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  1. Congrats Wouldn’t be my choice by everyone has different priorities which makes this game so fascinating. The one thing that turned me off of the Bianca was it’s usp /strength. If I managed to produced a God Shot via the paddle what are the chances of me repeating that for the next shot! That’s why the Vesuvius was better for me but that’s jut me. The Bianca has great feedback & reviews . I’m sure you’ll be happy
  2. 😳 I’m going to avoid extreme or incorrect angles at all costs then!
  3. @dfk41 It does use more but mine is plumbed in and supplied via a Flojet/ 25l container. When that gets low just top it up. Probably went through 35l on 2 machines which is more than when the Decent was one of them. Also supplies the pitcher rinser though so tricky to judge by how much. At home, I use just the tank so will be easier to compare
  4. Evo had it’s first run out at the Market this weekend, over 300 coffees just on Sunday (between 2 machines). Worked a treat and very temp stable. Shots have great body and by using the gauge to pull the shot very consistent output. Means no scales ruined by always being wet. One thing I did change. Lifting the Evo from the floor to the counter at felt ok. Moving it 30m to the car and manoeuvring it was almost impossible. The weight in the back of the machine is 8kg which makes it very back heavy when carrying. It can be simply unscrewed so for Sunday ran it without the weight. No semblance of trying to tip so whilst it is belt and braces to include it I’m not sure it is needed so will continue without it. One small thing I noticed that I hadn’t before was the clock on the display. There is one - but only when the machine is off! Once turned on it not there which is when I would look at it! Overall a great performance and incredibly consistent. Uses a coarser grind which helps with the flavours. No buyers regret on this one 😀
  5. Thought for a minute you didn’t realise it was facing the wrong way but only making espressos explains it 😀
  6. Looking to plumb in the drip tray. There is a long black plastic rod screwed in the back of the tray. Any idea how to disassemble so a hose can be attached? @danielpugh @pinky - UPDATE Sorted - it’s a simple compression fitting - doh!
  7. Initially I was the same but get the 2 screws in loosely, either top or bottom, and the give it a gentle ‘thump’ and it goes into position. Taken the side off a number of times now and this approach seems to work
  8. @Elephantoplasty Just done a bit of measuring using various B numbers for the brew boiler At Idle (Target 100c) B=5 (default) Cycle time 4:45 Max overshoot 101.7 B=30. Cycle time 2:35. Max overshoot 100.9 B=50. Cycle time 2:00. Max overshoot 100.6 After flushing to bring temp down (temp went to 85c before heater kicked in) B=5 (default) Cycle time 13:00 Max overshoot 105.0 B=30. Cycle time 9:00 Max overshoot 103.0 B=50. Cycle time 5:00 Max overshoot 101.0 So changing B to a higher number reduces overshoot, especially after flushing / shot but at the expense of a quicker cycle time at idle. There may be other parameters you could change but I just focussed on B as another user had tried the other ones If you tried the same on your machine would be interesting to see if its the same
  9. @Elephantoplasty another owner, @rusty pie, had the same issue of temperature overshoot. For him it was almost 4c over before gradually returning. I believe after fiddling with the PID settings, he found that changing either the P,I or D had minimal effect but when he changed the B value from 5 to 50 it solved the problem. Not everyone seems to have this issue so there is no consensus but you could just change it back to default if you change your mind. I know B is meant to be the temp range where it acts as a PID, outside its on/off. I am assuming the 5 represents temperature but not sure as some felt is was a factor or bias. Might help. Only seems to be on the brew boiler
  10. Every Saturday, 8:30-14:00. Only just got the Evo so going to need some time with it first, but out the box didn’t take long to produce some great shots. Once you get your grind and prep right, it’s very consistent
  11. The stop at 6 bar works really well. The cup clearance with a scale is quite low but it doesn’t matter as like everyone else I’ll be using the gauge to pull the shot. Is also giving me 43-45g
  12. Did a few preliminary tests between the Evo and Vesuvius, trying to match the profiles / shot time and output. Put 20g in an IMS 32 basket, target 44g out. Dialled to take 40 seconds. I suspected that the deeper bed depth would play a significant part and it turned out that way. Initially, replicated the timing and pressure shown on the gauge on the V program. This ran way too fast. Had to reduce the pressure at each of the steps to get close to 44g in 40 secs. Will try this on the Decent as I believe it will be the same i.e lower pressure profile to get the same ratio / timings as its also 58mm on the Decent. When I have put the same pressure profile on the V as the Decent, they ran almost the same. Flavour profile is excellent on the Evo with great body. This is with a medium, q10 days post roast. As an aside, was seeing the overshoot on the brew boiler that some have experienced previously. Changed the B value to 50 and it has solved this issue. I think the B number is not a straight temp translation but all I know is the changed made the machine act as I expected so happy now 😀
  13. similar to @dfk41. Once VAT paid I got a tracking notice saying it will be delivered by 4 Oct. This seems to be an “at the latest” date as it arrived one week earlier, yesterday. On the day received a text to say it would be delivered that day
  14. Wouldn’t wish that on anyone! Wife even tried to stop my attempts in the shower 😬
  15. @GrahamSPhillips no problem. FYI Saturday is Barnes Farmers Market SW13 9HG 8:30-14:00 Sunday is Stroud Green Farmers Market N4 3HB normally 10 - 14:30 but this Sunday is a Harvest Festival at Stroud, so ends later at 16:00. The last hour is best at both as it is much quieter then
  16. Tracking said by the 4th Oct. A text said it would be delivered today and it was
  17. @ZwiGGy I have a Decent 1.4 Pro, an original Londinium 1 and now, as of today, an Evo Leva. I am, from this weekend, going to replace the Decent with the Evo Leva at my Farmers Markets so if you’d like to see this, with the Vesuvius, you’re very welcome. If you come towards the end of the opening hours it will be quieter and there’d be more time to have a go. They are in Barnes and Stroud Green, both in London. I can pm you details if you want
  18. It’s now powering up as it should - impressive response time in dealing with this @DavecUK one @Paolo_Cortese thanks again
  19. Between Dave and Paolo it looks to be sorted - I hope. The wires on the temp sensor are quite short so the connect to another set via a plastic connector. This was disconnected. Just reconnected so will find out soon if the issues is sorted but I’m sure that it will be. Pretty rapid response so thanks - including those on the forum
  20. It’s set up correctly as 1 group. Paolo has already replied, suspecting a disconnected temp sensor. I emailed a photo showing the top of the service boiler but to me all connections appear connected. Haven’t followed the sensor wire to the other end of the wire as it means more disassembly so I’ll wait to see if that is needed when Paolo has had a chance to look at the photo
  21. Two issues so far. 1. No steam. Display showing the message AL02 2. No hot water. When I move the hot water tap toggle no water comes out Any ideas ? (Especially @DavecUK ) 😁
  22. The Evo has landed. Now got to inspect if any damage, but outside looks perfect, then get it set up. Have a Vesuvius so familiar with some aspects of it.
  23. I run the Mythos CP at Farmers Markets, for the Vesuvius and Decent. Would never use it as a single doser but used as intended, it produces perfect fluffy grind which tamps very evenly and a lovely taste in the cup. I do use the Niche but as a Decaf grinder. For me, the Mythos is streets ahead in the flavours I’m looking for. On the Decent, the profile looks totally different using the Mythos vs Niche, so the grind distribution is clearly affecting that. The flavour on the Niche is not muddy, but by comparison I can see why some say that. It’s one of the reasons I got an Ultra as I wouldn't consider single dosing a Mythos
  24. I’m only guessing but mine has the antenna on the right, Vesuvius water tap on the left as I needed the steam on the right. I have the std steam arm on my Vesuvius and believe the antenna will give more room for bigger pitchers. Although, having checked again maybe I had on my rose coloured specs!
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