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  1. I had some Hacienda Esmerelda last year from Origin as a birthday/Christmas present to myself. I've made it a once a year thing, so this year I've preordered some Yemenia from Square Mile... Which is a similar price! It was very nice, but it's definitely overpriced. There's limited quantity and it's won a lot of awards, so demand is high vs supply. It's easy to make filter straight out the box. At that price I wouldn't put it anywhere near an espresso machine.
  2. Always forget to post a picture on a Friday in the other thread... But I was happy with today's attempt so thought I'd post it here! Generally struggle with anything in a tulip cup other than a single heart... Find it easier in a wider shallower cup. Feel like I'm getting there now 😊
  3. Totally see its supply vs demand. Hadn't realised the Japanese went for it so hard. Interesting, thanks for the insight!
  4. I found coarser and higher temp brings out the caramel in milk drinks, but have had a bit of a smokey edge on straight espresso. Think the milk hides it if I'm honest!
  5. Yeah I'm thinking similar. It's definitely over priced to an extent, but I guess limited supply accounts for some of the price. Maybe marketing and hype increases it further. Last year around my birthday I got some Panamanian gesha to try. I was going to do the same this year and get some from kiss the hippo. However, this popped up and I thought I'd change my plans. Prices of Panama gesha are still pretty high though. Maybe Yemenia will stay quite high as well? I suppose geshas from other countries are usually cheaper, so maybe hype and marketing is just keeping the Pan
  6. Yeah I keep debating one as well. Let us know @Mikey finn 😊
  7. I've been loving this as filter. I keep having it too early in the morning to pick up individual tasting notes, but I'll make another this afternoon and think harder! Had a couple of relatively uninspiring espressos, coming out a little... I don't know... Bland. Slower shots towards the 40 second mark helped but didn't nail it. Just tried 16:36 in 34 seconds at 96 degrees and the higher temp seemed to balance it out a lot. Had it in a lunchtime flat white rather than straight espresso and got some cracking sweetness from it. I'd say the caramel really came through this way. Not a lo
  8. Pulled the trigger on a bag of these thanks to the discount from Django. I don't need any more beans, but couldn't resist an interesting one 😊 Never had a bad bag from Django, hope they taste as good as they sound!
  9. Couldn't agree with this more - it's a total bargain. When I've got through my stocks I'll likely try some others from Crown & Canvas their washed Ethiopian sounds awesome.
  10. Going to give this a go tomorrow. I've been loving it as a pourover but haven't cracked the Aeropress out in a while!
  11. Opened these and gave them a sniff. Instantly thought it smelled African. Then I tasted it and thought South American. Now I'm lost. I'll keep trying!
  12. Fair, just ordered a bag anyway, since it's free delivery as well. Not that I need anymore coffee at the moment! Bargain if it's a good one though and I've always enjoyed Django's stuff before.
  13. I was eyeing up the insight... Is it just a random rarer bean that they have on offer? What was yours?
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