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  1. Perfect. Can you PM me your deets
  2. Have one of these in perfect nick. Doesn't come with the box but works great. £22 posted
  3. Price drop to £65. If a mod could alter the title I would be much obliged.
  4. Price drop to £15 delivered. Can a mod adjust the title please?
  5. Price drop to £65. Could a mod amend the title please?
  6. Thanks so much for helping out Drewster, very kind of you. I'll PM you about logistics
  7. Thanks so much for being so helpful grumpydaddy. Certainly sounds like an option if the collection falls through
  8. Sorry Irek but I feel that that's a lot less than it's worth. Thanks for the offer though
  9. Hi there, Thanks very much. Yes easy collection is much more preferable. Let's try and coordinate that. Alex
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