moment. One needs about 12, the other about 21 ish, so it does vary! Think someone on here somewhere said they needed to tighten all the way to 8 for a particular decaf... As for the screw... Not a clue! Can't remember there being one in mine, but I bought it second hand from ebay, so anything could have happened to it before it got to me.
  7. I was going to make a thread about the brewista artisan, because there isn't much mention of them here... I'm very tempted to get a white one to match the Niche. Not a necessity of course, but they're really pretty! Any downsides?
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