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  1. Great bean to cup machine, really good espresso maker. Selling as my other half insists it's too big for kitchen. And I might go back to a Gaggia. Makes perfect espresso with a multitude of customisable options from length of shot to amount of coffee dispensed, strength of shot and fineness of grind. Steam wand makes great cappuccino/flat whites/lattes. Milk dispenser stopped working (common problem I'm told) so sold without, but makes no difference to functionality and I preferred using the machine without the dispenser anyway as I've always preferred manually steaming my milk
  2. Hi all, just a quick bump as the machine is still up for sale with the extras. Reduced to £300. Open to offers as the wife now just wants shot of it!! Haha Andrew
  3. @Rakesh Hi there, sorry for late reply, been at a work conference all week! Yawn! I have never adjusted the opv, no. And as for postage, if post/courier can be arranged then I'm not against it as long as you're paying! Thanks very much, Andrew
  4. Little bump - surprised there's no interest, it's a great package!
  5. Okie doke, keep an eye out in case it doesn't go. Cheers! Andy
  6. @donblacc thanks for the offer! Are you taking the entire lot or just the machines? If just the 2 machines I'd go for £325. With everything I'd come down to £375 bearing in mind I only put the thing on the site a couple or days ago I'd hope for a little more interest, yoy know? Cheers! Andy
  7. Hi @donblacc , yeah a small area of the paint or whatever it is has been chipped/flaked on that side, not sure why, I bought it in exactly this condition. Regularly descaled as in backflushed with the cleaning fluid etc? I've never opened it up, so to speak, I take the face plate off and rubber washer/seal (which I replaced a few months ago), give it all a good clean and back flush it with the cleaning powder shown in the images. Probably on average every 12 weeks since I bought it.
  8. Hello there. Thanks for your message....updated the post. Gaggia is 2010 model manufactured in Italy. Many thanks, Andy
  9. Sorry all, have amended the post accordingly. Will put photos up tomorrow evening if poss. Would consider selling tamper separately if not wanted by the eventual buyer of the machines etc. Thanks Andy
  10. Hi all, For one reason or another, after only about 20 months of enjoyment, I'm being coerced by my *ahem* better half, into getting rid of my cherished Gaggia Classic machine and Super Jolly grinder. Gaggia is a 2010 model manufactured in Italy. Both items are in full working order, and it is an extremely reluctant sale, but at least I know these will be going to a good home. The Classic machine will come with a new steam wand attached which I was recommended to get by you good people on the forum. Also a milk jug and a lovely wooden handled tamper. The Mazzer SJ come
  11. 1. coffeechap 2. Drewster 3. working dog 4. ashcroc 5. Snakehips 6. Dayks 7 asgross 8. GCGlasgow 9. Riz 10. UbiquitousPhoton 11.Ronaldbiggs 12. Jacko112 13. Phobic 14. AndyH83
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