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  1. Do you still have your Nuova Simonelli MDX?

    I'm toying with buying one and was wondering what you thought of it.

    Hope. you can help.


  2. Thanks for the all the advice. I decided to go for a 65mm machine, so I bought a Nuova Simonelli MDX On Demand that was for sale on the forum. Looking forward to see what it (or I ) can do!
  3. Would you accept £350 including postage for the Nuovo Simonelli MDX On Demand? Thanks
  4. Thanks for the replies. To rephrase the question slightly...Will the lines of a eureka mignon specialita make decent coffee with an evoluzione or do you really need to step up to the 65mm grinders to get the most out of it? Thanks
  5. Hi, My current set up is a gaggia classic and iberital mc2. I've had them for about 5 years now and am looking to slowly upgrade to a better set up (possibly a rocket mozzafiato evoluzione r as the espresso machine). I appreciate I wouldn't get the most out of a high end machine with the MC2, so was looking to upgrade the grinder first. I'll probably get a bit more out of the gaggia classic whilst I save up for the coffee machine in the mean time. As the title suggests I have a budget of £300-400 pounds though this is flexible for the perfect machine. I was thinking of either a new
  6. Hi, Looking to try a new supplier, would appreciate a code please. Thanks
  7. Hi Timmy, I'm not sure whether its resolved or not. I just left it because by the weekend the over-steaming issue seemed to resolve (so maybe there was a kink in the tube??) and it is still making great coffee, so its difficult to say whether it's gone from abnormal to normal (i.e. the original sound was abnormal) or whether it is still a bit clogged. I'd need to compare it with a working machine to be able to tell but obviously I don't have access to one! So as long as its working as it is I won't take it apart but if anything goes on the blink again I'll strip it down and clean everythi
  8. I think I might take it apart at the weekend and have a look at everything before buying the pump I took the top off and had a look and there weren't any kinks in the tube (there wasn't a kink leading down into the resevoir either). I turned it on and left it for a little while and it didn't steam this time though, however it did seem a bit hotter than normal, as the water was steaming a bit more than usual. Tbh I did leave it longer when I had it on earlier (it might have been much longer than 15 minutes on reflection), so maybe I just left it too long and the temperature regu
  9. I changed the whole valve, i.e. the black box and the metal valve (so the whole valve assembly). The original one was the pre-phillips solenoid and I changed it to the new one (which was the spare one). Yeh so there may just have been air in the system from the delivery, but it did run fine for quite a while in this state, so I would have thought the air would have cleared after a couple of weeks use. Would this also correspond with steam coming out of the group head? because I guess if the pump is failing then not enough water will be getting into the boiler. Would it therefore not
  10. Sorry I forgot to mention I took the shower screen and dispersion plate off, cleaned them and soaked them in trisodium phosphate (as recommended on a maintenance website). Put it back together and didn't make much difference. I did this before the second descale. I should also note that the OPV tube that goes back into the reservoir vibrates pretty mad when I've turned on the pump, even without the portafilter in it. It did have a OPV mod done before I bought it to 10bar, so don't know if this is normal.
  11. Hi, I bought a gaggia classic from this forum a few weeks ago and it was working fine until a week ago when half way through an extraction the machine made a loud noise and the pump became a lot quieter. The pump remained quiet the next time I used it but it was still working and I could extract coffee through the group and the steam wand was working fine. So i decided to descale the machine and following this the pump was a little bit louder but it wasn't back to how it was. Having scoured this forum there are a number of users who have had the same problem, so I followed the advic
  12. Thanks for that video, really enjoyed watching it... the whole thing reminds me of the godfather for some reason
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