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  1. AliG

    Mini Reviews

    Looks a lovely example of a great machine. I don't use it often, but I love my Caravel
  2. Black Cat Twilight is an excellent darker roast bean.
  3. I just skimmed the review (will give it a proper read later) but pretty sure Dave says that stirring made a noticeable difference
  4. Just had a look at the website and saw that they offer 100g bags of all their coffee. Not sure I've seen that before.
  5. This isn't the one I was thinking about, but may be of interest. There's talk of issues with the aluminium boiler, but it's a beautiful machine.
  6. Have you tried the search function? I'm sure somebody on here refurbished one of these recently, though I can't recall who.
  7. Not really. Well, not at all. I bought it with a view to sieving out the fines and boulders produced by my cheaper grinder in order to postpone an upgrade. It's not going to make your grinder grind finer though.
  8. Great, thanks! I'll give that a go. Hopefully it's not a dud - I can't be bothered sending it back etc.
  9. Apologies if this is hijacking the thread, but has anyone had issues with the battery (or at least battery icon) not charging fully? It seems to be charging, the battery icon goes solid, i disconnect the charger and the then when I try to use the scales there's only one or two bars of charge.
  10. I thought that as well initially, but isn't that basically what happens with frozen peas and the like? I think it's more about freezing quickly to avoid large ice crystals and degradation. I very much don't know what I'm talking about, so happy to be corrected.
  11. Kruve sieve. It's a good piece of kit, I'm just not the target demographic. Happily, I've forgotten how much I paid for it.
  12. Your post convinced me to give them a go. Arrived today and very happy with my first attempt at a v60 (puntang full wash...) Will try a post dinner espresso shortly with the Kerinci. Really appreciate the recommendation.
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