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  1. In my case it was from 30 secs to 25 secs. There was a difference...I'm not going to lose sleep over it, but it seemed a lot.
  2. I saw that today on day 2 with the niche. Wasn't sure why. I assumed it was just so early in it's life that it is a bit inconsistent...or else my distribution was poor, though I was getting stable results with my hand grinder. Any ideas why? Are you using it enough for the burrs to heat?
  3. He liked Stalin too, so he wasn't all bad
  4. Makes sense. Divorce is a very expensive upgrade.
  5. Personally, I would stick with the DB rather than take the change over to an Oracle, especially for the control aspect. The Oracle deals with a lot of issues for you, but it sounds like you actually like to get hands on and think about the shot. With a DB, you are free to change and upgrade grinder, there are some modifications you can do to add additional pressure control (reversible so you don't damage warranty), you manage distribution and tamp etc. Reliability may be an issue - but I haven't found any definitive proof of that. After all, they do sell a lot of these units and people tend to turn up on sites like this when something goes wrong rather than to sing its praises. I have a DB. An upgrade to an e61 DB with flow profiling might be in my future somewhere (I don't think I'd bother with a HX anymore though) - but I'm personally not in a rush. I'm not even close to outgrowing this machine in terms of my capabilities vs what it can do. An Oracle might make good coffee, but would take away a bit of the fun of learning. Just my thoughts... Finally, I think Sage should offer a bit more than a straight 'pay the difference' offer. Can they give you something to tide you over until November...or at least give you a decent discount on the upgrade.
  6. I had dialed in a beautiful cortado with Milk Buster (came with a purchase from BB, didn't much like it as espresso, but it can make a great strong milky drink). The recipe had come out rock steady in 33 secs for the last 2 days and I had enough left for about 6x18g. I let my daughter make one this morning, then I made mine....62 secs. What?? Checked everything. Tried again, 62 secs. It tasted ghastly as might be expected. Mentally blamed daughter and pulled apart my grinder to recalibrate. Pulled another one after reassembling and it choked. So I pulled out the basket to clean it - only to find that I'd left in the pressurized basket last night after backflushing!! The perils of using the sage setup with that rubber whatsit.
  7. Mine didn't arrive yet, but did get a delivery notification for some Puly Caff I ordered. A bit like getting 2nd place in the premiership.
  8. Mine was out by 0.025, but is pretty much bang on where they said it should be. Typically, I have been between 1.275 and 1.4. Probably change a bit as they bed in fully
  9. Rob1 is trying to gather some stats about failure rates...but I guess we all have to add to his thread about it before they become meaningful
  10. You didn't really hold your breath....otherwise you would be in a coma by now
  11. Sad to see her go as. I'd imagine, are Seattle Coffee Company. I bet she helped shift a lot of gear for them with her gentle, warm yet self-effacing presentations.
  12. sure...admittedly, it doesn't look to high in the basket. I do remember James Hoffman's video mentioning that the grind drifted a bit as the oracle's grinder got hotter and he needed to go a bit finer, but if he reset the next morning it came back to the same values as the previous morning. I'm afraid I don't know anything about your grinder or how it might misbehave with heat, but the result you have got are certainly large swings. I think I will have to wait for someone with more experience with this machine to look for a better suggestion. Good luck!
  13. I don't have an Oracle, so probably not the best source of advice, but with my dual boiler 21g might be a little too much for a dark roast. Are you sure that there is no imprint of the screen on the dry puck (it is ok to have a mark when saturated). Presumably you are using the Oracle to distribute and tamp and not changing those settings?
  14. I read their paper a few weeks ago. I study fluid flow in porous media, so seemed obvious to me to have a look and see had anyone done anything in this area. More out of interest than anything else. The model has some clear deficiencies particularly regarding the distribution of grains, so their model can't apply properly to a realistic spatially heterogeneous distribution of grainsize. In my world we model the spatial distribution of permeability stochastically (i.e. random...but with spatial patterns that try to match the naturally occuring patterns). This probabilistic approach is what allows you to avoid having to worry about the minute local variations - so you don't need a computer the size of the planet to see how the 'range' of results depend on individual variables even if you can't get an exact answer on every individual shot. I think that mathematicians will do this kind of thing for fun. Just a different way of trying to understand the process using the toolset that they know about. Nothing sinister about it. As to whether it is useful, I think it could be. Clearly the type of acids, sugars etc. that we want to extract for a good cup leach from the beans at different rates.. The type of solid we want to extract depends on the roast, but the rate individual elements are extracted when they are mixed with water depends on temperature and pressure as does the flow path of the water through the heterogeneous puck. Understanding how these interact could be achieved by computer program - it's just physics after all. If a roaster could measure these variables and supply them, then the advantage to us would be that we might better know how to set our machines to quicker get to a desirable result.
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