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  1. Suppose it was only a matter of time...lets see how long it takes Sage to send a replacement..
  2. [video=youtube_share;nQcSCcBUHZ8]
  3. Grinder picked up - thanks Aled! cheers Phil
  4. Hi Aled I'd like to offer £260 and I can come and collect from Stroud tomorrow - will be at Wycliffe Senior School in Stonehouse from 12-6pm tomorrow (my daughter attending a regional hockey training day), so should have time to come to you in that window - should you accept and are free. Cheers Phil
  5. No Worries James - if you decide -you find the 2 group thing not for you - will you bear me in mind - would have been perfect for the new studio we are building in September... We currently have a Mini Vivaldi - which is great - but 2 group would be handy when I need to knock out 4-5 cups in quick succession... Cheers Phil
  6. Hi James - are you going for this?
  7. Hi Beanbag - if James isn’t interested- I may well be.. cam you put me in the que please?
  8. Have a few days off and thought I'd take a ride down to Shaftsbury today - well it's only 30 miles away from me. SBR are now doing a selection of their offerings in 1kg bags - I picked up a Columbian microlot from the Narino district and a Swiss water decaf to try.. I normally buy in 5kg or 10kg bags, but to have the option to try out smaller batches is great!! Cheers Phil
  9. It's very hard to get consistency when roasting small samples - 100g or less. This is why the Ikawa has become so popular with roasters, combined with it's portability - makes for a great sample roasters. I say this based on feedback I've read - not experience - though if one pops up at the right price, I will be sorely tempted. My reason for recommending it to the OP was it's form factor and ease of use. Cyclists often spend much of their time, traveling and away in training camps. Would give one a good idea as to whether roasting was their thing and would be easy to move on or use a sample roaster if desired...
  10. As far as I'm aware Bideli manufactures all of these - Dalian are a reseller - main dealer for Bideli, they don't actually make anything. The Dalian Amazon from BB is a UK specific model - which Dave has had some involvement in refining. Bideli also sell another 1kg electric version which has more power and different airflow configuration, which is what I imagine you have WEJ..
  11. Hi Wilco first off let me wish you a speedy recovery. I'm going to suggest a slightly more left field option the Ikawa. I know it's a smaller batch option than you wanted but it does have the benefits of full automation and roasting back to back shouldn't be a problem - especially if you're feeling flush and you go for the pro version. It also has the benefit of being highly portable - which I can imagine would be quite beneficial depending on where you're based. https://www.ikawacoffee.com/at-home/ I myself started on a Quest M3 - and now have a Cormorant CR600 - which I think is a fantastic machine - but fully manual... The advantage of getting something like the Ikawa is that you'll be able to sell it relatively easily if you don't get on with it, or use it as a sample roaster should you really get the bug Good luck with your search! Cheers Phil
  12. Where in Germany are you Frederic? - My Mum is going to Berlin on the 12th April as will I on the 27th July...
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