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  1. Sorry video is in my post with the “Slayer style” shot.
  2. To be honest - yes. If you’re happy opening up your machine - why not. My DB is 4yrs old now (I think). I recently replaced the steam valve, so did the mod at the same time and replaced a few O rings. It really isn’t a difficult job. There are a few handy tools to have - to make the job easier. If you check out the video above it’s pretty straightforward. cheers Phil
  3. As I understand it, the two are not mutually exclusive. You’ll note I use “ “ in the wording. In essence though this will allow finer grinding/longer brew times much the same as a paddle would. I find it really helps if one likes lighter roasted beans as an expresso. cheers Phil
  4. Yes - that’s the one. There’s also a long thread over on HB forum. If you don’t need the hot water - this really is a no brainer. cheers Phil
  5. Hi Urban I did the pressure profile mod about a month ago. It’s a 20 min job and fully reversible. One does loose the hot water function (not an issue for me as I have an Osmio) Cheers
  6. Hi John Thanks for the update - very much looking forward to seeing this in action. There’s definitely a gap in the market, for a quality sample size roaster - able to give good data on roast profiles and an ability to properly adjust parameters. Both the Roest and Ikawa Pro are in the exorbitant territory and the Ikawa home has had most of it’s functionality stripped out. cheers Phil
  7. Whilst your in there - have you considered doing the “Slayer Mod” - did mine a while ago - works great!
  8. If you google that model - they come up at around the £350-500 mark - so think that’s most likely an error on the website. Anyway making up solutions becomes complicated, the beauty of the Espresso Vision - is speed of use and no calibration needed.
  9. Sorry Catlady, but the link doesn’t work for me. Had a quick look - I’m not sure how I use this. I have used a Nix pro colour meter to measure consistency in my roasts and compare against a Roastrite Swatch This works quite well to gauge consistency, but the beauty of the Roast Vision is the speed of use and the small amount of coffee required to get a reading.
  10. This arrived today, they’re not officially available in the UK yet, but luckily my sister bought one for me in the States and sent it over. It’s an interesting alternative to what’s on offer in the market at the moment and a hell of a lot cheaper - coming in at $299, though this is reflected in the finish which is functional, albeit not polished, being a 3D printed affair. Zak Halvorson - the designer has used a board utilising near infrared to measure reflectance. He has created his own scale - though he is now working with an Agtron device to allow that more widely used
  11. Cost of shipping is going to be £120 + VAT for a pallet. Which is fine if you’re buying a pallet. But if you’re only buy a few bags - it bumps the price up.,
  12. I would seriously consider the Bullet in the classifieds if it hasn’t already gone. There’s a really active group on Facebook. This will give you a fair amount of flexibility, should you want to scale up and should be fairly easy to move on. if you’re buying new - I have a soft spot for the Cormorant CR600 - but it’s a gas roaster and there’s a long waiting list, UK made though.. cheers Phil
  13. Hi All Cal from Cal's Coffee has a new shipment of Brazil Natural from the Bom Jesus farm arriving on the 7th December. I'm arranging the purchase of a number of bags. These come in 30kg sacks - much easier to handle. I already have a number of people interested, but wanted to see if anyone else might want to join in. This really makes sense for anyone in the M4/M5 corridor - I'm prepared to do a bit f driving to make this work. Green comes in at £4.50 / kg + shipping at £72 (inc VAT) for up to a pallet. This is a really nice coffee for those who favour the Hazelnut, Choc, Praline e
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