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  1. oh yeah, 5.5 is the sweet spot for a double 🤣
  2. Coffee and HiFi are very similar, the end result is an input into your senses. At some point on the HiFi ladder you (should) realise your hearing is the weak link. Same with coffee, at what % from perfection can you not tell the difference? Also avoid places like this. If you never hear another HiFi, yours will be brilliant. If you never taste someone elses coffee, or read reviews of how great some equipment is, you are happy with yours.
  3. While I am in the queue I time their shots in my head. If a double comes out in 5 seconds, I walk away
  4. Ahhh good old standards. Anyone who actually works to meet the European standards knows most of them are BS-EN standards, and in most cases the EN bit took a perfectly good BS and added a few country clauses. we're told about the rules 'they' force on us, but much of the rulebook was ours first. c'est la vie as the Germans would say
  5. they sound faulty - its only an lcd screen and some low power electronics - several years on a set, in normal domestic usage
  6. at least we source our coffee beans from outside the EU
  7. because the electronics and strain gauges are used in so many things, even the cheapest ebay ones are fine for this level of measurement. I checked mine against some mains powered, 4 decimal place calibrated ones from the science department. less than bean difference in 18g and when they get covered in coffee, batteries out and wash
  8. Hi Dave I have no familiarity with it, hence why I'd searched on here and found no mention - I've since seen it advertised in the UK for £1200, so it's a large, expensive 64mm grinder, that knocks out a double in 5 seconds or so. for £350 that's a lot for the money. the large part only became apparent when I looked at a couple of videos....the Mrs says NO I wonder why the lack of popularity in the uk?
  9. I can't see any mention of this grinder on here, and it doesn't appear to be stocked by any of the big UK companies, but it looks a lot of grinder for the money. $1700 for a new one in the US of A ebay
  10. yes, the saving disposable cups is an unusual feature - it's much easier to take your reffillable thermos mug into a coffee shop than carry your own coffee making equipment.
  11. This appears o be a massively over subscribed kick starter - but searching on here I couldn't find any mention of it. coffeejack something to chat about........
  12. if you can imagine a gaggia classic sitting next to Rancilio Rocky, and a small amount of storage for beans, that's 'my' bit. A high pressure spurt can easily leave this area. yes, in this household only the male of the species appreciates proper coffee. and red wine. and french cheese. and whiskey. however on the very very very odd occasion when the taste challenged one condescends to a latte, I'm still not allowed to make a mess.
  13. Hi All I currently use a bottomless holder with a wooden handle, and usually most of the coffee ends up in the cup, but like most of us, there's always the odd shot that sends the odd high pressure jet of coffee outside the exclusion zone, into 'her' bit of the kitchen. I know the correct answer is technique technique technique but first thing in the morning all I need is coffee coffee coffee I can of course buy a new portafilter/basket/holder/handle but I have a handle and basket, so I'm just looking for the holder. Seems you can buy replacement wooden handles, but I can't find the holders. anyone seen one? thanks
  14. what problems are you having? We all like to think "I'd be brilliant at this if only I had a better.........car/camera/coffee machine (insert any hobby)" and then we buy a new car/camera/coffee machine , and discover we are the problem, not the equipment. The classic has limitations, especially for steamed drinks, but no real 'problems'
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