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  1. I changed my ratio a tad and have been having lovely Kalita brews from 15g beans to 235g of water instead of 250, delicious. Reveal coming mid next week and then next months guest roaster thread goes up so let's here any last guesses or tasting notes! Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
  2. So, after receiving my cycle to work voucher this week I picked up my new bike last night After a lot of reading reviews and talking to a few local bike shops I plumped for the £399 Riverside 900 which seems to be very well regarded and I cannot see a whole lot of difference for the amount of use I will give it between this and £700 - £1000 bikes Only had a quick "round the block" 2k on it between work calls this morning but will be having a longer go on it tomorrow. Very happy with this and it is so much better than my old MTB
  3. https://www.kruveinc.com/products/brewler?utm_source=Facebook&utm_campaign=Brewler This came up in FB so I had a quick look, not available yet and the price is in $ but could be a cheaper option to discuss grind size Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
  4. That was a one off long extraction as the beans from frozen took longer to get to my desired output weight compared to non frozen beans.
  5. There are probably hundreds of threads asking the same question but.... So, my Sage DTP is not the best machine, I enjoyed it as an upgrade from the Gaggia but it is not really (in my experience) always producing repeatable shots. For ages 90% of my coffee consumption was filter but I do enjoy espresso and I would say that I am now a 70% filter man. I only drink black coffee so the ability to steam milk is not the selling point for me, I make my wife 1-2 latte's a week but that is it. For me the main thing is good temp stability and repeatable performance. I believe I have good workf
  6. Just pulled some of these out the freezer, still a banging coffee and if anything has got better from freezing,
  7. I had a lovely espresso of these straight from the freezer - I had some beans left from the LSOL roast sample, really long extraction (50s on my sage) but super sweet and tasty. V60's are coming in at around 3.20 - cannot comment on tasting notes. Ice coffee made from these really is good as well - try the Workshop or Hoffman method.
  8. Will take a box of the BWT filters please ETA: At the asking price of £12 posted
  9. This sounds like it would be interesting to certain people in this thread - https://www.crankhousecoffee.co.uk/products/santa-petrona-pacamara Also, did anyone try these when barrel aged beans when they were 30% off last week - https://www.crafthousecoffee.co.uk/collections/coffee/products/mexico-guada-lupe-zaju If I did not have around 5k of beans in my freezer, a kilo turning up tomorrow and some LSOL roaster samples coming I would be all over these
  10. LOL at anyone who disagrees [email protected] (Mark) head over to the Brewed sub forum and see who puts the most effort into sorting peoples 'brewed' coffee out. Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
  11. I am having a problem, after the last issue was fixed I can get into say BEANS but then when I click LSOL subforum the list if topics does not come up, just sits there trying to sync
  12. So, new quarter means 3 new roasters and the first of them will be Black Cat Coffee. David from @BlackCatCoffee is extremely active on the forum giving out great advice as well as selling great coffee. The thread dedicated to his coffee is full of plaudits and I have even gone so far as buying some outside of my LSOL sub to try them and was duly impressed (The Pineapple Candy and the Rwandan Peaberry). Black Cat are also a Forum sponsor however that has no bearing on my choice to use them, this is all about their quality! David has sourced us an exclusive bean that is not generally a
  13. So, also interesting to see if any of you noticed the theme for this Q. All the roasters began with the letter C
  14. So peeps, time for the reveal. This was one LSOL I had to buy blind as there was no time to sort out a sample. I made contact with Gareth from Carvetti and after a discussion settled on the micro lot, we had to go on the buyers cupping notes which were as follows: Cupping notes from this morning: Rose, lime and pineapple on a roast with less time between colour change and drop and a shorter first crack but higher end temperature Brighter, dessert wine, ripe strawberry, papaya on a longer colour change to drop and lower end temperature. So, what was the coffee 😀 -
  15. £21 on Amazon at the moment comes from China but at least you get the Amazon fall back if it is not great (although reviews seem OK)
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