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  1. I know the feeling. I work in Oil, but do a semi-voluntary role in a patient facing position in mental health for the NHS. It's nice to feel one is doing something actually useful, or at least trying to (the patients are usually very unwell, so its an uphill struggle). A handy side effect is that I'm getting my second dose of the Pfizer vac next week. Minor side effects to the first one. Felt a bit grim for a day or so.
  2. I was tempted as well. If there was enough people for a group buy, then you can get 10 of them @$1000 each.
  3. That! They do complain when there is clear price gouging. For example, the government introduced a law banning the use of bots to buy tickets in 2018 precisely to stop the dodgy secondary market in gig tickets. AS I had said earlier, there is nothing wrong with the price moving over time, that is supply and demand. It is another matter for someone to buy solely with the purpose of reselling. That is not what's happening here (As far as i know), but it does happen on ebay.
  4. It's off topic, so why not discuss it. Are you saying that people should not be free to have opinions about how the market operates? We could actually do a bit of thinking and maybe even learn something from one another. For what it's worth, I'd distinguish (ethically) between someone buying the Niche with a view to selling it on to make profit and someone who is a genuine user who comes to sell it on and discovers that the price has gone up. I must admit, I have thought that if I was going to upgrade from my Niche, now is a good time as it commands a decent 2nd hand value at the moment.
  5. Also looking forward to Ashlee's roasts in the next delivery. Also last October's LSOL was from Steampunk in Berwick which was started by a woman and has a roasting team of 2 women. That was a much loved month too, so they are doing something very right up there.
  6. Interested to hear how you get on. I'm using 18g VST. I might try to dose a bit lower for this afternoon's exxprexso.
  7. I am doing roughly the same timings 18->36 in 45 or so....mostly at 6bar for the duration. I found that at 95C I was losing a bit too much of the fruit. At 93C it is juicier - possibly at the lower limit of what I would like, but the gains in fruitiness are evident. Of course all that depends on many factors, but what I'm saying is that edging towards lower extraction than I'd normally go for really enhances flavours.
  8. If they are offering 40% off a dual boiler, you probably can't go wrong. Most people like them, but if you don't, you can flog it for more than you get it for. Of course you need a grinder, but that doesn't make it a hobby.
  9. Yeah, the woolly headed drummer (shaved head these days) is Seb Rochford. He has played with everyone. In fact Brian Eno played on one of his albums (probably in return for him playing on a Brian Eno/David Byrne album). Chewbacca is actually Shebaka 😆 Hutchings who is probably the darling of British Jazz at the moment. He has become too big for us these days, playing the Barbican and that sort of place, although he did play with us in a benefit for a legendary South African drummer last year.
  10. Ex drummer, eh? That explains a lot!! So am I by the way. Gave up playing as I was really crap. Still involved a bit in music though chairing a venue in London. This was recorded at our place. Amazing drummers!
  11. That's very cool. I had to look up how that was done. The answer is here https://misspentsummers.com/golden-brown-by-dave-brubeck-toot/
  12. Maybe a bit lesser known, but one of the finest English guitarists, if not guitarists period, in my opinion. Not known for slide guitar, but as you can see, he knows what he is doing. He talks a bit at first (always...about30% of his gigs are tuning up as he is a perfectionist and telling stories).
  13. Since many people think that they don't like jazz, you might need to give this a chance The best about this stuff is the musicians are astonishing and you get to sit within about 3 meters of them. The real deal!
  14. Actually with some simple algebra, you can improve on this. Take out the common factor, Zero you get, Zero x (Niche+Osmio+MaraX) = Zero, which is a considerable saving I'll get my coat.
  15. It is important to learn to walk before you run. A Niche Zero, Osmio Zero and MaraX Zero will cover many of your needs.
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