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  1. Hello, Does anyone want my old Gaggia Classic boiler? It needs a hefty descale and clean, as you can see in the photos. It's been in use off and on since 2013, and it's free to whoever wants it, but I'd appreciate it if you could pay the postage. Thanks, Keith
  2. After I read the instructions for taking the solenoid apart and cleaning, I thought I'd be better off replacing it, to be on the safe side. I ended up replacing the Ceme with an Olab. Belt and braces. Here's the result: I'm still getting some black and white bits coming through (see photo), but hopefully more flushing with clean water will sort that out. Thanks again for your help!
  3. Thanks for your help, Michael!! I had to check, but it does indeed come back into the reservoir. I took the dispersion plate off with the shower screen and gave them both a good clean, but I've poked through the 4 holes with a cocktail stick and the hole in the group head too, like you suggest. I've always been a bit scared of backflushing, but I just tried it for the first time. Some foam started coming out of the drain pipe before I turned the pump on. I ran the pump maybe 5 times in 10 second runs, not much came out. I've got another thrilling video for you:
  4. Hello! I expect you've read lots of posts about this topic, I've been through quite a few myself! Thursday before last, only drips came through my group head. Water followed through my steam wand as normal. It had been fine the previous morning (to the extent you can trust a sleepy person hurriedly making their morning espresso). The shower screen was embarrassingly dirty (see image) and it had been a couple of months since I last descaled, do I thought that was the cause. I only had Puly Caff to hand, so I ran 1.5l/40g of that through. Once I got some Puly Cleaner through
  5. Thanks all for your advice, sounds like getting the top off sounds like the way ahead. Tom - what are the pros/cons of the espresso volume method vs weighing how much comes out?
  6. Hey, I've finally got around to trying to calibrate the grind settings on my MC2, following the instructions on Happy Donkey. Despite doing a number of grinds, and making the grind finer and finer, it only takes around 11 seconds to get 2oz of coffee, but should take 22-25 secs apparently. That's from approximately 14 grammes of grounds. I'm wary of continuing down this route as I'm worried about the blades touching and blowing the motor. Is this just a consequence of the reputed (over) high pressure that the Gaggia Classic ships with, or am I doing something else wrong? Than
  7. Got mine too! Very well packaged. Enjoy your Gaggia, @Whizzbang. I've always liked mine.
  8. @EspressoH - I've just joined the MC2 club too! No beans to try yet though. How are you getting on? Any tips?
  9. Yep - I can confirm I'm buying the grinder. Thanks all!
  10. Hey, Sorry for my belated reply. If it's more convenient for you to sell them as a package, I think you should. Otherwise, I'm still happy to offer the asking price for the grinder. Keith
  11. Hey Tom, Thanks for getting back to me. Not in too much of a rush, no. I've been going for around three years without a grinder, a little longer won't hurt. Keith.
  12. Hi Tom, I've already got a Classic, but I'm interested in the MC2. Is it a doserless one? Thanks, Keith
  13. That's a great price. I almost wish I didn't already have one!
  14. Hello fellow newbie, My decision to look for a MC2 was based solely on threads I've read on this forum. But even here you can find one thread that raves about it, then in another it's described as 'serviceable'. I think I found that on balance, more positive things were said about it than not. Like with hi-fi separates (another thing that eats my money), you can have one person thinking a £40 grinder is the bees knees, but another who thinks you need to spend at least £600 before you get anything even nearly decent. My middle ground is to go for the good enough option, then trade up if
  15. I certainly am. I've been looking on eBay for a used MC2, but they don't seem to pop up very often (if at all).
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