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  1. I may as well jump on this thread as I had been meaning to find out about this. Our water is pretty soft, about 80ppm (North Wales). We do however though use a water filter for everything via a BWT inline filter on the tap. I was planning on using the filter on the MaraX as well, but would I be better off not at all?
  2. Hi, Haven't fully decided if I'm going to change/upgrade the Sette. But if I were to - what would it be worth? It's ~18 months old (I had a 270W replaced with this). No warranty left Thanks
  3. Not really got the space for a second grinder, besides not sure I'd sneak it past the wife either Yeah every time I see the Sette mentioned it's for reliability and not to buy it. I obviously already have it, and at the moment is working fine... But then again, I could whack it on eBay now and get some money to discount the new grinder - whereas if it fails down the line I'll be out of pocket (man maths going on here I think). I think it's just a case of upgrade-itis, but nothing is jumping out at me and the current trend is to single dose at home. Maybe
  4. ...and not a Niche! 🤯 So, I've had a Sette since 2017, long story but I started with a 270W and ended up with a 270Wi after the 270W failed and was repaired and upgraded at the same time. I'm about £350 into it so I'm happy with the value proposition of it so far. I'll start of to say I really like my current workflow with this grinder. The initial 270W was a bit iffy, and inconsistent in dosing but this 270Wi is bob on. Within 0.2g every time, no mess and straight into the portafilter with no clumps. It is however not great for filter and incredibly loud. However I'm upg
  5. Scottland

    Mara X

    BB told me a couple of weeks ago that they're due a new shipment of these early March. Does anyone know if they're a new (improved?) batch, or is it unknown at this point?
  6. Thanks for the reply @BlackCatCoffee. I do actually quite like the looks of the Minima - but the other thing I neglected to mention is that due to the fact it can only fit in a limited space it may not work for us. i.e. It can't be placed with anything on the right hand side of it.
  7. Thanks for the replies all. I had initially ruled out normal HX machines due to the flush required. But thinking about it, as long as it's a relatively short flush, I'm ok with it as by the time I've ground and got cups ready etc it will be done. I can always chuck the water in the dogs bowl so as not to waste it... I think I'm leaning towards the Bezzera at the moment, not sure why but I keep gravitating towards it
  8. Hi, thanks for the reply. I'd imagine there's a few others in the boat too. I did look at the Elizabeth, but for some reason it just doesn't hit the mark for me. Maybe it's the looks (the fact it looks similar to the Silvia), or just it doesn't have the appeal of an E61 group?
  9. Hi, I'm after a bit of advice regarding upgrading from my Silvia. A bit of background, I've had the Silvia for coming up to 10 years, and would like to treat myself to an upgrade later this year. I tend to make milk drinks about 50% of the time, with the other 50% being espresso and americano. I don't specifically want to steam and pull a shot at the time time - but I do want temperature stability so that I don't have to temperature surf, and I can pull a shot straight after steaming milk (or vice versa I guess). I probably use the machine ~3 times a day, heat up time isn't really a probl
  10. Thanks for Yes, my original Sette was repaired and upgraded and ended up with the Wi. I've been really pleased by it's accuracy/consistency up to now to be honest That was my initial thought to add the PID at the same time - but when I started adding it up it got me thinking. Oh yeah, it's an easy fix and would be a great machine for someone that's willing to sink a bit of time to repair it (if I do decide to go that way).
  11. Hello folks, apologies if this isn’t in the right place but here seemed to fit. I current have a Silvia V3 paired with a Sette 270Wi. Over the weekend I believe the element packed up as it’s tripping an RCD, got some more checks to do but assuming this is it. Ferrari Espresso have an updated boiler + removable element for about £120 but this setback has got me thinking about upgrading too. If I went the upgrade route I’m 90% sold on the Mara X, which I’ve been eyeing up for a while. I’m just a bit stuck on what to do, one of the reasons I want to upgrade is for a more consi
  12. At the moment I drink mostly espresso, but with a decent grinder would probably be around half and half Yeah for the price the Wilfa is a good proposition but I really can't fit in 2 grinders let alone get the wife to approve!
  13. Thanks for the replies, I appreciate it. This is the problem, I don't have the space so I'm looking for the best compromise really. I'd be happy to spend the money on something used (Forte maybe?) but don't have the room for a taller commercial style grinder.
  14. I'm new here, but I think this registers pretty high on the hipster scale
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