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  1. I’ve been using the Edo Twister for a good few months now. Will be post a more thorough review when I’ve got the time - I have done a fair few videos on it. I really think this is a bit of a game changer. It’s very consistent and repeatable. It’s a funnel and distribution tool in one - no WTD needed. Love it. Cheers Phil
  2. Ok - I've paid the VAT of £65.19 (no import duty) and handling charge of £12 - which comes out at a total of £77.19 or £12.87 each. They will be delivered to me on Monday. Cheers Phil
  3. Hi everyone looks like they have cleared customs and are at my local depot 😀 I’ve received a request for duties yet - we may get lucky 🤞 please could you all PM me your addresses. Thanks Philip Phil (Dartmoor) thanks for the samples you sent me👍 I’m just drinking a clever dripper of the Limu now - it is lovely, jammy, sweet, caramel coming through. I will do a comparison of yours, Rodney’s and mine on the espresso vision over the weekend.
  4. Hi All units have arrived in the UK and are in customs - Coventry, I will probably try and call today and see if I can speed the process up a little.
  5. Hi Dan - not that I’m aware of. This is one of the reasons - I ditched this method and bought the Roast Vision.
  6. Units have now been sent US Priority mail - should take 7 days - cost was just under $150. With any luck I can bring this in under the amount quoted. cheers Phil
  7. Hi All box arrived at my sisters today - she will ship it on, on Monday. cheers have a great weekend!!
  8. Quick update - units have been sent and should arrive with my Sister on Friday. cheers Phil
  9. Hi All Zach happy to proceed as is with 6 units - so going to close the 7th slot at 8pm Cheers Phil
  10. 1. RDC8. - coupon sent - paid 2. 3. CJV8 - coupon sent - paid 4. Rob - coupon sent - paid 5. Dartmoor - coupon sent - paid 6. Black Cat Coffee - coupon sent - paid 7. Coffee by the Casuals - coupon - paid
  11. Yay!!! If anyone can think of someone who might want the 7th slot - let me know.
  12. In all honesty - find more money - unless you are lucky and find something on Ebay that isn't completely knackered.
  13. For some reason I can’t delete the quotation box above Anyway perhaps it would be useful to get a spreadsheet of where people live to get some sort of map going.
  14. Thanks Chaps - yes as stated earlier - all units will be put in 1 box and sent to my sister who will forward it to me. sorry about the address situation - but it’s the only way with the paying system in place. so that just leaves @BlackCatCoffee Sorry about the tag Rob - I’m clearly inept at doing that. 1. RDC8. - coupon sent - paid 2. 3. CJV8 - coupon sent - paid 4. Rob - coupon sent - paid 5. Dartmoor - coupon sent - paid 6. Black Cat Coffee - coupon sent
  15. Ok - @Rob, @Coffee by the Casuals, @BlackCatCoffee could you confirm when you have paid. Zach has said he could ship to my sister tomorrow. Any problems could you let me know - billing and shipping address should be the one I sent you. Thanks Philip
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