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  1. Update , i did get a deal from Plusnet not quite as good as a new customer but i'm happy they threw in a new router so can't grumble .
  2. Thanks just emailed Plus8Broadband not heard of them so i'll see what deal they can offer . Appreciate feedback thanks MinesAbeer & catpuccino.
  3. My Plusnet Broadband package is up for renewal in the next month and apart from messing my payment up for 12months i've been very happy , but there new packages for me as a existing are of the scale , i'm going to see if i can negotiate a better deal but if they won't play are there any good alternatives ? in my area North West (Lancashire) EE seem to be OK .
  4. Brilliant thread just ordered one from BlackCatCoffee , been looking for one of these for while , happy bunny . I did put callipers on my Lelit Portafillter might be tight at 58.5mm but hopefully OK.
  5. How hard can it be to drag and drop a folder on my desktop into my phone once i've connected it via cable that's not rocket science ? or maybe it is . Imagine me getting my head round DEVS BBC 2 series bonkers (i love it though) .
  6. Got to get this of my chest as much as i love Apple stuff, itunes and transferring music from your Macbook to your iphone is for me the most frustrating thing , probably because i don't do it that often but the box ticking syncing . Rant over.
  7. Try this AlexW i bought my Lelit from this company a few years back and i have bought gaskets from him not recently though . Cheers Dave https://www.espressounderground.co.uk
  8. Got these on Amazon today really happy with them decent weight , £6.50 hold 180ml https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01KIBIOIU/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  9. Brilliant thanks there's a Screwfix near me .
  10. Need to buy a small 10ltr / 12ltr dehumidifier , would appreciate any advise . We live in a small 2 bed apartment so don't need any thing big , unfortunately there's no room for a tumble dryer so this time of the year clothes a getting dried in doors which isn't good . Cheers Dave
  11. El carajillo did i buy a Mignon from you a few years back ? if so it's still going great guns in daily use .
  12. Malwarebytes . To be honest i didn't think Apple needed stuff like this so i've never bothered i was surprised when the lady on the support chat recommended it . https://www.malwarebytes.com
  13. Quick update i did a live chat with an Apple techy she helped me sort it out found the culprit in finder dragged all the files into trash and all good she also recommended a free Malware app for ios if anybody's interested . Thanks again MediumRoastSteam .
  14. Cheers MediumRoastSteam i'll keep searching thanks for your help .
  15. Can't delete them get the original error message asking me to Deny or Allow , thanks for your advise appreciate it , if you think of anything else i go on the forum most days . this is what pop up if it helps .Cheers Dave
  16. i thought it might have been my wife's iPad but she doesn't think so . i'll try deleting see what happens , i'm tempted to go back to an earlier OS Mojave .
  17. Yes thanks MediumRoastSteam found it should i delete it ?
  18. Thanks MediumRoastSteam but how do i find that process ? i don't know what SyncWebSearch is or where to look .
  19. I wonder if anybody could shed some light on why since my upgrade to Catalina i get this popup every time i open my Macbook Pro , it doesn't matter if i click Deny or allow it still pops up next time i open . Cheers Dave
  20. This on Netflix true story , shocking . "When they see us" https://www.imdb.com/title/tt7137906/?ref_=nv_sr_1?ref_=nv_sr_1
  21. This is whats annoying for me .
  22. Gobsmacked , i ordered one from Ebay just over a week ago came today made up with it for 12 quid . sorry for the photo.
  23. This absolutely shocked me if i didn't know it was a true story i'd have thought it was a hoax documentary again Netflix Abducted in plain sight . https://www.imdb.com/title/tt3444312/?ref_=nv_sr_1
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