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  1. Ok, so Final LSOL Drum roll ever (here) Coffee was: Rwanda Cyato Anaerobic Natural Location: Nyamasheke District, Western Rwanda Altitude: 2,200 metres Preparation: Natural Varietal: Red Bourbon CoffeeFlavours: Pomegranate | Date | Strawberry This is one of the most interesting coffees we have ever had the pleasure of purchasing. It has a funky character typical of many natural processed coffees but there is clarity to this cup too making it super complex. On the dry there are distinct florals with aromas of blueberry and black grape. On the palate, we find
  2. Happy to do my final reveal (for here) whenever people want, let me know
  3. So if you take the "mock" away does it become watchable? I can quote similar experience based on living in the UK's longest terraced road in the depths of Dover for 15 years, being part of the community including the local "hub" (community pub) and having long term unemployed friends who were victims of the mines closing and the demise of the ferry industry. There are very similar stories and you can identify with the characters you are just not in the middle of the countryside. I know none of the people there would have felt uncomfortable watching this programme.
  4. I find the kind of people who do not like them and cannot see the humor believe they are in a higher social class OR believe they are in a lower social class when they are not. You could write the same show based in many different places wherever there is social deprivation and just change the background setting without changing the content too much.
  5. You know it was written by people who are 100% from the "social class" featured. Daisy May and her brother wrote it based on their life experiences and they were quite bleak including evictions when they were kids because their parents could not afford the rent.
  6. Other thread is distracting from the actual bean discussion, please use this one for guesses and taste discussions
  7. Did not see this thread until another thread referenced it. I use the recipe from "The Silver Spoon" which is (apparently, legend would have it) the book that all Italian wives receive from the MIL as a wedding present - Always works well for me
  8. Hairy_Hogg

    Damaged bag

    Taste them, if they taste as expected why eat into their small margin? If you think they are not as expected ask for the replacement.
  9. I cannot find the funnies thread but this one is worth its own... https://youtu.be/lgGmYeAm0jk
  10. Sorry, it was not a filter it was a V60 with steeper sides I think designed by a Japanese champion barista
  11. I am happy to offer £50 based on the fact I really don't need this and it would just go in my home office for when I cannot get to the kitchen to make a filter coffee. Appreciate it is very low and happy for the offer to be ignored for as long as you want
  12. What was the 'slower' V60 called?
  13. According to the posting thread [email protected] shorock has had some delivered
  14. As this is not a modern machine can anyone link to specs and size in anticipation of this potentially being listed
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