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  1. I'll have to check more closely next time. Can you see that during extraction? How is it affecting what's in the cup?
  2. I've not noticed a problem with jetting with the brass plate tbh. Is that an issue for some?
  3. I have a brass one but understand the stainless to now be the better option. Worth upgrading or are we talking very marginal gains here?
  4. Filed flat and put back together. Thanks for the assistance. Hopefully that's fixed it and we're good to go.
  5. It's a renovated machine so I guess the solenoid could be from an older machine.
  6. If I can't get flatter with a file I'll replace it I think.
  7. .... certainly not whilst I've owned it anyway!
  8. It looks quite bent tbh but once done up it actually just be just fractions of a mm. Might get a file to it.
  9. So, i've broken down, thoroughly descaled the boiler etc and fitted new seals throughout. My other thread details further issues and I hope I've sorted them by fitting 2 new thermostats and a new thermal fuse. Firing it up however there is a leak. Peeking inside I can see water leaking from the boiler /solenoid joint. It's only when coming up from cold however and once up to temp doesn't happen (presumably heat expansion?) I've take the boiler out and examined where the solenoid attaches and to me, it looks like the part of the solenoid that joins the boiler is not entirely flat - one end seem
  10. Emmodd


    The thermal fuse has gone this morning so new fuse, stats and thermal paste ordered. Thanks all.
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