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  1. I have mine WiFi enabled, and it is indeed really nice. [emoji6][emoji1474]
  2. For what it is worth, and if you are not patient enough to wait 3 weeks, then my experience is that Duetto III is very reliable. I have had mine for more than 3 years using it almost every day without any problems. ********************************************* Izzo Alex Duetto v3, Mazzer Mini Electronic A & BWT BestMax filter *********************************************
  3. 19-21s for me and I tend to be a bit on the high side of 18g.
  4. I bought it from a Danish vendor (Emo Fabrik) and they only supply the original manual from Izzo which states nothing about descaling. At the time I got the machine, I found the manual of another retailer (Chris Coffee). In their manual they strongly recommend not to descale!!! This is the primary reason I haven't descaled during the 1,5 year lifetime (always using bottled water). However, as the bottled water is not without minerals, as you also put it, you have now convinced me that a descaling is definitely overdue. Assuming that many others like me, who do not have the Bella Barista man
  5. Thanks a lot Dave. I will check my shower screen, most likely replace the gasket and finally descale both steam boiler and brew boiler. Possibly, I have just missed it, but I haven't seen any recommendations concerns which exact descaling fluid/concentration to use?
  6. Hi guys I have gone through the entire forum, and while it would appear that everything is covered somewhere, I can't find any compiled and concise overview of the proposed cleaning/maintenance of an Izzo Alex Duetto used in a household. Personally, I have had my Alex Duetto for 1,5 years and never done anything else than back flushing with cleaner every 2 weeks (make approx. 3 double shots a day). I use bottled water from a local brand which enthusiasts in Denmark seem to agree is acceptable with regards to hardness and HCO etc. I am preparing to order Molycote 111 on-line. T
  7. Hi all, Hope it is okay I expand a bit on the question as my father in law is facing a similar existential question and I would like to help him. He now has a Nespresso and is considering to buy a Dualit 3-in-1 machine to improve his espressos. I have told him that in my belief he is probably better of just sticking with the Nespresso as 1,200£ won't get him a markedly better espresso. I myself have an Izzo Alex Duetto v3 and a Mazzer Mini Electronic A which I am exceptionally happy with. Thanks a lot for any opinions and hope you don't feel that I am hijacking this thread. [emoj
  8. Hi Dave, Thanks a lot for elaborating on this. I understand your post to the effect that under normal circumstances, I will not damage my Duetto by doing so (which is good seeing that I have done it for a year or so). I think I will skip the un-plumbed pre-infusion for a period to test how the result is without it. )
  9. I have an Alex Duetto v3 and have used un-plumbed pre-infusion ever since I got the machine a year ago. Whether or not it makes a difference on the end result I haven't tested. However, only today I stumbled on below review by Clive Coffee where they state (in the very last remark) that it may actually damage the group head to use pre-infusion without being plumbed... Anyone care to comment? Thanks in advance! Best regards, Jesper http://www.clivecoffee.com/learn/2013/03/second-lookduetto-v3-six-month-review/
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