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  1. Wow, I guessed it was a natural, but I would never have said Myanmar... I was thinking central American. Really interesting read and great to try something new. I've been loving it in the v60 and kalita, can totally see the cherry and raspberry tasting notes. I'm trying to burn through a few bags of beans at the moment, so haven't tried this as espresso or flat white, but think I'll have to give it a go! Great to have a discount code too - I'll check the site out when I'm next ordering
  2. I'm only just about to open mine, but interesting to read people's thoughts! My Mrs was interested in the James hoffman cupping the other week but wasn't around to join, so I've saved the rest of the beans to do a round 2. Might cup this one at the same time Sounds like I'll need to crank the Niche pretty tight for this one... I'll be starting with v60/kalita/chemex, but really curious to try this as a spro!
  3. I've not had mine through either. Hopefully tomorrow!
  4. I'm all set and will be doing it live too Only thing I just realised is that the sache of minerals is for 3.8l distilled water and I figured 1.5l would be enough for 5x 200ml cups... Going to have to weigh it out and work out how much I need unless I can find some more distilled water at a shop nearby! Oh and I think I've worked out the grind setting is about 50 on the Niche if anyone needs a pointer.
  5. Haven't had enough time to properly play with this to get the best out of it in v60/kalita yet, but I can totally see why people are saying washed Kenyan... I'll jump on the bandwagon! Hopefully a bit more chance to play with it at the weekend and try to pin down the tasting notes...
  6. Curious... My Mrs hates the full shiny chrome look, so a white wrapped machine to match the white niche zero would be ideal. Would love to know how to do this!
  7. Yeah I've ordered. Let's give it a go!
  8. I'm going to join the crowd and go African I think... Rwandan? Can see why some are saying central America though!
  9. Thanks @irokofor the roaster, the demo and the greens. Great to meet you!
  10. I've been doing bloom and 4 pours and hovering around the calibration mark. Maybe need a bit finer if you're doing one pour. I've found the better tasting v60s are around the 3:30 mark for me. I slackened the grind a bit and lost all the funk.
  11. This is exactly what I was thinking... Not sure about the lid, it seems to promote consistent results, but I was expecting more of a purpose than that. Also agree on the distance between the kettle and the coffee - I usually try to minimise the distance to churn the coffee up as little as possible, but this seems to go the other way. Maybe it's amazing, but it's a bit expensive for me to want to buy one to try it! Had a cheeky browse on YouTube and found this - worth a look to see what it's really like.
  12. I have a feldgrind, which I had before the Niche. I initially thought I'd do the same and use the feld for brewed, but it's now my work/travel grinder and gets no home use whatsoever haha. I just found the Niche covers the lot for me without me having to put the effort in to handgrind...
  13. @irokoapologies, think we might need to arrange something else (although still very happy to buy it!). If you're around at the weekend I have plenty of time. Otherwise I I'd potentially see if a friend can pick up sooner or I can arrange to be around after work next week. Shall we move this to pm?
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