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  1. Just on there way to Southampton. Any decent coffee here? Thanks
  2. I know. I need it to age until Friday but concerned it will just go stale in the bag it is in.
  3. So I normally receive my beans in bags that have a valve on. I then wait for around 5 days and then vacuum seal them and freeze them. This has worked great for years. This time I have picked some up locally on Saturday that need to sit until around Friday. The beans are just sealed in a brown paper bag type thing without the valve. What is the best way to store these until Friday? I have a kilo. I did think about vacuuming sealing but dont put in freezer yet but there will be nowhere for the gases to go. Thanks
  4. I am using an in brita filter but after the hardness the machine still told me I need to use the sage filter on my oracle touch.
  5. First visit , sitting here now. Lovely flat white and blueberry and pistachio cake.
  6. I have lost my account at coffee compass. Since they changed their site looks like it was deleted and i order all the time :-(
  7. Was thinking about hand delivering but too far. I can always see how much parcel2go will be if you like?
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