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  1. West London, Hanwell (near Ealing) . On Saturday I am at Barnes (near Hammersmith Bridge) and Sunday at Stroud Green (N4 near Finsbury Park) if these locations are more convenient
  2. I was guessing that at £1,500 for the lot (the burr carrier, alignment tool and would cost over £500 on their own) it would go quite quickly. If it’s still around in a week I will probably sell separately as the smaller items can be posted.
  3. I found the Tidaka dosing funnel to be the best. It sits on the basket not in it so leaves no imprint. You can also tamp with it in place although I use a levelling Tamper which rules that out. I have also used a Norvin one, Orphan Espresso plus a couple of others.
  4. Does the cone slide over the first 2 seals to enable it to slide off into the groove for the furthest one. Then repeat for middle one etc.. The photo looks like it won't slide over the seals but it's tricky to see in the photo and would have to be a snug fit to work easily.
  5. Single origin not a blend I assume 😀
  6. I am selling my EK43 which I recently bought on this forum (from Coffeechap) in March last year. It is Nov 2017 model with new coffee burrs. I subsequently bought a Titus aligned burr carrier and Titus alignment tool, direct from a Frank, which are also included. The standard burr carrier is also included plus an unused small hopper. Perfectly aligned - I’ve not needed any of the shims supplied with the tool - produces great shots, especially at longer ratios. Reason for the sale is I recently bought a Compak R120 and can’t justify having two grinders doing the same job. For more photos just search in the Sold section for the original ad. Due to its weight and size it is for collection only and it’s for sale at £1,500 which is what I paid but now includes a brand new Titus burr carrier and alignment tool and small hopper.
  7. If you do make more - or if someone drops out - add me to the list. Using Cafelat at the moment but if I go back to Londinium seals this will be a godsend
  8. I use 2 x 25 litre food grade plastic Jerry cans filled with bottled water with one for waste. This set up copes well with 175 to 200 cups in a 4 hour session although I do use two machines (L1 and Vesuvius). Should get next day delivery if yours don’t arrive in time.
  9. If you use a penny (or 5p) and ensure that it leaves an impression but not fully depressed you can visibly see how much headroom you’ve got. Will be about 1 mm as the depth of the coin is 1.65mm. 18g of a light roasted coffee will occupy less volume than 18g of a medium roast so the penny method will mean you fill the basket to the same height regardless of coffee roast. I do this every time I change to a different coffee to help with consistency
  10. A cool box for the milk plus a separate hot water urn as, depending on demand, using the espresso machine for hot water will compromise your steaming. The cad drawing looks good but if you want to avoid assembly / disassembly a collapsible / folding wooden table with cut outs for the pitcher rinser and knock box would be quicker. Your coffee bags / company logo could then be attached to the sides and front. Make sure you get the height right as if it’s too low your back won’t thank you after the third hour! Assuming your not offering a decaf but if you are the Niche is perfect for this task. Business cards to hand out also a good idea.
  11. https://www.amazon.co.uk/53mm-Coffee-Grinder-Dosing-Funnel/dp/B07SLYCCRR/ref=asc_df_B07SLYCCRR/?tag=googshopuk-21&linkCode=df0&hvadid=255739290604&hvpos=1o1&hvnetw=g&hvrand=14320148635734666767&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=t&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9045939&hvtargid=pla-844579464237&psc=1 This is a 53mm aluminium dosing ring and less than £8 which fits the portafilter. However, like all other solutions, including the 3D one, won’t fit with the portafilter when grinding. Would need to grind into a container then transfer using the ring separately.
  12. Stevebee

    Compak R120

    Picked up already dialled in for both my machines although it will be paired with the L1 and bag grinding. Reading the weight on the specs still doesnt prepare you for just how much heavier than an EK it feels. Getting a technique that works for me now though. Just got to decide whether to now sell the EK43 as both grinders are filling the same purpose now. Will give it a few weeks to decide but must admit am loving the flavour the R120 has produced so far. Different body and mouthfeel as the EK43 excelled at longer ratios. Thanks for Jacks help with everything and a pleasure to meet you
  13. Stevebee

    Compak R120

    Perfect practical help on using this grinder - appreciated
  14. Stevebee

    Compak R120

    I know, although the EK43 I have is no shrinking violet! The R120 is just significantly heavier but similar to the two espresso machines I load and unload each weekend. And the shape of grinders does make them easier to carry - hopefully!
  15. I’ve got both, picked up the Feld 47 direct from Peter at last years London Coffee Festival. Only use the 47 now. Excellent grind quality and very consistent re the settings. I prefer the feel in the hand as well. I think the burr wobble you mentioned was on some of the aergrind as they are push/ friction fit whereas the Felds are with a grub screw. Excellent build quality and when you factor in price... even better
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