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  1. Hey sorry I've been away from this and bit messaged back, I've been sent (very kindly I must add) a bag of this from mark thura so I'll let my suit go to fyoosh, or whoever is next on the list.
  2. hippy_dude

    Barrel aged beans

    I'll be honest, I'm on this now and not entirely impressed. Only had one brew so far but it seems too dark for my tastes tbh.
  3. Are there any guest spots left for a 250g bag please?
  4. I know this is kinda a dead thread but did your find what you were looking for? I've been with curated brew for about 6 months now and can say they're a great service! Only criticism I have got at all is that there seems to be a dead preference for washed coffee, whilst my tastes seem to be far more on the natural side of things.
  5. Damn... Too late [emoji31]! Been a big supporter of Tom's for a long time now and an exclusive would've been epic.
  6. Is anyone hitting up Birmingham coffee fest tomorrow?
  7. 200° mellowship slinky decaf might well suit you, I tried it and it wasn't quite to my tastes as it was too roasty and dark roasted for me but for your tastes it might be right on point.
  8. Ok mate thanks, let me know if you end up keeping hold of one and can do till courier picks up from your new place. Will of course need the weight estimate and address but other than that I will sort it all.
  9. Crap... Wish I'd seen this before but then again I'm not in London either. I would love one of by any small chance you were willing to take them and post it if I was to pay. Mine got smashed in delivery and is now buckled and I hear there's no chance of it ever being perfect [emoji17]
  10. Hi guys, sorry I haven't been receiving notifications plus I've had exams with uni so I'm sorry it hasn't been passed on yet. I will be getting it sorted and hopefully off asap.
  11. You can get those individual milk steamers that are designed for nespresso 'enthusiasts' that are just like an half an espresso machine just with everything except the steam wand cut off.
  12. Do these have the same kind of clumping problems that the mignon suffers from?
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