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  1. Isn't this the key point? Whether there are concerns about distilled water or not isn't entirely relevant as that's not what the osmio produces.
  2. AliG

    Crown & Canvas

    Same here. Made a couple of orders and was happy both times. First Light (espresso blend) will be a go-to for the foreseeable.
  3. I'm in a similar position with a La Pav that I love, but would like a more consistent, PIDed, temp-stable option with the La Pav acting as a steam boiler on the few occasions someone might want a milk drink. The Unica has long been on my radar, but they rarely come up second hand. The LC is something else I've been keeping an eye on, in as much as you can keep an eye on something that doesn't exist. Very interested to see what kind of responses you get, Glen.
  4. What does that mean? Something like the Gaggia Mini - an open boiler with a spring loaded group attached?
  5. Same here. No issues, and prompt delivery for various pavoni spares.
  6. I think I can guess at the company. If it's who I think it is, I also own one of their products but was a little uncomfortable when going ahead with the purchase because it did seem that the company specialises in slightly dodgy claims. I could be completely off the mark, and I certainly wouldn't want to drag their name through the dirt on here.
  7. Hi @JoshW, you have a potential offer above but in case it falls through, what pressure does this run at? Is it easily adjusted?
  8. Problem solved. It looks like I just had to make a post to regain access.
  9. Apologies if this has been covered, but is there a reason that I can't respond in the for sale threads? I'm assuming this is to do with the update.
  10. Thanks, I messed about with it yesterday and managed to work it out. I've realised I'm not quite sure where it should be, so currently experimenting with different pressures.
  11. Hi all, Does anyone know if the Pstat on the far left of the below picture is adjustable? I recently got temp strips for my La Pavoni Professional (I think it's a 90s model) and it heats up too quickly. I thought I would fiddle with the pressure but can't work out if it's possible on my model. It's also probably worth mentioning that I am not at all handy; descaling and changing the gaskets is pretty much the extent of my abilities/experience. Thanks!
  12. Same here. 50 Euros is a bit on the steep side at first glance, but it appears to solve a problem. If I can get temp stability on my machine then I'm pretty happy for the foreseeable. Keep us updated if you take the plunge.
  13. Just read up on the bong isolator. Looks very interesting.
  14. Ditto. Although I am pretty price sensitive, so not sure whether I qualify for addition to the list.
  15. I like my tech relatively simple and the Mini appeals to that. It feels like there is less to go wrong with it, and there are already so many variables to making espresso. The digital 'paddle' does irritate me though. @DavecUK, I'm curious if there is there a price at which you would recommend it, or do you think it's so lacking in features/behind technologically that there are better options at all price points?
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