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  1. Hi Evoman that bag already got split, but I’m buying on a fairly regular basis now - so I’ll keep you in the loop. If you don’t mind me asking- what are you roasting on? cheers Phil
  2. Personally - I'd send it back or at least phone them up and question it...I don't think that's acceptable. The direct trade Colombians - have been decent - but they started off at £12-£14 a kilo! They buy a lot of coffee from Falcon - it's worth checking out the price differential and then you can make an informed decision as to whether it's worth your while spending the money. For example I bought a fair amount of Guatemala Red de Mujeres (which was excellently the way) coffee from them last year - I think it started out at around £50 for 5kg and then went up to £12 a kg. Looking at the new crop just landed at Falcon - they list it at £6.63 a kg - obviously you have to buy a 69kg bag...
  3. I’m guessing you bought these from Small Batch - I’ve become increasingly disappointed with them over the last year. They’re sitting on a lot of old stock and still charging silly prices for it.
  4. Doing the tedious bit....
  5. I've just had my shipping notice...
  6. I've ordered Black - but been out this afternoon so only replied to the email at 4.40pm - so may not get my invoice today - soz...
  7. Resistance is futile.....🤪
  8. Sod it - the itch won’t go away Can I put my name down as the 6th member of this group please? Thanks Phil
  9. Johan moved to Cornwall some time ago. cheers Phil
  10. Depends on what you're going to use it for. I was all l set for buying one - then my wife announced that she'd use the kettle anyway as she likes her water on the boil - not just below. When I cook an evening meal - let's say pasta and or vegetables - I'll often fill the kettle 2 or 3 times during a session - can't see how the Osmio would help me here either. Drinking water would be useful - but my daughter hates filtered water (:0) and I like my water chilled and am at work most of the time. So that left me with spending 300 quid on a filter system for a coffee machine... or just carry on using my zero water filter system - £300 buys approx 3 yrs worth of cartridges - would be interesting to see how long the Osmios last. Then there's the environmental side - where the Osmio probably wins out by virtue of less cartridge use. It's an unknown - the water I have is very hard at about 320ppl. End result is I talked my way out of one..then again.....
  11. Coffee arrived this morning - will pm you to arrange delivery.
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