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  1. I have had my LMLM for a year now and ever since day one been annoyed by the fact that the steam and water knobs tends to stick when tightened up in the closed position. They are basically designed like a nut on a bolt. So if you want to do a quick steam-off by turning the knob clockwise it will eventually keep turning until the end of the thread - and tighten up against the "bolt head". So I wanted to get rid of this daily annoyance using an otherwise super cool and certainly well designed machine! I solved the problem by inserting a home made two turn helical coil in the knob threa
  2. Great deal - wonder why it is not gone yet.... anyways I had the plumbed in version for 6 years and only got rid of it due to a La Marzocco Linea Mini bargain. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. We are two DE1PRO users in Denmark that also have an EK43 with the RedSpeed SSP burrs and aligned Titus burr carrier. You won't regret it @Andreugv [emoji6]
  4. A concept is in the works already, but John would better explain himself....
  5. Who would want to turn on the grinder - immediately to find out that you just destroyed your burrs.... because a screw or other parts accidentally was dropped into the hopper [emoji6] That is why I made the lid - not using it during the grinding process
  6. Yes, no change... it's fixed speed
  7. No I haven't, but it seem it seems to be 47 rpm (1400/30) and my other Bullet R1 roaster goes optimally at 77 rpm and have apprx the same drum dimensions (ø180mm) Quite a difference
  8. I just got hold of this little beauty from 2007. I think the drum speed needs to be upped a bit. Is that at all possible? It seem to be a one speed motor with a reducer on it.....
  9. It is my own design and was printed by a friend of mine - if you like you can copy the stl or step files from here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/soeszqio05adjnr/AAAufoiD352_7BCBaFBiS54ia?dl=0 Yes - but you will have to spray a drip or two water on the beans before grinding - to minimize the static... No, not other than normal cleaning...
  10. Really happy with it - although it's serial #28 (and version 1.0) I find the design and robustness extremely complete. I am still on a steep learning curve though but have had some of my sweetest shot on it - repeatedly. Over at Coffee Snobs there is a pretty comprehensive review - I totally agree to it...
  11. The bayonet interface just add to the total height so I "included" it in my design. Also I think the Byleew model have a too narrow opening and furthermore, where is the lid that prevent nasty things to destroy your valuable burrs? [emoji6] I will attach the stp and stl files shortly...
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