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  1. A few options are available. I have an airscape, bit pricey but quite popular on this forum. You could also try splitting your bag and freezing half for a few weeks.
  2. 🤔 blue top for me. Cannot stand semi skimmed. Has anyone tried goats milk? Or even camel milk? Condensed? In their coffees? i am going to try some double cream when i get the chance.
  3. Would love to try something like this, but am still a relative newbie and am very happy with my sub£30 kgs. Im worried if i try something like this it will ruin my normal coffees. Does that make sense?
  4. Just got my first order in. Coffee for Palestine. Thanks guys, what a great idea. Cant wait. 👍
  5. Hi guys, how often should i backflush my sage be. I use tapwater and am based in Birmingham so dont know water hardness level. Also backflush with just water or use a tablet? Thanks
  6. Have been meaning to try this. Thanks for the reminder 👍
  7. I meant sage grinder. So many grinders out there, mazzers, eureka mignon, niche, solo. All depends on budget and your personal taste. Bambino is a good entry level machine. If you fancy it than go for it.
  8. If you can afford it, go for separate machine/grinder combo. Sage is good, but there are better choices out there, especially if you go down the used route. It is well worth stretching your budget now, rather than upgraditis, which can and does occur, sometimes straightaway.
  9. Hi @nanz welcome to the forum. You dont mention your budget? Do you have a grinder? This may be the most important piece of your new setup. Scales are also very important but can be bought cheap. Tamper as well. I had a similar journey like yourself. Delonghi 4200 to sage barista express. Whilst i love my sage be, im also looking to upgrade to marax and a separate grinder. It all depends on your budget. Good luck and keep us posted. 👍
  10. First time order from crankhouse 🤞
  11. I had a delonghi 4200 before my sage barista express. If your friend doesnt want any faffing about, than recommend him a pod machine. While the quality wont be as good, it will be consistent. i really enjoyed my coffees from my delonghi, but it still requires some effort to get better quality results. The barista express produces even better results. The only thing holding me back from upgrading again is adequate funds 😞. Bloody covid lockdown has sent prices through the roof. Pod machines can be had for under £100. good luck and keep us posted 👍
  12. Welcome to the forum and thanks for the discount. I also thank you for having your tasting notes on display which saves time 👍🏽 I wish other roasters did this.
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