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  1. Welcome @JuJitsoup I second Rave as a starting point. Good coffee at a good price. There's hundreds of roasters out there though, sure you'll come across a few of them soon enough I'm sure I won't be the first person to recommend some sort of grinder if you want to start your coffee journey well. Are you planning on starting with a classic brewed method e.g. French press or do you have another preference?
  2. Haven't found the sweet spot yet on pourover! One was a bit too slow, other a bit too fast... Wasn't a huge difference in grind, was a few days apart though so might just be that it's better rested now? Either way, I'll have another go tomorrow morning. No spro yet, got a bag from Rave that's better rested. When that's through though I'll give it a try
  3. Thanks M @Bullit you should have a PM if I've worked this new forum layout out!
  4. Quite like this new system liking the new look now that I'm used to it as well!
  5. Feel like I read somewhere that someone did some experimenting and worked out that you should flick the steam switch, purge after 27 seconds and start steaming at 35 seconds... Might be worth a try to catch the steam power at the right point. I have found with the classic that I need to stretch the milk a little longer at the beginning to get the right amount of foam, probably because it doesn't have the steaming power of a better machine. Just take s a bit of experimenting!
  6. [quote name='AndyZap']I have the same IMS screen as yours, and a brass holder (do not remember the site I bought it from although). The holder has a small lip/edge, and the screen fits perfectly inside. It has to fit well, BTW, as you should not screw it too tight to avoid deforming the screen, tight just enough to avoid water escaping around the edges. Your holder looks different. Maybe it is not for Gaggia? The screen has "GA" markings, this this one seems the right one. Cannot comment re the VST basket[/QUOTE] Thanks @AndyZap. I haven't changed the holder myself, but the machine was second hand off ebay so not sure if the original owner put a different one in... Might be why it doesn't fit so nicely. I haven't tightened the screen too hard and I think the water distribution (if that's the right word) looks okay, but it's not a perfect fit... Suppose I could try to force it in, because it must only be a fraction of a mm out, but feel this isn't the right answer! Annoyingly I've just spotted that blue star do a full kit of silicone gasket, IMS screen and brass holder with a discount... If I spotted that before I'd have just bought the whole lot!
  7. @Gforce I'm happy for @Bullit to have it first!
  8. Hi all. I made an order recently on blue star coffee - got myself a silicone gasket, IMS 18g basket and IMS shower screen. I've put the shower screen in and it's a little odd looking... It's almost like it's either very slightly too big or too small, so the screen fits into the shower screen holder on one side, but sits on top of it on the other side. I've tried to take some pictures, but it's hard! Hope it gives the right idea. Does anyone know if this is an issue at all? And is is supposed to fit into the holder, or is it supposed to sit on top? [ATTACH=CONFIG]40309[/ATTACH] Attempting a video just to show how it looks. [video=youtube_share;71WIBasW9sI] Secondly, the IMS basket I bought seems to have some scratches on it. I'm not too precious about it - never really look at the baskets and this is just for people who want bigger drinks than me (I use a 15g VST usually). However, just wondering if anyone would consider this defective at all and whether it's worth sending back... Very much doubt it would affect the actual making of coffee at all, but is there anything I'm missing here? Again, hard to take pictures of, but I've tried! [ATTACH=CONFIG]40310[/ATTACH]
  9. They'd have my vote! If it weren't for the fact I bought some beans from Rave at the forum Lever day and bought a bag from Glen Lyon while in Scotland last weekend I'd have jumped all over another couple of bags from Steampunk... Gutted when I finished the bag off!
  10. @fatboyslim really looking forward to this one! Any early indications as to when we'll be getting this? I'm running dangerously low on the last LSOL and I'm wondering whether to grab some more before May's bag arrives!
  11. [quote name='Gforce']@jaffro no worries. How about we give it the weekend then, if no one shouts I’ll send it to you on Tuesday?[/QUOTE] Perfect, works for me @Gforce, thanks :)
  12. [quote name='Junglebert']You can borrow mine when I’ve sorted my machine[/QUOTE] @Junglebert really appreciate the offer. Sounds like no one's using the other one that's been making the rounds, so no hurry - let us know how it goes!
  13. [quote name='ashcroc']@jaffro was talking about readjusting his pressure.[/QUOTE] Thanks @ashcroc @Gforce if no one pipes up any time soon I'll have it (for a second time!) for a bit of experimentation.
  14. Great write up. And a fantastic LSOL from @Steampunkcoffee! Same as others that this is one of my top so far from LSOL. I could happily smash my way through another bag when I finish this one off...
  15. Hmm I adjusted my classic to 9 bar at the beginning of this year. Maybe I need to get myself back on the list for the pressure gauge that's making the rounds and drop it lower...
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