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  1. Just curious how much money you are spending per month on beans.
  2. Would you ever consider going for the Victoria Arduino Eagle One Prima Espresso Machine for home use or is that complete overkill?
  3. and if we assume there is a reliable UK retailer here, we'll get everything we need including warranty?
  4. Hi there I am seeking the advice of all great coffee entusiasts and professionals such as yourself! Currently considering buying a new machine and was hoping that you can help me out/point me to the right direction. Love to experiment with lattes, I want my coffee to blow my mind!! Grinder is the Mythos One Clima Pro. Which one do you think is better: Crem One 2B R-LFPP or Vetrano 2B LED 0995 (2019 Model) ? Thanks so much in advance, really appreciate it! haar
  5. I have seen many Expobar commercial machine ads... do you think such a machine is overkill for home use and do you think would it be better than an Expobar Office Leva?
  6. I tested this out with 16g, very interesting, the taste improved. Thanks a lot! Timing was similar the same - do you think getting lower with 16g means that the timing should be reduced, too?
  7. Looking at a Expobar Office Leva to reach a similar level but uncertain if this is right or if there should be a different one I should consider for home use purposes?
  8. That's very helpful, thanks a lot guys!
  9. Hi I bought a Compak K3 with Timer in 2015 for 350, started using it for a few months in 2015 and then stopped until late 2017 (dec). Started to use it in 2018 more regularly from Feb to May, July, October to Dec and of course Jan 2019. I guess this means it has not been used much? A rule of thumb, how much would it be worth do you think?
  10. A regularly descaled Gaggia Classic (model made in Italy with a new Alu boiler done by Gaggia engineer) model. Do have the pressure kit. i also have a pid kit but i did not have the time to connect it and i remember i had a special temp control sensor, too (the hyper sensitive one by someone who make these in this forum -will get all details soon). I was wondering how much this could be worth, hope you can help.
  11. I think I have the same setup but also a full pid kit including all cables, but not connected. Wondering how much it is worth.
  12. Hi I need your advice/prof perspective, please! Just read this post: https://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?32314&p=430908#post430908 and I am wondering if this is true that the grind speed/RPM destroy or affects taste? Trying to replicate the taste of a cafe and they use a Mythos One Grinder with 900rpm and some folks mentioned that the Ceado E37S is much better with 1400/1500 RPM is much better but I worry that the taste differs much? The grinder would be used for at home for 1-3 coffees/shots per day to replace a compak k3 Thanks in advance!
  13. I have read a few posts and read that espresso machines produce different cups and tastes. One post was about how different the taste was between Expobar Office Leva Dual machine, a Sage Dual Boiler machine and a Bezzera BZ09 machine. It's interesting to read that people would relate the tastes and texture of a coffee to different machines. I am curious about one machine in particular and wonder if there is an espresso machine for home use which is mechanically similar to the VA388 Black Eagle. Does someone happen to know such a machine?
  14. Hi I have noticed something strange. When I make a coffee with the Gaggia classic + Compak K3, I feel sometimes lightheaded. This only happened when I did the coffee (based on 16g or 18g ground) with the Gaggia. My friend had the exact same experience but when I go to my fav cafe, it never happened there (and I go there often - I use the same beans they do and try to replicate their coffee/taste to enjoy at home during WEs). This happens after the first coffee and as a regular coffee drinker (1-2 cups per day), I wonder why it is like that and if you may know more about this. I won
  15. I have a double filter basket, not sure if this is called a 18g basket but I can put 18g of coffee inside. I also have the double basket which has only one hole inside (I think it's a pressurised basket). Was trying to use the ratio from the cafe in the assumption that I could replicate the taste.., so you are saying that I could reach the same taste even with a different ratio?
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