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  1. +1 for melitta theres a review from @DavecUK I think
  2. @fly3k if you need any help with tasting, 😉
  3. General-S-1


    Very happy with my airscape, bought the large 1kg version. Maybe should have purchased two 500 gram instead. Im sure there is a discount code for bella barista floating about somewhere.
  4. Thank you, really enjoyed my first order, will definitely be taking advantage of the 15% code, and the 500 grams is ideal. Are you going to have any more sumatran? Or monsoon malabar type? Thanks again
  5. Thanks for all the additional info and advice. Can now feel extra smug when drinking my coffee. Saving the planet, 1 cappuccino at a time 😇
  6. Have we got many composters on this forum? Or do I have to find a composting forum? I am concerned my compost is going to be mainly coffee, followed closely by loo rolls, then grass and finally fruit and veg peels.
  7. Hi guys, bit late to the party but here goes. I have just purchased a compost bin because I am tired of throwing away my coffee pucks. Just seems like a waste. What if any other uses do we have for used coffee pucks? Thanks in advance
  8. Kilo of Dr Strangelove, ordered on 31/07 but roasted on 22/07.
  9. Just recieved kg dr strangelove, ordered on 31/07. Roasted 22/07. Bit disappointed with that. Is this normal with Extract Roasters?
  10. Just ordered kilo of Dr Stranglove. £18.13 kg, bargain. Also free delivery. 👍👍
  11. @Black Cat Coffee I was disappointed it sold out, will definitely be buying a kilo when its back in stock. 🤞
  12. General-S-1

    UK Based Roasters

    Great work, thanks to everyone who has contributed. There has to be more than one roaster in Or around Birmingham.
  13. Really enjoyed the Indonesia Gilling Basah. Now onto the Honduras
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