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  1. Shout if you need any arc measurements etc. I got mine from long and short, who were cheaper than anywhere else and they were half the price of acaia (now that their price has increased again!) One thing I'll say. Felicita's app is utter garbage, so if you're after data and analytics then look elsewhere. That said, I thought I'd find all the information useful, but now that I've tried it I can't see it being very useful at all haha.
  2. I have a freezer full of beans I want to try, but I just want to keep drinking this forever... I'm just over half way through, keep telling myself I don't need to order more! Tried North Star's 17:250 recipe earlier. They recommend 2:00-2:30 but don't give any indication of bloom time other than "When the bed of coffee begins to pit or bubbling ceases". I tend to do a 45 sec bloom, so did a 34g bloom followed by a single slow pour. Came in at 2:45 using a cloth filter, so quite a fine grind compared to similar timing for a paper filter. Cracking brew. It really feels hard to g
  3. I very briefly tried this on my gaggia classic before I upgraded. I have no scientific evidence, but I was finding that I could grind finer when I started the shot with the steam valve open, then gradually closed it through the first ~10 seconds of the shot. Grind settings that would choke if it went straight to 9 bar would work perfectly. So it did make a difference. Could I tell the difference in a blind taste test? Not a clue, I didn't experiment enough! But I'd definitely did... Something...
  4. @cengland117 sounds good to me! Current one is ridgeless, but doesn't make a difference does it other than being a tighter fit? So will still be compatible. Happy with £20 posted. I'll PM you my address and you can send me your details (bank transfer or PayPal, I'm happy either way) @Jony if you find a spare 20g around I could still be tempted to try both. No worries if you can't find it or decide to hang onto it though!
  5. Cheers @Jony. Interested if you have a 20g going spare. If so, let me know how much you want.
  6. Hey @cengland117 Definitely interested if condition is reasonable 😊 How much would you want for it?
  7. Hi all. Just wondering if anyone is looking to shift an 18g or 20g VST before I buy one new. My current 15g VST is perfect for my small flat whites, but I'm wanting something bigger for espresso. Only really wanting VST so that I have 2 of the same brand, so not looking for an equivalent IMS. What have you got?
  8. I'm interested... But agree I won't join for the whole lot - most of the fun was in talking to roasters, trying everyone's new beans, seeing the new equipment in the flesh. And Union's stand was always a highlight, even if they aren't always my favourite roaster! I'll probably have some of the sessions on in the background while I work, but I'm not exactly going to take a full day off for it. Global coffee festival was okay last time, some interesting topics, but it was a bit like watching people cupping or making a pourover and talking some pretentious stuff over the top of it, wh
  9. Side note. Went a lot finer by accident in espresso... 16:36 in 50 seconds (whoops). Bit too ballsy for espresso but the tropical fruits come through quite boozy in a flat white. Interesting. More than anything, I wanted to show off my latte art. I'm getting better!
  10. Relatively settled, but always room for improvement! I noticed north star recommend 17:250 in 2:00-2:30, bloom and a single pour, which is nothing like my recipe! I'll have to give it a go. I'm using a cloth filter rather than paper which seems to change things up. Normally I'd do bloom and 2 pours with paper, but to slow the brew down a bit I've been doing bloom and 4 pours with the cloth filter. Aiming for 3:30 ish. So cloth: 16 g coffee. 50g bloom for 45 seconds. 4 equal (ish) pours every 30 seconds until you hit 260. With paper filters in the December I'm still doing
  11. This has been one of my top LSOL offerings. Love it as a pourover, super funky in a flat white. Epic juicy banger for the last (?) LSOL. Thanks to Daren and HH 😊
  12. Similar to others, if small amounts are a possibility I could be interested. I'm only roasting on a gene and don't get through very much (already have 1kg a month or subs for roasted coffee). So yeah, if about 1kg a month is possible at all I'd be interested, but completely understand if not!
  13. Sounds about right! I wasn't into coffee that much when I went there, so didn't ask!
  14. Only time I've really enjoyed condensed milk in coffee was in Vietnam, where they have super chocolatey slightly bitter coffee (probably robusta, I imagine) through one of their pour over contraptions. That or Vietnamese egg coffee. It's like a cream egg in a cup! But not come thing I ever make really, just an interesting experiment...
  15. Just tried these as espresso as well. Have to admit, I don't like a light roast natural as straight espresso (assuming it's some sort of natural!). Too acidic for me. However, they make a cracking flat white. Full on creamy tropical fruit bomb. Blew my mind. 16:36 in 37 secs at 94 degrees. 170ml tulip cup. Could try to tame the acidity by going hotter or finer... I might try going a step finer tomorrow, but really enjoyed today's attempt either way! Apologies for the crappy rushed photo!
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