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  1. A naughty cheat I use on the Gaggia clasic when I have forgotten to get it ready, is to set it to steam, and once up to temperature, put it back to water, and start pumping..... super hot steam injection into the portafilter and associated metalwork. you can get a processor to do it for you and call it the Mira-Y (to avoid copyright issues
  2. its the sort of thing that someone who knows i like coffee would buy me for christmas.
  3. lookon the previous page. I put the circuit up. the resistor is in parallel with the pump so the entire load draws enough current, otherwise the noise filtering caps in the switch conduct all the time
  4. It's probably not so much the country of manufacture, it's machine popularity and company policy that will determine how easy spares are to come by. Gaggia classic - everyone stocks the basics, and every component will be replaceable somehow. Sage - return to base, no one has spares.
  5. I fixed her dyson, that's more than enough relationship strengthening
  6. 8 steps, clunk clunk clunk. that's going to be a 5 second espresso or a 5 minute one
  7. probably a comparable hobby is photography, where you convince yourself you could take better photos if you had the very latest £5k camera and 20k of lenses. I managed with the same camera for 12 years, but identified areas where it was the camera missing focus, or not having a wide enough aperture, upgraded my gear (to the top of the range 5 years before) and did get the improvements i hoped for. my current coffee spec is a pid classic and a rocky, and i know the huge limit on the setup is the step in grinding. a stepless grinder WILL give me better results. as for the classic, if
  8. I am working my way through 6 different coffee compass, and the sweet bourbon was my favorite, but that's been over taken by cherry cherry
  9. teaching you to suck eggs of course, but a 3d printer is only as good as the squareness of the frame, the backlash of the threads and general accuracy of any moving part. the one in the photo above looks a bit wobbly
  10. in an idle moment, i was thinking about an automated lever sort of arrangement. so instead of a rattly vibe pump or a mains connected rotary, how about a 50mm syringe, with a couple of one way valves and a pressure sensor. syringe operated by a stepper motor driving a screw thread. electronics monitor the pressure, so any profile you like can be put in, and no need for an opv. you'd also have exact measurements of the volume of water pumped. and it would be quiet. I better get a patent application raised for it
  11. indeed. i am tweaking both the dry and wet weights.
  12. better and better. now i just need a miscroadjust grinder.
  13. well I revisited my perfect method, and made some mods. weighing the beans into the filter, grinding into a small sandwich box, that allows the grinds to be given a shake to expose the lumps, which can be smashed. then the funnel, which is one of those cheap aluminium ones that sits inside the basket and creates a void 10mm deep all around. This has been chopped down, so now there are only three narrow prongs that go below the height of the coffee. no photos as it looks like a blind mole in a bit of a hurry chewed it away. once in the basket a quick stir, funnel out and a tap,
  14. I've had some experience, bt rather than advise you, just some other points to consider. they are really slow. We have a resin one in the company, and it's not very successful. the resin doesn't have a long lifetime, and you have to keep the tank full, or you can't do large items, so if it's not used a lot then there is a lot of wastage. dual filament is useful if you want to be able to clean up the print easier, so you have a sacrificial material that is used for voids that can be dissolved easily. having had things made outside by companies specialising in such things, an
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