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  1. sorry i canna help you ... the bags didnt say which beans were blended and my tasting is not good enough to identify the beans
  2. cut back now about 1kg on the go and 2kg in storage .
  3. thank you. noted for future use must admit i didn't see that facility......
  4. THANKS - with free shipping too.....
  5. not really many websites just ask for your postcde for a ''shipping quote'' they DONT NEED my email address to do this....
  6. sent to ''Contact Us'' I wish to order an 18g ridged basket why do i have to log ALL my personal details BEFORE you will give me the shipping cost not happy....!
  7. hi i often visit my brother in La Roche Bernard - Brittany........lovely countryside
  8. decided I'd like to try a naked portafilter - and ...... received a spare Handle from @Drewster sent for drilling to @El carajillo then I comissioned a red oak handle from @jimbojohn55 and @GCGlasgow completed the project with a spare 20g basket a real joint effort from 4 top guys - means a lot - Thanks to all..... .
  9. VST Basket - 18g Ridgeless ............or Ridged
  10. ordered the 3 pack of espresso beans on Thursday morning into the farm today [saturday] at noon well done.......
  11. i seem to have mislaid mine ..... anyone got a spare for sale....thanks posted to Lanarkshire
  12. higher pressure MAY mean the water flow is too fast to do an ideal extraction time maybe off-base----so await an expert answer
  13. it's RAVE Fudge .... previous purchases were OK - altho these have been frozen since January.? the Graef CM800 is only on grinder step#9 from 0 so still lotsa adjustment I'll do some 20>50 shots now
  14. ok - i'll try with the scales under the cup thanks for your comments
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