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  1. Thanks Mr. Shades One Kit now installed, the other in a few weeks time. Working great, and a definite improvement in taste. A worthwhile upgrade!. All the best. Dave
  2. Good day Mr. Shades. I would like to purchase 2 of your PID kits please. PM sent. All the best. Dave.
  3. I just heard that mine has arrived...... Unfortunately i won't be home until just before Christmas . Must be patient, but it won't be easy. Anyhow, i will be glued to this thread to read all the reviews as they come in .
  4. Thanks, I will make a not of that as i visit often. Cheers. Dave
  5. 01. dfk 02. dfk 03. lake_m 04. Asgross 05. Steveholt 06. Nopapercup 07. Jaffro 08. Haz_pro 09. MatBat 10. Dayks 11. TonyCoffeeNewbie 12. MalcolmH 13. MediumRoastSteam 14. Syenitic 15. PPapa 16. 322 17. Russ 18. Gary G 19. Kilo 20. Rhys 21. pj.walczak 22. Djhep
  6. Hi Igm45. I also bought my HG-1 used from a forum member. I hope you enjoy yours as much as i do mine. Dave
  7. 01. Coffeechap 02. Drewster 03. Working dog 04. Ashcroc 05. Snakehips 06. Dayks 07. Asgross 08. GCGlasgow 09. Riz 10. UbiquitousPhoton 11. Ronaldbiggs 12. Jacko112 13. Phobic 14. AndyH83 15. MSM 16. Danm 17. Deejaysuave 18. Grahamg 19. Christos_geo 20. Yes Row 21. PeteHr 22. shannigan 23. grumpydaddy 24. Steveholt 25. Oursus 26. Zagato 27. Sean 28. Paul whu 29. Sami 30. djhep
  8. Hi Ronaldbiggs...... I made an offer earlier in the thread, which has been accepted . For clarity though, I would like to go ahead with the purchase. All the best. Dave.
  9. Hi @mathew2456........ Would you accept 200 pound for the Gaggia, MC2 and the tamper. All the best. Dave.
  10. The car is a Westfield (lotus 7), and to be fair the sump is only 60mm from the floor. It was a bloody big cat eye though and to compound things, the road sloped away from the middle on both sides. Time for more upgrades....a new baffled shallow sump on the way Dave
  11. Had a bad day yesterday when i ripped the sump off my car 70 miles from home on a flippen cats eye. Good day today when i tested my new budget setup consisting of Gaggia Classic bought from dfk41 (thanks David its working great) and my new Lido E grinder I am very pleasantly suprised at the espresso they produced. Dave
  12. Hi good day. I'm needing a coffee machine for my place up the road from you in Jesmond, so this will fit the bill perfectly. I'm only spending 3 or 4 weeks a year there, but I definitely miss making decent coffee during my time there. I can make payment now, but can only pick up in around 2 weeks time. Would that be ok?. All the best. Dave.
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