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  1. Ok great - message me with when you are able to collect. Cash please, collection from London NW2. Cheers!
  2. No worries - if we had a trip North planned for any time soon I'd have been happy to arrange something, but it might be two or three months before we make it next
  3. Hmm. Thanks for the interest, but I'm pretty sure that's not going to work - I don't have the original box, nor really to sort out buying materials, researching who to send it with... Thanks anyway though
  4. Apologies - it is a naked and a *SINGLE* portafilter. I only ever used the naked so forgot that the other was a single when I wrote the listing.
  5. For sale is my Bezzera Strega lever espresso machine. Excellent condition with the odd very faint scuff mark to the chrome if you look hard, perfect working order. Bought new from Bella Barista in August 2015. I have only ever used Everpure filtration system treated water with the machine. Supplied with Bezzera naked and double portafilters, and associated baskets (not pictured). I think I also have all the paperwork (somewhere) that came with the machine. This is the reservoir version For those who might not realise, the Strega isn’t like any other lever machine. The
  6. Easily missed was the presence of an actual in-the-flesh Decent Espresso machine. The guys using it (Assembly) seemed really happy with it, and the shot I had from it, a Colombia Geisha, was the best I had from the whole festival. Read into that what you will. Coffee geeks will love the machine, but in person it looks as semi-pro as in the pics I'd seen, whereas hands on with a Linea Mini the build quality was just fantastic, which made me rethink my attitude to that machine.
  7. Ok, that's good to know, especially as the Strega is your reference point.
  8. As does the Londinium L1... I do wonder if this will lead to incredible electricity bills...Reiss assures me not, but physics would seem to indicate otherwise...
  9. The Strega is an interesting machine - not purist enough for many, but interesting none the less. I've had mine a few years and have learnt to make very tasty shots with it (to be fair, it wasn't hard). If you want a machine to "play" with it has some aspects others do not - if you're so inclined you could do a 100% pump shot, or anything in between. I suspect if I could have bought a plumbed in machine I'd be keeping it, but using a reservoir, given we also make a lot of teas, is annoying, so I'm looking for the next lever...
  10. Sorry yes, I think the dual fuel looks to have a different group, I had missed that
  11. Reiss really doesn't help with the nomenclature The L1 (as of now) has a 7L boiler and is a mains-connected machine https://londiniumespresso.com/specifications/espresso-machine-specifications The Fracino retro is a current model commercial machine, with the same group (seemingly - it's hard to imagine it is any different), at 1100 GBP less than the L1 https://www.cs-catering-equipment.co.uk/fracino-retro-fcl1-one-group-semi-auto-coffee-machine
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