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  1. RossP

    Kinu M68

    Part exchange for Eureka Minion enquiry sent via PM
  2. Deal! I’ll send you a pm now. Thanks
  3. This is the kit that comes with the group pressure gauge? And all seals are in good shape? How about £150? Ross
  4. I’ve been struggling to justify the expense of one of these kits for quite a while! Would you accept £140? Thanks Ross
  5. Yes. I think a collapsible camera lens hood type hopper would help reduce chute retention. The auger diameter is too small to clear the beans from the chamber. I had toyed with the idea of modifying the auger itself or making an insert for the chamber but have found that a couple of puffs of air from a squeezy bulb air duster clears it beautifully so I’ll incorporate some form of air jet into the hopper. I plan to change the simple 1-7 dial face to a ‘micrometric’ one. Maybe swap out the plasticy knob while I’m at it. I had thought about adding micro adjustment to the grind setting so I could use it for espresso but I think I’ll keep it exclusively for brewed coffee.
  6. I got my hands on a Guatemala and got a bit carried away modifying it. So far I have -cut the body down in size (sits around 10cm shorter now) -stripped down and polished the clear acrylic top section of the body -painted it matt black (of course!) -replaced the burrs with SSP Red Speed coated -added speed control with a VFD To finish it off I plan to add a more detailed dial face and make a hopper with integrated puffer (to clear beans from below auger) and lens hood style bopper. I do not recommend reverting painted clear acrylic to clear acrylic. What a ball ache! It started with a half hearted ‘why would they use clear acrylic for this component?.. Wouldn’t it be cool if..’ Then before I knew it I had invested so much time into it that I had to see it through. The VFD was quite an interesting one. I was aware that probably the biggest weakness of the grinder was the burr speed. Initial research on speed controlling a capacitor start single phase motor wasn’t promising. Then eBay sent me a gift - a VFD with programmable boost start function BNIB. A different start capacitor relay and lots of wiring and programming later, success!! It grinds quite happily at 20Hz, which translates to just below 1200rpm down from just below 3000rpm at 50Hz.
  7. Yes, still plan to finish these off at some stage. Running out of excuses now! The arrival of our second child had a much greater impact on my free time than I would have guessed. I’ve got a bit more time now but a couple of other projects have jumped the queue. Hope to have an update soon.
  8. I managed to find another grinder so I’m going to sell the ditting. Anyone here interested before I list it elsewhere?
  9. I have a 1998 Ditting KR1203 grinder that I was planning to modify for home use. I've stripped and cleaned it. It's in great working order, running smoothly, good condition. It has it's original cast burrs that could do with sharpening or replacing. Starting to think that I may not be able to domesticate the beast so looking to see if anyone is interested in a swap? I'm looking for a machine that can produce a top quality consistent grind for brewed coffee. It's a heavy beast that I bought from a friend in London. It cost £40 to ship it to me in N.Ireland. I've still got the shipping crate so should be £40 to send back to England if necessary.
  10. RossP

    Ditting 1203 burrs

    Add VAT onto that.. Ouch indeed!
  11. RossP

    Ditting 1203 burrs

    Bit of a long shot, but I’m looking for some burrs for a Ditting 1203 that I bought. At my current rate of consumption the 11,000kg burr life rating on a brand new set would last me over 550 years. Not sure how many months it would take before they’re even seasoned! Can anyone hook me up with a deal cheaper than what I’ve found through Google? I’d imagine that some businesses might change out the burrs when they’re starting to dull but still usable?
  12. Hello! Yes, should have them finished next week if not shortly thereafter. On my own in the workshop with too much actual work to be getting on with!
  13. Yep, thanks for the reminder. Life has been getting in the way! I’ve got £££ tied up in the parts so I’m definitely going to get them made. Ski trip coming up, will do my best to get them out soon. Sorry for the delay.
  14. Thanks for the interest, batch of 10 still underway. I’ve got all the materials, just been a bit short on time. I’ve had mine fitted for 2 months now and I’m delighted with it. It does make life easier when dialling in a new coffee or making small adjustments but the real advantage is being able to switch between grind settings easily. Over Christmas I had a decaf, chocolatey Brazilian and super fruity Ethiopian on the go at the same time. So smug at one stage when I had to make 3 flat whites with each of the different beans but, of course, nobody cared. Hopefully get looking at it soon.
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