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  1. It’s set up correctly as 1 group. Paolo has already replied, suspecting a disconnected temp sensor. I emailed a photo showing the top of the service boiler but to me all connections appear connected. Haven’t followed the sensor wire to the other end of the wire as it means more disassembly so I’ll wait to see if that is needed when Paolo has had a chance to look at the photo
  2. Two issues so far. 1. No steam. Display showing the message AL02 2. No hot water. When I move the hot water tap toggle no water comes out Any ideas ? (Especially @DavecUK ) 😁
  3. The Evo has landed. Now got to inspect if any damage, but outside looks perfect, then get it set up. Have a Vesuvius so familiar with some aspects of it.
  4. I run the Mythos CP at Farmers Markets, for the Vesuvius and Decent. Would never use it as a single doser but used as intended, it produces perfect fluffy grind which tamps very evenly and a lovely taste in the cup. I do use the Niche but as a Decaf grinder. For me, the Mythos is streets ahead in the flavours I’m looking for. On the Decent, the profile looks totally different using the Mythos vs Niche, so the grind distribution is clearly affecting that. The flavour on the Niche is not muddy, but by comparison I can see why some say that. It’s one of the reasons I got an Ultra as I wouldn't consider single dosing a Mythos
  5. I’m only guessing but mine has the antenna on the right, Vesuvius water tap on the left as I needed the steam on the right. I have the std steam arm on my Vesuvius and believe the antenna will give more room for bigger pitchers. Although, having checked again maybe I had on my rose coloured specs!
  6. Similar time for me as well, just over a week. It's incredibly well built and I agree that when looking for what could possibly go wrong, maybe the wooden ball. That said it runs smooth and I can't foresee any issues. It is heavy but it's shape works well with regards effort. The Commandante has a wider body which is more difficult in comparison. Have a number of hand grinders, OE Fixie, OE Pharos, Feld, Feld 47, Hausgrind ,Commandante and Kinu 47 and if I were to sell them the 106 would be the last to go, especially if espresso was my main driver.
  7. I think the latest list is as follows. The one above includes all @DavecUKmachines: 1. @dfk41 ACS Vesuvius Evo Leva 2. @spasypaddy Lelit Bianca 3 @DavecUK Lelit Bianca Prototype 4. @Rob666 Rocket Giotto Evoluzione 5. @P1FanaticRocket Appartamento Serie Nera 6. @Chriss29 Sage Dual Boiler 7. @lake_m La Marzocco GS3 MP 8. @El carajillo Quick Mill Verona. Gaggia Classic 9. @prezes Lelit MaraX 10. @General-S-1 Sage Barista express 11. @ronan08 Breville Dual Boiler BES900 12. @Ando Lelit Elizabeth 13. @HVL87 ACS Minima 14. @Graham Phillips ACS Vesuvius 15. @Philip HN Rocket R58 16. @Phil104Londinium LI 17. @MediumRoastSteam Lelit Elizabeth v3 18. @M R Lelit Elizabeth V3 19. @StevebeeDecent 1.4 Pro
  8. Soon to get the ACS Evo Leva, next week hopefully, but currently have 1. Londinium L1 2. Vesuvius 3. Decent 1.4 Pro, my main machine so 19. Decent 1.4 Pro
  9. @LevviemanIf you scroll back through this very thread, the flexing was covered in some depth. In summary, the prototype flexes more than the production model. Still some flex in the production model but unlikely to have an effect on longevity. Lots of videos of older La San Marco group machines showing flex as well so it’s not a new phenomenon. Consensus was it’s perfectly fine and won’t break.
  10. From the front of the machine to the back is 51cm as mentioned. From the front edge of the front foot to the back is just under 49cm as there is a 2cm overhang.
  11. I’ve got a Puqpress and the Force Tamper and for your case I’d get the Force. Only requires fairly light pressure to work
  12. Stevebee

    Flair 58

    Seems to be their business model - they’ve done it since the original Flair at fairly regular intervals. Could be frustrating if you’ve just bought the ‘latest’ model to find out it’s already been upgraded. Normally backwards compatible though so not too much of an issue nevertheless.
  13. What for? Even if it fit, how would you get it out. Maybe Shrek could use it for a wedding ring 😂
  14. I think I’ll probably go with the same when mine turns up and see how I go from there
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