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  1. Thanks Batian - will amend the video settings
  2. Hi NAJB the blue line is the BT probe bent down so it sits in the bean mass. The red line is the ET - environmental probe tip located top of drum about 1/3 to a 1/2 way in and the black line is the MET probe located outside the wall of the drum tip sits about half way down the drum length. Between the outer wall of the drum and the inner wall of the roaster. This gives me a good idea of the thermal mass I’m carrying and I try never to exceed 270c - as past experience tells me this leads to unwanted roasty notes. There is a little window which shows this in the graph. cheers Phil
  3. Recently joined a small group of coffee buyers, buying direct from the importers - thanks Batian! My first coffee was a 15kg lot of a Kenyan Natural from the Ruiru Mills Estate. I roasted a 400g batch on my Cormorant - and was delighted how this turned out - I used a profile similar to an Ethiopian Rocko Natural that I've been enjoying. Was very pleased considering this is my first effort. I was aiming for a shortish roast, this went on a little longer than I intended in the Maillard phase. But the resultant espresso has proved to be very nice indeed. I do drink my espresso as a flat white and this bean offers up a fantastic creamy body, I'm definitely getting the milk choc and plum with a faint hint of orange. Next roast will be shorter still and I'll see if I can pull out a little more acidity, as is though it's wonderfully sweet and very moorish. 18.5g in 41g out at 94c with a 15sec pre-infusion https://youtu.be/gHVoX7cDUCg
  4. Hi Batian do you by a lot from Falcon? Would you ever be interested in splitting a bag? cheers Phil
  5. Here’s the link.. https://www.sageappliances.com/uk/en/parts-accessories/parts/sp0020052.html they seem to be sold out at the moment - as I said can always send you mine in the meantime.
  6. Hi Mark I had a problem with a cracked inner shower screen - ordered this from sage - cost 95p plus postage - I carry a spare now - if you get stuck for what ever reason - I can send you mine in the interim. cheers Phil
  7. Suppose it was only a matter of time...lets see how long it takes Sage to send a replacement..
  8. [video=youtube_share;nQcSCcBUHZ8]
  9. Grinder picked up - thanks Aled! cheers Phil
  10. Hi Aled I'd like to offer £260 and I can come and collect from Stroud tomorrow - will be at Wycliffe Senior School in Stonehouse from 12-6pm tomorrow (my daughter attending a regional hockey training day), so should have time to come to you in that window - should you accept and are free. Cheers Phil
  11. No Worries James - if you decide -you find the 2 group thing not for you - will you bear me in mind - would have been perfect for the new studio we are building in September... We currently have a Mini Vivaldi - which is great - but 2 group would be handy when I need to knock out 4-5 cups in quick succession... Cheers Phil
  12. Hi James - are you going for this?
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