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  1. Hi there, The Gaggia Classic comes highly recommended and i also suggest going to the peak of your budget so not to go for a cheaper Gaggia that isn't as good. They usually go for between £80 and £120 on ebay including p&p. Or you could be as lucky as Michael (Fun In A Cup) and get one for £65 inc p&p so keep your eye out. Best to get started on and as you say it can have the steam mod done at a later date. Results are consistent with this machine as well and its sturdy and easy to maintain. Best grinders on the market for much cheapness are the Hario Ceramic Slim hand burr grinder (£30ish) or the DeLonghi KG49 electric bean blitzer which is great and goes way fine enough for espresso machines for the house (30ish). Good luck and any probs feel free to ask. Dave
  2. Hi there, I used to run a coffee van in Glasgow. It is the cheapest and best profit making business you can go for but its worth putting the money in to get you started. I had a basic set up but it still cost me a good few grand. Suzuki Carry 1.3 - £2000 2grp Fracino, Duel Fuel - £1800 VFA Grinder - £250 Leisure battery - £100 3Kw Inverter - £300 Gas Bottle - £55 to buy then £30 each time you swap Water Tank - £50 Thats just the coffee set up. Obviously you will have the costs of all the little bits and bobs that go with it. I ran my machine on a non-return valve in the water tank and had the leisure battery hard wired to the mains battery of the van which charged it every time the engine was running. If you need any advice or help with bits then let me know. All the best Dave
  3. Hi Mazza, I can send you a picture of a red body i have to be rebuilt when i'm back at work on tuesday if you like to see if its a similar red. If you give me your e-mail address i will fire it over to you. All the best Dave
  4. Hi there, I would be inclined to agree with all of the above and am also going to recommend as a (within budget) machine, the top end Delonghi b2c machine. If you check it out on their website it will give you all the spec. It has been massively popular in small offices and staff rooms etc for ease of use and as a quality piece of equipment. They are mega easy to maintain and not expensive to repair if any problems occur. I think the model is the Primadonna and if you shop around and read the reviews you will see it is highly liked and you could prob get it for about the £1000 mark. All the best Dave
  5. Not a bad price. Its defo a new group which means its a post millenium model so half price of a new one isn't bad. The eagle would have been bought separately though as its just the one that sits on top of the boiler cap. The proper La pavoni with the domed top and eagle is the Romantica. Looks a lot smarter than the one in this auction. Dave
  6. Hey there, A couple more for the list are, Coffee, Chocolate & Tea in Glasgow which ismy favourite at the mo and also Artisan Roast in Glasgow and Edinburgh. Please enjoy. Dave
  7. Yeah i usually just get a long flat headed screwdriver and put it under one edge of the block and lever it out. Even the most stubborn of blocks will come out this way. Also i always use steel wool pads to scrub the barnacles from the block and inner head which works a treat. Any other issues let me know buddy. Dave
  8. Ha ha each to there own and all that!! I just got my gloss black and titanium back today so am doing a picture diary of the refurb for my website and will get it on here when its complete. Just waiting on my supply of silvia steam arms and we're good. Am sure you will love them ha ha! Dave
  9. I too am an adonis and like to stay hydrated. I always have water to hand but just as close is my espresso. There is always a 2 grp Gaggia Deco fired up in the showroom at work and as soon as i get home i switch the Classic on. Still i stick within the 2 - 4 range so not to dehydrate too much. Check me out at http://www.justgiving.com/davidmartinc4c to see what i do. I love doing this almost as much as drinking fresh espresso. Dave
  10. Ha you know it. Think it will be in either gloss black or a gunmetal/titanium look whick may be smart! Boooooo! to PaulN. Gold is so seventies and eighties and stainless is just getting boring now. Ascaso have the right idea with the mass of different colours available in the Dream model so i am doing the same for the Classics. Put a few out now in pillar box red, gloss black, titanium, cream, baby blue and will be doing one soon in canary yellow. Will fire some pics of them soon. Dave.
  11. Thanks guys, i spoke to one of my local roasters today and they are keeping me back a Hario Slim until tomorrow. I will go with that but am keen to try the Porlex as well so will probably end up with that as well. Dave
  12. Always, the basis for a cafe that is going to work is that it has to be in a good central location with a strong foot fold. You could put thousands into a cafe to make it look awsome and have the best coffee and best barista trained staff but if your in the wrong place which can be just a few feet from the main hustle and bustle, it just wont work! I don't know how many cafes we have opened for customers only to be closed down or changed into something else within the 1st year and all because they were in the wrong location. Also the style of cafe to the surroundings can be crucial also. Good luck. Dave
  13. Hi folks, I always loved my old Spong No.1 until it died late last year. I was tempted to buy another but felt i should try my hand with something different. I would like to stay with the mill concept as i enjoy the full effort of weekend coffee making. I have my eye on the Hario Slim Mini but would like any advice, experience, general comments to help aid in my decision. (Maybe). Dave
  14. lol, can relate to the Thomas and Friends but thankfully coming away from that stage now. Onto Ben10. Can't beat the relaxed weekend coffee making. Utter bliss.
  15. Hey Michael, Don't have a grinder in the house at the moment. I used to use a 50's Spong No.1 which was awsome but came to its end. I will probably get one of the Hario range of mill grinders as its just me drinking coffee in the house so not grinding masses. Might use one of the wee DeLonghi KG49 models from the work as they are pretty awsome for the money. Open to suggestions though!!
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