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  1. Yeah, it's just an issue of quality control with these cheap electronics; when they work they are great, but the chances of getting a dud are higher. Glad you got a set that works.
  2. Funny, I only received these a week or so ago and gave up on them after a few days. Weight would never settle. Tare it, see 0.0g for a couple of seconds at most and then watch as the weight jumped around by 1-2g after that. Likewise when weighing something; the scales never actually settled to a weight but constantly moved within 1-2g (sometimes more). Looking out for an alternative now.
  3. Just a quick thanks to Richard for being a great seller. Delighted with the grinder and relieved to be able to make a decent coffee again (although feel like I'm learning all over again with the Classic!). Thanks again. LJ
  4. Great; I'll drop you a PM to organise. Thanks LJ
  5. Goog morning Richard; would you consider £250 for the pair? I could collect really any time this weekend (I'm about 35 mins away). I've been on the lookout for a new grinder for a while (upgrading from MC2) but my Rancilio Silvia boiler has packed up and whilst I prevaricate on whether I'm upgrading or repairing, I'm missing proper coffee and so the Classic would be a handy solution in the meantime.
  6. Thanks to help from this forum I've thoroughly enjoyed using a second hand Rancilio Silvia V2 (also bought through this forum) for the past couple of years. I've upgraded the steam wand, showerhead gasket and a few other bits and pieces over that time and gotten better and better results as I've learned. Unfortunately, a couple of weeks ago the boiler stopped heating, and having tried the reset switch, I believe the heating element has gone. From what I've been able to gather from searching here and elsewhere, this appears to mean that the entire boiler needs replaced (pre-V3 design) and, honestly, I don't really trust myself to be able to identify the correct parts and carry out the repair without knowledgeable help. I've tried to find a local (Essex) engineer who would come and repair it, failed, and eventually range coffeeitalia to ask them if they could suggest somewhere to send it to to repair. Can't fault them for getting back to me quickly after my call went to their answering machine; but the advice boiled down (excuse the pub) to "it'll cost almost as much to send off and get repaired as buying a new one". I would be grateful for any experiences / suggestions. I'm not averse to an upgrade (who isn't?!) but clearly don't want to spend money unnecessarily. Is this advice reasonable? Has anyone managed to fix the heating element on a V2 before? Does anyone know exactly what parts are required? Is it a difficult task? Does it need any special tools? If the Silvia is beyond economical repair, are the newer versions worth the price tag in comparison to alternatives? Thank you in advance to anyone who has any advice.
  7. Thanks again. I'll order some new beans tonight and then try that later in the week. As I said, I bought a few of bags of pre-ground just to try to eliminate the grinder as the cause.
  8. I mean in the outcome in terms of the gushing around 18 to 20 seconds. Thw weight of shot - based on when I switch off the machine as it starts to gush - is around 45-50g, again based on 14-16g dosages. And, because of the gushing, it's fair to say the coffee taste is a disappointment
  9. All, thanks a lot for the suggestions. Re grinder; yes have turned in the "fine" direction (whilst grinder off and empty) for ages... Actually also tried a bit coarser, but went back to turning towards fine for a minute or two. I could see the difference, but it didn't make any difference to the outcome. I'm drinking maybe 4 coffees a day, three days a week as that's when I'm at home. Been pulling extras for the practice at the weekends though, probably a dozen shots over the course of yesterday for example. I'm not getting better with practice 😂 I'd be really keen to learn more from a trainer, but have a preference for learning on my own kit if that makes sense. I'm not a million miles from Prufrock, who do day courses, but would rather do at home and overcome the idiosyncrasies of my own equipment. @ oursus, funnily enough it was the Seattle links I used to do maintenance and to swap gasket, etc. Will try some other coffee, but to be honest have been searching for two good shots in a row so I could stick to that formula, those two shots have just never come 😛 Thanks again all
  10. Thanks Glenn, As I mentioned, I have an Iberital MC2 grinder which I used for the first picture. I bought the pre-ground (selecting espresso machine) to try and rule that out as the issue after trying every single variation on coarse / fine / as fine as will go using the MC2. Really doesn't seem to matter what I do, the result is (pretty much always) the same. If anyone knows a good trainer in or around South Essex, then recommendations for that also welcome. Thanks
  11. Thanks guys for input. 1st picture is ground at the finest I can get to with the Iberital MC2 grinder. Other two pictures are using pre-ground from Pact. Tamping with a decent Tamp I bought from Bella (can't recall model). Usually spread coffee with a toothpick or at the very least give it a few taps with the tamp to distribute the coffee. @ Steve, None of those doses are more than 16g (a 14g, a 15.5g and a 16g). All measured with the Bewista scale (I'm quite finickity with recipes, etc. so they're all to the 0.1g). Thanks all.
  12. Newest of newbies here, seeking a little advice. Bought a second hand Rancilio Silvia (v2) a couple of months ago (on this forum) and been trying every since to get a consistent, decent double shot out of it, but with absolutely no success. I've temperature surfed, varied grind, varied dosage, even bought pre-ground, fresh coffee to eliminate the grinder as they issue. I could one on the fingers of one hand the number of really good shots that have come out, but repeating exactly the same dosing, grind (even from the same bag of pre-ground), tamp pressure and technique, portafilter, basket, etc. brings wildly different results. The main symptom seems to be "gushing". When using standard portafilter, it's always out of the left hand nozzle... Changed the gasket and shower screen a month ago. They were both pretty grotty, so I was optimistic...but I'm still getting still the same. 4-5 seconds of pressure building, 4-5 seconds of a decent looking shot appearing then it starts gushing until I have to swtich off after 18-20 seconds and am left with a "muddy" looking shot. A couple of pictures below of baskets after extraction, maybe that would give some kind person something to base any advice they wish to offer on (last one shows a 14g dosage, the other two around 15.5g). Thanks in advance LJ.
  13. Just wanted to put a quick note on the thread to thank Jerry. Was kind enough to let me pick up literally a few hours after this exchange and everthing as described. Looking forward to getting started with my first proper machine and grinder tomorrow morning.
  14. That works for me. Do do you want to PM either with details for collection? Thanks LJ
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