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  1. Don't think I've ever had the code for these guys somehow... Could someone please send it on? Thanks in advance!
  2. I've also made the mistake of buying a Starbucks filter coffee. I think they must have used an espresso grind of their darkest beans and boiled it all in a pot for 3 hours. It just tasted like ash...!
  3. Firstly, welcome to the forum To be honest, I found it surprisingly hard to find good Brazilian coffee in Brazil! A lot of places there tend to sell illy or lavazza, which is a bit of a disappointment. I believe most Brazilian coffee isn't that high a grade and ends up in a lot of cheaper blends, so I imagine the majority is just exported straight out of Brazil... That said, the good stuff they produced can be amazing, so have a look around! Admittedly I wasn't as into coffee when I went there and was on a very tight timescale (we had 3 weeks to make it from Rio to Bolivia), so I didn't have time to hunt around for good shops! Hopefully someone else can chip in with some decent suggestions.
  4. @salty Let me know - I have a niche and a feld and had to avoid even opening this thread until I realised an offer had been made!
  5. I've been working off this, but had slightly better results personally doing: 1: 125g bloom 2: at 30 secs 125g 3: at 1:00 another 125g 4: at 2:00 final 125g So the 1 min break was between pour 3 and 4, rather than pour 2 and 3. Not sure if this breaks any rules, but I was finding that after the second pour of 125g and waiting 1 minute I was almost hitting a dry bed, then doing 2 more pours. Whereas my way above the water level was always above thd bed. Keen to hear any thoughts! Edit: grind on the Niche between the calibrate mark and 0 dependent on beans. Aiming to finish before 4:00
  6. Looks like El carajillo has you covered - totally agree with the answers above
  7. @RobbieTheTruth sounds like you're headed in the right direction - great setup and great mods Tamper - go 58mm or 58.4mm if you can. Motta are a good start if you're looking for a cheap but good one. Filter basket - double non-pressurised should be fine, but definitely ditch the pressurised. If you want to upgrade then an 18g VST is what most people would go for. You can go for an IMS if you like, but need to make sure it specifies it's for the gaggia classic. Bottomless is optional, but personally I think it's really fun and satisfying! Scales - find something that measures to at least 0.1g. There are plenty of scales that'll go up to 500g and 0.1g increments, which should be enough. Take a nosey on ebay or amazon and you'll find plenty of options! Milk jugs - I only ever steam milk for myself, so not sure about a jug for 2... Maybe 700ml or so? Hopefully someone else can give a better idea
  8. @2cups sure thing. I haven't had any time yet annoyingly, but I'll have a proper play on Sunday and post it to you after if that works?
  9. @Hairy_Hogg I'll DM you now
  10. Your mods are totally on point. Mr shades PID is a great mod and makes the biggest difference in taste. The steam wand is also great. For a tamper, I'd go for a 58.4mm for a better fit. You can buy a motta one, or if you want join the cool people club you can see if joey24dirt has any reclaimed skateboard tamper going. The other thing that's worth doing is the opv mod. There's a thread somewhere (I'll see if I can dig it out) where there's a pressure gauge being passed around for free. I actually have it at the moment, so if you want to post in that thread and put yourself next on the list I can post it to you. The Niche is a fantastic grinder for the money. If you do all those mods and get a niche you'll have basically the same set as me. Only other mods are less urgent or won't make quite such a big difference. You could get a VST or IMS basket (if IMS you have to make sure its the right size). You can also put an IMS shower screen in, and a brass holder is also an option. A bottomless portafilter is also a nice touch if you fancy it.
  11. @Tait might be something you're aware of, but on mobile browser I seem to get different options along the top banner in dark and light roast (screenshot attached). Might just be because it's still under development! Doesn't bother me really because changing background on the mobile version doesn't do anything other than change the colour at the very bottom of the page. Colour-wise, I personally prefer the dark theme. I find it a lot easier to use/read, but I m keep having a play with both and see if I see anything I think could be improved Thanks for all the hard work and for giving us the chance to have a play and feed back!
  12. Exactly this. I really, really want the icon at the top of the mobile browser that looks like a piece of paper with the corner folded over (picture attached) just to show me the THREADS that have been updated, not every single new post. Aside from that I controversially quite like the new look... Don't know if it's just because I'm colour blind, but the white on brown really works for me - it's really clear, while I often struggle with coloured writing or black writing on a dark ish background.
  13. jaffro

    Data Removal

    Do you know what... Despite a couple of slightly contentious posts (depending how you take them!) I've really appreciated dfk's posts! Obviously a fair amount of experience with a lot of machines and it's great to hear everyone's opinions positive or negative. Dfk - hang around please, just so if I contemplate a new machine you can tell me what's crap about it
  14. Think for me the taste of great coffee is what got me into this hobby, but the satisfaction of nailing my routine and being able to experiment with it is what's keeping me going. I feel a robotic arm would detract from the fun somewhat... Although I can see why some people would find it interesting (if they have significantly deeper pockets than me).
  15. jaffro

    Knock box

    Anyone got anything before I buy a new one?
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