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  1. Strangely enough tripleshot, because I have a benign tremor in my arm, I can't hold the jug suspended, so I use your technique. I rest the jug on the smaller grid that comes with the Profitec and position the wand just on the surface of the milk. I get good silky foam, so that's not a problem. Perhaps I should tolerate the slightly long steaming time. But on balance, I think I'll try the 4-hole option. Is there such a thing as a 3-holer?
  2. Thanks for all the advice. I have a 2-hole tip. I always purge the wand well before steaming. I purged before steaming this morning, waited for the pressure to stabilise at 1.9 bar and then steamed 200cc of milk at 10c: The pressure immediately dropped to 1.4 bar and stayed in that region throughout. It took 35 seconds to reach 60c, by which time the temperature had dropped to 126. It took 45 seconds for the pressure to gradually recover to 1.9 bar . I upgraded from an ECM Barista, where the steam pressure never went above 1.5 bar and which took about the same time to reach the c
  3. Well done! After many years, I have perfected the Great White Blob of Latte art!
  4. Sorry, my error, it's 2 bar, not 3. The pressure rises back to 2 bar after 10 seconds when the wand is shut off. It just doesn't seem to be a very powerful burst of steam for a dedicated steam boiler...
  5. I've got the flow control on my Profitec 700. The main gauge shows 9 bar, but the flow control gauge never exceeds 8 bar. is that normal? Can you tell me what is the standard flow on a dual boiler machine with rotary pump? Is a gradual ramp-down the basic technique that works best? Thanks for any advice you can offer.
  6. I've got a recent (Jun 2020) Profitec 700. When warming up, The steam temperature gets to 133, the pressure to 3 Bar. As soon as the wand is opened, the pressure drops immediately to 2 Bar. The temperature drops to 120 after 20 seconds. It takes over 30 seconds to steam the milk to the right temperature. Isn't this rather slow for a dual boiler machine? Or am I being picky?
  7. I've had my Niche Zero for two years now and it's never given me any problems. I am always amazed at how little is retained in the grinding chamber after many months of use. However, grounds from oily beans do tend to stick in the chute at times. That is inevitable, I think. But anything that is retained can be easily dislodged by gently rocking the grinder (and I mean gently) back and forth a couple of times. I don't find that there is any retention inside the chamber itself as a previous post remarked.
  8. Great! Please PM me to arrange payment/Delivery/collection
  9. I think the photos have uploaded correctly now.
  10. Yes, it is as described, but hold back until I can upload photos which will verify what I am claiming. I'll edit the post and load some photos of the actual item. Thanks.
  11. Please see my answer to Timpo. I have had a lot of difficulty uploading the files and I don't know why the system converted my photos to links. I'll try again!
  12. Hello. Thanks for your interest. I did upload photos and they appeared in the draft. Somehow, they must have disappeared when the item was posted. I will try uploading them again.
  13. I am selling a Eureka Mignon Specialita coffee grinder in gloss black, with Chrome chute and touch screen display. This small prosumer coffee grinder has an stepless adjustable grind range suitable for French Press, espresso and even Turkish coffee. Grind duration can be timed or manual. If you own a coffee machine with a portafilter, you can take advantage of the hands-free holder. The large capacity (300g) hopper is ideal for those users who have a large throughput of coffees every day. The grinder is suitable for light commercial applications (eg, a small café) as well as domestic users who
  14. Hello, everyone. Please note that this is no longer for sale. Thanks.
  15. Thanks for your interest nordberg. I hope you find something to your liking. Best wishes.
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