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  1. It is and I should be finished with it in a week. More need over the weekend, you have first dibs.
  2. Still available but not for 3 or so weeks as still needing it for the moment. Sorry for the slow response, been offline.
  3. I have had a couple of decent coffee's at 1762..... http://1762.ae/
  4. The only question is how urgent is this as I am currently out of the U.K. for the next week, it’s yours but I suspect it won’t be with you for a couple of weeks?
  5. You have a choice, shipped or serviced at that price, for £900 you can have both..
  6. As much as it pains me to say it I would include shipping and insurance at listed cost otherwise tell me what you want to offer. I am also inclined to have it serviced just for assurances.
  7. OK, confirmed, happy to take it at asking price collected.
  8. The courier costs are not much aka £30, but there is 0% chance I am sending something weighing 25KG not insured for its new replacement value!
  9. Sorry, only just saw Denmark, that would be circa £60 via UPS fully insured. Which bit of Denmark, I am there a bit.
  10. Interested... pm inbound
  11. The art of patience is to not measure the passage of time [emoji4] Where are you to contemplate a courier cost, they ain’t so light..
  12. https://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?41972-Bored-Upgraditis-from-a-R58-whatcha-do&p=555811#post555811 "Best guess is that they are using a grinder with flat burrs which might produce brighter cleaner shots. Maybe grab an e8 instead?"
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