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  1. @tonescout what batch sizes are you using?
  2. The lid from an Airscape container fits perfectly with a good seal. It’s also transparent so looks good. Only problem is you’re left with an Airscape with a lid missing but I’ve had mine for years and don’t really use them anymore.
  3. I sell my own beans plus sell hot coffee at Farmers Markets at the weekends. I was using the Niche as decaf with pre weighed tins, a Compak E10 on demand for the Vesuvius, a Auberin timed Mazzer Royal for the L1 plus another grinder (Macap Mx7) for bag grinding. Decaf was low volume so the Niche coped but at higher volumes pre weighed tins is essential. I now use an EK43 with the L1 plus for bagged grinding and Decaf. Pre weighing enough tins for the day takes 15 to 20 mins so it’s not too onerous. The Mazzer or Macap took over 100 seconds to grind a bag of 250g - the EK gets through it in about 10 seconds. You cannot obviously use the Niche for bagged coffee (1g per sec, 4 reloads of the hopper and getting into bag a problem.) Workflow with the EK, whilst slower than the E10, grinds quicker (1s vs 3.5s) so for the fact I’m now at 2 grinders instead of 4 plus the fast bag grinding it was an easy decision. Grind quality on the bagged grinding is better also. Re the first post, if you are not bag grinding, with just the one group and use pre weighed tins (essential) the Niche will keep up with your Espresso machines throughput. I would allow for a stir of the grinds when in the cup to avoid possible channeling but that only takes a second. Added benefit is its WAY easier to carry and move around!
  4. For your budget I’d go for the one @hasi mentioned, the Quest M3 (second hand). I use it as a sample roaster and its great for that. Easy to link to Artisan and a proper drum roaster, albeit smaller, with control over temperature and airflow. You can also easily hear first and second crack which can be a problem on the Gene. Roasts are very repeatable and once you get a profile that works for you is the same time after time. Batch sizes can be from 100g to 275g, (I’ve tried 300g ) but find 200g to 250g to be the sweet spot re even roast. Whatever your final choice enjoy the journey!
  5. Get one of these. Fits under the exit chute on the Dalian, put on the scale and pour the beans into your storage container. Quick and simple and works. For my 5kg I dump straight into a bucket but for my Dalian and Gene 1200 I use these. https://www.hasbean.co.uk/products/rattleware-1kg-scoop
  6. Great that you can produce light, medium and burnt roast levels all from the same batch.
  7. This is what I use all the time, lever profile, aim to stop shot at 44s but programmed for 52 seconds. No soggy pucks- dry as a bone.
  8. I did a bit of testing with a home made scace device as I wasn't sure either. Mine is set st 13c. At my room temp ambient turns out 13 is the right offset for my machine so I left as is. I use the temp sensor to indicate when the machine is up to temp and to check what it shows pre and during shot. This is because I use it at Farmer's Markets where ambient can vary more than in a kitchen. If it's say 2c lower than normal I change the brew temp up by 2 rather than mess with the offset as it will only a temporary change. Once the coffee is flying out I then change it back to 93
  9. Medium roast. 14s 2bar preinfusion. Lighter roasts I either increase PI to 3 bar or increase time and/or pressure depending on flow.
  10. Just seen the download file. Excellent work. On my profile I aim to end the shot at 44s but run the profile as 52s in case grind a bit tight and my output hasn't hit target (1:2) by then.
  11. This is the main reason I suggested the Meross as they are not bulky and you dont use the use of one socket.
  12. I’ll take it at asking. Can move to pm and we’ll sort out details
  13. Meross are similar to Wemo but cheaper and smaller so you can plug them next to each other. The Wemo is wider and can block the plug next to it. Both have apps so you can turn on an off remotely via 4g.
  14. A new Feld 47 takes 150 turns to grind 16g at espresso grind. The burrs are not seasoned yet and it is very very easy to turn, with little resistance. Hausgrind 60 turns but quite tough. Feld 1 110 turns and effort between the 2. Feld 47 is a chunkier version of the standard Feld but really nice to hold. The longer handle helps and I personally prefer the easier grinding at the expense of more turns as you can build up some fast rpms. Solid grinder
  15. A great day and congrats to @RobW on joining the lever club and to everyone involved in organising, setting up (and tidying up afterwards). A great effort
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