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  1. Thank you everyone for your advice, especially John, much appreciated. I have found someone selling a gaggia classic and a Iberital Mc1 grinder which i believe is commercial grade? £200 sounds reasonable and the gaggia was rebuilt by Ferrari espresso 16 months ago.
  2. Hello everyone, im looking for some advice in buying my first home coffee machine. Ive got around £250 to spend on the machine and I was looking at a new sage dual temp pro or second hand gaggia classic. Is there any other machines I should consider? Id also like a grinder and was thinking of the sage grinder or Iberital MC2 . Again, anything else I should consider. I dont want to spend more than £200. Thank you all in advance.
  3. Yes this is what I'm thinking. By not offering food I can keep my start up costs as low as possibly because I wouldn't need a fitted kitchen and I wouldn't need the extra staff. I would plan to do cake and biscuits which I could get made for me outside, obviously doing this will make the mark up smaller but it enables me to keep the shop as simple as possible.
  4. Thanks. I'd really like to try and not offer food if I can I just really wanted to know can a shop service on just coffee alone?
  5. Hi everyone I'm thinking of opening a small coffee shop/bar which will be very simple and basic with all my focus being on perfect coffee for every cup. It's a small shop that with cost 12k a year in rent. It will be fitted out very basic (industrial), just a bar with machine, grinder and a till and for seating there will be one long table with a bench. My question is do you think I could afford to only offer coffee and maybe cake but no other food? The location I'm looking at has a very small kitchen and I want to keep things really simple at first and keep staffing to a minimum. I am also thinking of only offering take away cups. Any my thoughts or ideas would be very welcome.
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