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  1. Like buses. Hardly any mention of the Vostok1 through all 57 pages then 2 new users come on preferring the aesthetics to the Evo Leva.
  2. The depth of bed on these baskets is significantly higher than a 58mm for the same dose. Which, all things being equal, will mean grinding coarser for the same shot time. So on the 98mm HU you are not grinding as fine as on 58mm. How this affects fines / pour characteristics will be interesting to see. I think the basket shape is a major reason why these levers produced great shots and maybe shots at 11 bar will suit different burr sets than std baskets
  3. The Vostok is a 54mm group so the seal tool will be too wide to work. Unfortunately as I have one for my L1!
  4. I don’t get this either - almost childlike behaviour. I have an original L1 and an ACS Vesuvius and the customer service has been excellent on both with Paolo and Reiss going above and beyond.
  5. I wouldn't assume that any changes will be made for the 2nd batch. Those involved and also those that have received their machines had indicated that it's not an issue so unless Paolo confirms it I guess your one will be the same.
  6. It’s in both videos, more noticeable in your one though. The rest of the shot is perfectly still but the group (and handle) clearly move down on both the initial pull and when the lever is release. As I, and @Denis S said, I don’t think it matters tbh but it is there
  7. There appears to be more flex than I expected. I have a Vesuvius and an L1 and the Vesuvius case is a monster in comparison. Yet there is virtually zero flex on the L1, as can be seen in the countless naked shots. I’m guessing it doesn’t affect the shot, just one of the effects that happen. Doesn’t remotely look as though it has any chance of tipping so probably nothing to be concerned about.
  8. Have seen it mentioned that the cup height from the drip tray is very slightly less than the L1. Does anyone know the actual height, say from tray to bottom of the lever group. When I measure the Vesuvius it was 150mm, The L1 136mm
  9. Avoid this company at all costs. They show everything as in stock - none actually is. Give a 10% offer on the first order just to get you in. Then no replies to emails, save an automated response. No contact telephone number. Trustpilot reviews horrendous but correct. I used a credit card and will put this into dispute so will get the money back but if you are thinking of ordering, my advice would be don’t! Choose a company that actually have stock and delivers even if it appears slightly more expensive. It’s only cheaper if you get the goods.
  10. You were the Felicita v Acaia and it never say comfortably with me. I know the patent laws are flimsy but it felt you sailed very close to the wind. Ironically some of the ideas you had were welcomed by the Decent community so I wish you luck with your future endeavours
  11. Sounds like a 2 weetabix with a shredded wheat thrown in job! Worth the effort though
  12. Anyone know what the final weight ended up being with the counterbalance added. I’ve seen a figure of 35kg+ mentioned
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