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  1. I agree measurement error. Unless there’s a hole at the back of the roaster 😀Check the floor for a pile of roasted beans!
  2. Haven’t used the R58 but had a Vesuvius with stainless pipe work for over 2 years and has been superb. I tend to use 2 or 3 profiles that I’ve set up, that all mimic a lever, one for normal roast, a Decaf and one for experimenting. It does between 200 and 300 shots each weekend and produces great espresso and steam. Under the hood it is well engineered, gear pump etc.. with a very solid frame. Either second hand or when the forum specials come up they are excellent value. Was tempted to get another when one came up on the forum a few months ago but had a Decent already on order.
  3. I've got the base sizes, 58.35 and 58.5. At weekends I use the 58.35 as I didn't want risk any suction on puck, although the I haven't experienced any. Either work well in a Decent basket, havent tried the VST yet. The base I use is EU curve ripple as it seems to give even extraction. It is a joy to use. Tempted to get one for me as well!
  4. I use a Kafetek Levtamp in Wenge as it has a smooth action and obviously guarantees a level tamp. For the Markets I do I got the Force Tamper as I wanted to ensure that girls working with me applied the same pressure each time and was level. Plus there is no rsi issues as it needs a very light push before it ‘triggers’ If I was using just for home I’d stick with my Levtamp.
  5. Guy on the Decent forum has developed a version that uses over 50 fine needles and a good application system. Looks interesting and there was video of a number of naked shots showing the effects.
  6. Same dose, baskets (Decent) in both. I based the profile on LRv2 but tweaked it to match the one on the Vesuvius so I got the same output in the same time, and similar flows on both. I also matched a profile to the Londinium but the grind is 4 notched coarser on a Niche than my Vesuvius profile and my L1 doesn’t hit 9 bar it seems so it’s a totally different profile. The V profile is, ironically, a lever type - 14 secs PI, up to 9 the declining. If I switch from the Vesuvius to the L1 is when I’ll use that profile.
  7. We used to use the Vesuvius with a Londinium 1, so the L1 has been dropped and replaced by the Decent. We need two machines to cope with the volume, c250 coffees in 5 hours so one machine, in real terms, couldn’t cope. With the V and L1 we had to take 2 grinders, Mythos CP and Compak E10, as the grind was significantly different for each machine. Now, by mimicking the V profile on the Decent, I only need the one grinder. Definitely get the tray with scale underneath as stop by weight is fantastic. I’ve got Sheldons but Damian does a 3D one you can print both work the same way. For bag grinding
  8. My Decent made it's debut at Barnes Farmers Market. Profile used mimics the one on the Vesuvius perfectly so only need to take the one grinder, the Mythos CP. Stop at weight, milk steam time calculated stop time, plus produces great espresso, week 1 wad a success. Was using the plumbing kit and drain tray with a drip tray that acts as a scale.
  9. The Flat Max is made of Unobtainium though
  10. Looks like back to February now
  11. I’ve tried a number of chocolates ( at weekend Farmers Markets) , Zuma, Twinings etc. but the one with by far the best customer feedback has been the Cafe Direct San Christobal - we get in Waitrose. Use the same method as mentioned previously, heat a little milk in jug, add powder and mix. Then add rest of milk and steam. As long as you purge and clean like usual there is no issue. Without heating a little milk first the powder doesn’t incorporate as well and can get messy with chocolate solids still in jug which doesn’t happen if mixed in warm milk first.
  12. Had mine a couple of weeks now and it’s had 2 outings at the two Farmers Markets we do at the weekend. It’s paired with a Vesuvius and replaces the L1 I was using. Its ready in less than 5 mins from turning on and produces great espresso. I’ve set up a similar declining lever profile that I use on the Vesuvius. It is so similar I can use the same grind setting to get the same output in the same time so I only take the Mythos 1CP now. Ive got a drip tray made by one of the Decent users which is attached to a Bluetooth scale so the tray is effectively the weighing platform. Saves my L
  13. I think as a Mod he was probably trying to tidy up the For Sale section - I’m only guessing though.
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