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  1. Dany who is the alligment with the new carriers? Is it ok?
  2. Dany i see two different codes for the upper carrier: Upper burr carrier: 729055 - Fashion & Olympus (visible only in Fashion spare-parts manual) Upper burr carrier: 729033 - UPPER BURRS HOLDER OLYMPUS CONIC (visible only in Olympus spare-parts manual) Any clues?
  3. Hi Dany, very good attempt i am about to do it as well! But i have a couple of questions first since there are some differences in part numbers from year to year. 1. Is there a small typo in the upper burr code you posted? Eureka Olympus 75e grinder codes: Upper burr holder: 2414.0005 (is it 2514.005?) Lower burr holder: 2520.0005 2. Which is the model of Eureka 65e you have, the 65e HS (high speed) or the old one? Does the carriers fit into both models? P.S. I think that mod deserves a separate thread...
  4. The retention is about 6-8gr. Not bad for an on-demand grinder. If you remove the clump crusher you got a very impressive reduction in the amount of retention. Chute holds 2to3gr only!
  5. I generally avoid to remove the burrs from carriers. I used to, but now I don't. The reason is that you are not sure that the burrs will be perfectly aligned. You may have to spend days (and coffee!!) for fixing them in a parallel and vertically aligned position.
  6. Zenith 65e among others. I enjoy playing with it. It is also too easy to dial and a very good looking grinder.
  7. Make sure that you are not grinding too fine. If this is not the case, remove the clump crusher you may see major improvement!
  8. Did you remove all the clump crusher assembly or just the flaps. I think there is a gap between the chute an the nozzle when you remove the whole clump crusher, right? Or this just concerns only the 65e grinder?
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