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  1. Bit late to the party, but heres my take on it. I bought a stainless steel 1kg. Paint has started to chip off from inside. This occurred when i cleaned it. Put me right off, haven’t used it since. Does anyone know if its still safe to use?
  2. 👆great advice. You might have to descale more than once. let us know how you get on.
  3. Whats your cleaning routine like? Do you descale? What products do you use to descale? A bit more information please.
  4. Hi and welcome. Are you familiar with the wdt method? Basically mixing up the grounds to get rid of clumps and to reduce air pockets. Also you can use your finger to flatten out the dune before you tamp. Hope that helps, good luck
  5. @General-S-1 Sage Barista express
  6. I am also after a spare/emergency hand grinder. For espresso mainly but would like to try pour over. What method will you be using?
  7. Hi and welcome to the forum. I have a barista express and am very happy with it. 1. Filters are not a problem, you can buy original from sage and also generic. 2. I use tapwater, as long as you decale and backflush regularly, i dont see a problem with your water choice. 3. I only take filter out when i descale. 4. Not sure on warranty. Have a look at Lakeland, used to be 3 year warranty. 5. How much is a new barista express now? £500 or thereabouts? Also there is a new version barista pro for similar money. Buy new if buying a sage seems to be good advice. With a £500 budget, if you go down the used/second hand route, you can get a separate grinder and machine. Eureka mignon, gaggia classic pimped. Be aware of upgraditis. Keep an eye on the classifieds. Good luck
  8. Had a busy few weeks, and unfortunately ran out of beans. Luckily there are quite a few coffee roasters in brum. First stop was Ngopi, was closed 😔. Managed to get to Waylands Yard, bull street. Picked up a bag of Brazilian Rancho Dantas, roasted a month ago. Was actually pleasantly surprised. Managed to get some good shots. 👍
  9. Thanks @BlackCatCoffee. The Daterra looks lovely. Will definitely be ordering some soon. 👍
  10. Wow, just wow. Capitalism in all its glory.
  11. I used to love costa, starbucks and greggs. Now I wouldn’t even have one for free. Im getting better coffee for a fraction of the price. Yes the initial outlay on machine and grinder is, could be high, but long term it really pays for itself.
  12. Coffee by the casuals 👍 Just received my second bag of Bom Jesus.
  13. A few options are available. I have an airscape, bit pricey but quite popular on this forum. You could also try splitting your bag and freezing half for a few weeks.
  14. 🤔 blue top for me. Cannot stand semi skimmed. Has anyone tried goats milk? Or even camel milk? Condensed? In their coffees? i am going to try some double cream when i get the chance.
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