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  1. Wobbit

    Mara X

    I’m still happy with my Mara, I just want the new drip tray on mine 🤔
  2. Wobbit

    Am I mad

    I started with the Mara, it’s been fantastic from the start. I had only used filter methods previously
  3. Soo shiny! Can’t beat Bella Barista’s service. Well worth the trip
  4. Received my Coffee Sensor yesterday and swiftly got it fitted. Very easy to fit, no leaks so far. It’s gotten me questioning myself. If I leave the machine for around an hour the sensor shows 97-98d, I then flush for 15-30secs until sensor shows ~94d, then I pull shot immediately. The temperature then drops to from ~94 to 89 during the shot? What am I doing wrong? I kinda expected the temperature to remain more stable than this?
  5. It’s okay once you’ve figured out the depth for your basket. The grounds still need tapping to even out throughout the basket before levelling. It’s probably just an unnecessary step but I’ve gotten used to it now!
  6. Another welcome from Newbury!
  7. Thanks Jason! the scales are good, not sure I’d pay the full price for them as I don’t really see the quality for nearly £100! The auto tare and timer is a nice touch. I stopped off at the shop yesterday to get a matching side board only to find out they’ve discontinued the alder range ?
  8. So the coffee corner is looking a bit more lived in these days, I’m getting some lovely coffee out of the combo! The latte art is improving, I’m still struggling though ? I’ve made a couple of purchases, snagged a brewista smart scale in the Black Friday sales, a bottomless portafilter paired up with a 18g vst basket, and a eBay Chinese distributor tool thingy.
  9. Ooo! where did you find this?
  10. I may have to invest in one.
  11. Snap! First dog and hat order for me
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