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  1. Thank you! So the vendor wants £400 for the pair, and we are thinking of negotiating it down because we'll have to hire someone to collect it for us. Is that a good price? Also, is this Heavenly a very old one? As when I look on Fracino website it looks a bit different now. EDIT: Just realised you edited your comment so question is answered already. Many thanks!
  2. Hi all, we want to upgrade our set up and came across a pair of Fracino machine/grinder below. We are noobs when it comes to Fracino though, so are struggling to identify the model. The machine I think may be either the Heavenly or Cherub (the seller calls it "Electric"); no clue about the grinder. The seller doesn't know either. Is anyone able to help please? I would also appreciate if you know the going rate for these machines in normal times - I know price is a bit silly at the moment but we don't want to over pay. Many thanks in advance!
  3. My favourite local cafe is Amoret at Notting Hill. Nice coffee (roast their own beans), and the croissants are among the best London can offer. Normally you can have a window seat with nice view on the first floor, except on Saturday when the whole area is mobbed with tourists.
  4. Hi Mike, I'm looking to do the same so also want to hear about how you are getting on so far. Thanks, Oki
  5. Hello, I bought a second hand Mazzer Super Jolly (Automatic) a couple of years ago. The only change was the blade being changed upon buying. Recently I noticed that it is quite difficult to dial in for some beans (not sure if it happened before because I only started to make my own coffee since the lockdown lol ). Specially, if I put it at a lower notch the flow is a little too fast (strong flow starts in about 5-7 seconds), but if I just adjust it to 0.5 notch finer, it almost chokes the machine. Can 0.5 notch make that much of a difference on the Super Jolly? My second question is abou
  6. Thanks everyone for your very useful advic. I've arranged a call with my friends to talk them through. Will keep you posted 😁
  7. Hi, thanks for the replies. It depends on taste I guess. My friends specifically want to make latte art, and has emphasized to me that it's the main reason why they want to upgrade, hence the focus is on the milk One of the guys is actually a barista, so I think he will be good enough to get a decent latte milk out of a steam wand, even ones that may be a bit trickier for us. (Note: please no discussion on how bizarre it is for a barista to get on well with pod/pre ground coffee 🙃. Again, each to their own).
  8. Hello, so my friends have asked me for some advice regarding coffee machines. I suspect these guys are more of your average drinkers than the coffee aficionados, because they were getting on just fine with a Magimix (or some sorts of machines mainly designed for Nepresso but with the ability to run ground coffee as well I think), with an inbuilt frother at the back. Anyway they told me they want to fix two main issues, in their words: 1) "Watery coffee": which I translated into "been using pre-ground beans". 2) "Can't do the milk properly": because a frother is not the same as
  9. Holy moly that was expensive. Was it the one made in Italy? It makes me wonder whether I should put mine on eBay too, so I can upgrade to a dual boiler :-s Although I guess they will be quite expensive too.
  10. Thanks all. Managed to grab a PTFE tape out of the cupboard and had a temporary fix. It leaked a little (my engineering skill isn't great) but will suffice for now. So happy to finally have latte again 😊
  11. 😕Hi, the O ring on my steam wand (upgraded to Rancilio) recently broke so I ordered a replacement. Sadly Royal Mail is dragging on its feet and I'm conscious we have half a kilo of beans going stale (plus life without latte is really hard on us). Is there anything we can use to replace the O ring for the time being? For example I heard about using a tape?
  12. I have one mazzer super jolly paired with a Gaggia. It's fantastic. But it does retain a bit of coffee inside while grinding so not ideal for a single dose I think . Also the doser is quite difficult to clean so if you buy second hand perhaps ask the seller clean it for you.
  13. Just to update. They are now roasting on Thursday and Tuesday. My order was roasted yesterday and delivered by DPD today. They do say on the website that orders under 3 bags will be delivered by Royal Mail which is currently experiencing delay.
  14. It is Gaggia Classic paired with a Mazzer Super Jolly. To be fair HB, I had that Blake Blend before we managed to do the OPV mode, so definitely it was bitter than should be. That said, I think even discounting for the extra bitterness the Blake Blend is still a bit too much. Thank you Tom, I'll look into this one. Also, have you ever tried their decaf?
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