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  1. If they are offering 40% off a dual boiler, you probably can't go wrong. Most people like them, but if you don't, you can flog it for more than you get it for. Of course you need a grinder, but that doesn't make it a hobby.
  2. Yeah, the woolly headed drummer (shaved head these days) is Seb Rochford. He has played with everyone. In fact Brian Eno played on one of his albums (probably in return for him playing on a Brian Eno/David Byrne album). Chewbacca is actually Shebaka 😆 Hutchings who is probably the darling of British Jazz at the moment. He has become too big for us these days, playing the Barbican and that sort of place, although he did play with us in a benefit for a legendary South African drummer last year.
  3. Ex drummer, eh? That explains a lot!! So am I by the way. Gave up playing as I was really crap. Still involved a bit in music though chairing a venue in London. This was recorded at our place. Amazing drummers!
  4. That's very cool. I had to look up how that was done. The answer is here https://misspentsummers.com/golden-brown-by-dave-brubeck-toot/
  5. Maybe a bit lesser known, but one of the finest English guitarists, if not guitarists period, in my opinion. Not known for slide guitar, but as you can see, he knows what he is doing. He talks a bit at first (always...about30% of his gigs are tuning up as he is a perfectionist and telling stories).
  6. Since many people think that they don't like jazz, you might need to give this a chance The best about this stuff is the musicians are astonishing and you get to sit within about 3 meters of them. The real deal!
  7. Actually with some simple algebra, you can improve on this. Take out the common factor, Zero you get, Zero x (Niche+Osmio+MaraX) = Zero, which is a considerable saving I'll get my coat.
  8. It is important to learn to walk before you run. A Niche Zero, Osmio Zero and MaraX Zero will cover many of your needs.
  9. An absolute belter this one. I didn't guess, but I'm 100% sure I'd have got it right if I did 🤥. I only did my first espresso with it yesterday. Low pressure extraction (Lazy Sage DB method...i.e just stay in preinfuse, rises to 5 bar and drops back to about 3.5). Really lovely.
  10. North Star is this months LSOL (although LSOL is no longer allowed on this site since the rules changed - but I'm given to believe that it will be back elsewhere). I tried it today for the first time in a V60. Not yet dialled in properly, but really tasty, and as others have said, it improves as it cools. Pineapple is noticeable. Some say a bit like Unkle Funka - I don't see that admittedly. You should enjoy your visit.
  11. DaveC reviewed JX and JX-Pro (the latter being better for espresso). https://www.bellabarista.co.uk/news/review---1zpresso-jx-and-jx-pro-hand-grinders.html With a crappy hand grinder, then grinding fine for espresso is a bit of hard work, but it's easy enough with this machine. Quite a few people like it as it's a bit cathartic. I think interest in hand grinding diminishes rapidly with age, though I'm not exactly in the first flush of youth. Arguably, this gives better results than a mignon. But, horses for courses. I have a Niche as well, but still use the hand grinder for V60 dai
  12. Are you thinking about a hand grinder. I have a 1espresso JX-Pro. You can import them for about £150 incl all taxes (and delivery is quick). They are good quality. You grind on demand, so no coffee wastage. Takes about 30-50secs of grinding so is a mini workout and they are small enough to throw at the kids in an emergency!
  13. There is another interpretation of the word mock , 'to make a replica of something', which I think is more relevant to many mockumentaries (certainly the classic Spinal Tap). I don't know they one you folk are on about...but I'm certainly going to add it to my watch list.
  14. Returning to Hanworth, I would agree that it is not funny. It's not the slightest bit funny, especially for the women involved. Speaking as an apprentice old git myself, there is a tendency for older people, and really I mean males in particular, to overvalue their contribution. I can understand this to some extent. Many have spend years building up an expertise in some more or less obscure topic to a point where they are an authority. What seems to happen then is they fail to see that even as they were growing, they were becoming ossified. Their views become static, whereas the world continue
  15. Still really enjoying this one. It took me a while to dial it in correctly. It completely threw me in the wrong direction in fact because there is a 'mid-point' where it is not great - lots of marmite. Going coarse was ok, but grinding fine hit the spot. On the days when I take my time and get the V60 right, this is just great. Still holding off on the Feb offering....
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