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  1. Thank`s for your reply. My much older Duetto looks like this. last time, i replaced the part showing by the arrow.
  2. The problem is only in standby, when steam switch is on. Turning of steam, and the problem is gone. I live in Norway, and the water here is not hard. Regards T. Andersen
  3. My Duetto II have started to empty the internal watertank and fill up the waste tray. It takes around 8-10 hours before the watertank is empty. I replaced the OPV around 2 years ago because of a steam leakage. (all the upside down cups on the top tray was wet inside). The steam leakage problem is gone but the answer from bellerista is to change the OPV again. I don`t understand. Do i need to replace the OPV every second year or is it another solution. Kind regards T. Andersen
  4. Thank`s for your answer. I se you own a Quest roaster. How is this compared to a Gene Cafe, or Hottop, and will you recommend it?
  5. Hello to all coffee lovers. Started with a used Rancillio Silvia, and Baratza Maestro plus grinder. The grinder was adjusted to "fine", but even at the finest setting, the espresso was to coarse for my Silvia. Bought new burrs, but it didn`t help. This summer i found a used Nuevo Simonelli MDX grinder, and wow.... suddenly my Silvia prodused good espresso. I have since bought a Izzo Alex Duetto II. My problem here, is to get fresh roasted espresso beans. No local provider. Have been thinking about home roasting, but is it difficult as a newbie?
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