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  1. Aah don't tempt me... I'd need to sell the gaggia first! I'll have a look at least... 😉
  2. Yeah I work really close to Liverpool Street... Weirdly because it's a lot of offices and big companies based there it's not so bad on weekends, but I still wouldn't do it myself! Easy train in from St Albans, probably costs similar to parking, so I just never drive in!
  3. Personally, I'm not a fan of driving in London at the best of times and Brick Lane is a narrow and busy area! There are a few NCP carparks dotted around, which might be worth a look, but personally I'd park a bit further out and get the tube in, depending where you're driving in from. Up to you though! Yeah I do too... But I do enjoy it 😊 Union always have a great stand, even though they aren't necessarily mu favourite roaster. To be honest I'm just a sucker for free samples, so just go around drinking everything I can see...
  4. I'd be up for another Lever day! The last one made me decide to save for an LR, but I'm way off the money so far... Apparently my gaggia classic is too ugly for our nice new kitchen... so I'm considering switching to a prettier (and smaller) lever machine until I can afford a bigger version 😊
  5. I'll be there on the Saturday. Bought tickets back in January when they were on earlybird offers. I've had a great time last 2 years, so looking forward to it 😊
  6. Sorry, wasn't trying to imply yours wasn't looked after! If something is in good condition but in need of a clean then I don't really count it as proper wear and tear personally, unless something is actually breaking or corroding... Getting something cheap just because it needs a clean is a bonus really 😉
  7. Mine is at least second hand, maybe more. I bought it off a fellow forum member who had taken good care of it and it's great, no issues at all so far!
  8. This is still one of my favourites... Love it as a pourover and I've been having some great flat whites. I've joined the 96 degree crew and it's tasting great. Actually seem to prefer the quicker shots... 15g to 30g in about 24 seconds seems to be about right for me.
  9. Got mine through this morning, but in one 500g bag. I'm in a similar situation to others, I've got a boat load of last month's left over - kitchen is being replaced so it's been difficult to make any recently! Think I'll finish off the half bag of last month's that's currently open, then crack out the new one. Rest of last month's can stay in the freezer a bit longer, along with the other kg I have in there at the moment 🙄 Conclusion: I should drink more coffee (what a shame!) Edit: different batch too, roasted on 8/2. Might be why the packaging is different?
  10. jaffro

    Knockout Natural

    I'd be lying if I said I'm not tempted... But I have too much already 😔
  11. Haha! Fortunately I pretty much nailed it first time for pourover, only needed a small tweak (didn't dare try it as esspresso!). Also noticed that it tasted great pretty much anywhere in the right ballpark.
  12. Gotta be the Panama gesha that another forum member and I bought over Christmas... 2 different processes, so we split both between the two of us. £36 for 150g I think 😬 It tasted great (I'd bloody hope so for that price) and I'd totally drink it every day if I was Jeff Bezos, but it definitely wasn't worth THAT much extra compared to a normal bag. Surprisingly, they weren't that clean /delicate. One of them tasted really fruity, like a natural but it wasn't... Great stuff 😊
  13. I honestly don't think it's possible for that shower screen to be any more gross... I'm not sure if I'm impressed or disgusted! Looks like it'll be a nice project though, should look great after a clean up and a bit of refurbishment. The outside looks great! Don't know where you're sourcing all your parts from, but I bought an ims shower screen and replacement gaskets from bluestar, then realised after they do a full discounted kit with the brass shower holder too... Should have searched the site harder! Link if you're interested: https://www.bluestarcoffee.eu/gaggia-ims-shower-kit-7891-p.asp
  14. Yeah in that case I also had this over Christmas, bought a rave filter taster pack for the family to try. Kept my mouth shut in case I was right that it was the same one! Suspected Asian mostly because of the crazy fine grind needed. The one I had over Christmas I think I was about 6 on the Niche, easily finest grind I've had to go to before. Natural all makes sense given the flavours. I will say its tasting a bit boozier than it was before, which is interesting. Not sure whether it's the roast or how I'm making it. Makes a lovely v60/kalita and over Christmas I was doing 15-30 in about 24 seconds, which worked for me in a flat white (although I'm no expert). Haven't really tried espressos with this batch yet, currently getting the kitchen replaced so the espresso machine is hidden away for now 😔
  15. jaffro

    Knockout Natural

    I haven't had the Girls Who Grind one as far as I remember... It sounds similar, funky strawberry is what this one was all about.
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