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  1. I think CJV8 is spot on for your specific needs, the Bullet makes far more sense. The Dalian is more of a production roaster and would be a PITA to move around. cheers Phil
  2. Maybe it’s time for a Coffeeforums Collective...
  3. People often get hung up on the development time ratio - even Scott Rao has admitted this gets taken out of context. It's probably better to think of it in terms of time after FC. April roasters did an interesting youtube video on this. I would suggest concentrating on an end temp/colour and working your way backwards. If you want a light roast - you'll probably need to extend your maillard phase to properly develop the bean and avoid vegetal notes. However extend the maillard too far and you'll lose all the acidity in the bean. It is worth mentioning though that if you're using a 5
  4. There’s been an interesting thread over on the HB forum re alternative roast profiles - trying to stretch out Maillard - not quite as much as the above roasts, but it’s worth a look.
  5. It could just be the beans/roast - how do they look? Have you tried any other methods of extraction, aeropress or mokka pot ?
  6. I can’t see where you’re marking dry end - but I suspect that you may be stretching your Maillard phase a tad.. Is this your standard roast time/length? How do they taste? cheers Phil
  7. Just can’t understand why a £3000 machine does not have the ability to control heat.
  8. Yep - it definitely isn't close to boiling - me I don't care because I don't drink tea - my wife really struggled with it at first - but convience got the better of her. My daughter hates the taste compared to tap water - but then again she's weird because our tap water tastes like swimming pool. It definitely doesn't replace the kettle - no way I'm pissing around trying to fill pots with it when cooking veg or boiling pasta... It has stopped me buying plastic bottles though and I just keep a couple of glass bottles from Ikea filled with water in the fridge. I just stuck a few
  9. Nice work! You absolutely made the right choice to go with the VINT hub and TMP1101 - it's a newer design and allows for many optional add ons later should you desire - also easy to buy a module to try out RTD's at a later stage.. Here's to more a informed roasting experience
  10. So I’m guessing this isn’t an IKawa beater then?
  11. Hi Frederic What smoothing settings do you have set? I'm interested as I'd expect a 1.5mm K-type with a turnaround time of 40secs to be a lot noisier than that - I been going through a bit of a journey with probes lately - I've settled on a 2mm K-type and a 3mm RTD which is mineral insulated - it's definitely slower than the K - type, but more accurate, I believe. Thanks Philip
  12. I don't have an Aillio, but pretty sure that your BT is near 150 at charge - Drum Temp is higher but I'd expect that. I would try to charge higher - preheat to 270c and see how you go then. If I remember correctly the BT analogue probe is actually an ET until you charge the beans and then becomes a BT one the beans are loaded. The Drum temp I'm assuming is the IBIS sensor off the actual drum surface... Cheers Phil
  13. Ok, my bad - I forget the IBIS sensor curve reads differently. So preheated to 230 - but what was your actual charge temp? The principle is the same though - i.e. the plateau before FC - if you can smooth that out it will help alleviate the crash and flick.
  14. Hi Guy So it looks like you've charged at 150c and done a 1 min soak? I would try charging at 180c and see how it goes. The Rwandan is a fairly high grown dense bean - so should take the heat no problem - especially with a soak. The soak method (which I use) is really used by production roasters to reduce the time in their "in between batch protocols". You really want to get your peak RoR a little higher and avoid that plateau before FC. Once you get a plateau like that you're invariably going to have a crash and flick, no way round that. The goal here is to carry enough momentum to get
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