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  1. Hi Kingdean If you like i could possibly meet you along the m4 as I would rather give in person than risk damage in the post.
  2. Hi marcin.mielniczu. Thankyou for the offer of the asking price.If you can collect or meet me then its yours as I don't really want to post it in case it gets damaged.
  3. Selling my Mazzer Super Jolly with timer for £200. Reason for selling is i just don`t have time anymore. The grinder is in good working order and comes with the lens and sweeper mod and has the laser cut dial for grinding. I fitted new burrs and has had about three kg of beans through it since they were installed. There a few cosmetic marks on the paintwork as pictured. Would prefer collection from Reading but could post if buyer arranges a courier.
  4. Selling my Sage Dual Boiler BES920Uk as i don`t really have time to use anymore for £500.00. I have had it for two year and i bought it when it was six months old. It has been well looked after and has had bottled water used with it, and been descaled and cleaned on a regular basis. The machine is in good working order and has some very small scratches due to every day use. Comes with usual sage tools as pictured. Extras are a VST 18gram basket,Sage mini knock box and a Heft 585 tamper by Knox. Would prefer collection from Reading or could post if buyer arranges courier
  5. Hi jlarkin.Thankyou for the offer of trying to show me the ropes and i really appreciate that but i have booked glenn to sort it out.I will also change the preinfusion tomorrow.
  6. Hope so.Training to be the middle of Feb so i have a few weeks to play around
  7. I bought the machine second hand so no white glove service. I came from a nespresso/tassimo then a Francis X1 and numerous gaggias(baby/classic) and i don't wont to go full circle. I`m trying at the moment to arrange a day with Glenn,so things can only get better.
  8. Ok.Can`t try this today as i have been kicked out of the kitcken for making to much mess by the wife. The machine is the sage dual boiler .Normally the pre infusion is about 6 sec but with El Salvador Finca Manuela beans its 9 sec.Have to find the manual to adjust the preinfusion. Prehaps its might be time to have some home training as i don't seem to be getting anywhere and after having the machine for a few months all i`m doing is wasting good coffee beans and have never pulled a good shot.
  9. Thankyou for the link/pictures. The coffee in my basket looks as in the picture. I now have something which resembles coffee coming through the machine but taste like sh*t,very sour and takes an age to get rid of the taste. I have 18g coffee in a 18g vst basket, preinfusion of 9 sec, 21 sec shot and weighs 38.80g. Do you think i should grind a bit finer.
  10. Yes nothing is coming out of the portafilter. I`m coming from a Sage Pro Grinder which never really ground that fine to a Mazzer Sj which is new to me so i shall go and try grinding coarser.
  11. Tried 18g and it was low after lightly tamping.The thing is no water comes out except in the waste tray after the SDB does its thing so i cant time the shot.Works fine in pre ground coffee.
  12. The vst basket is an 18g.Tried 18g of coffee which was low ,19 g of coffee was still a bit below the rim.I only tried lightly tamping.Might be a daft question but I thought when grinding you took the grinder setting to just above choking the grinder? Shall i try 20g or 21g in the basket or go higher on the grinder.
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