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  1. @dsc Yes £400. The Flair is closer in price if you get pressure gauge. I’ve just sold my Flair with accessories when I bought the Robot. With medium roasts the preheat routine is workable on both. I bought additional baskets for the Flair so I could make 3 consecutive shots without having to clean out the basket each time. Don’t need this with Robot as it works like a standard portafilter, just knock out puck. I just preferred the Robot workflow but the gauge, for me, is essential on both machines. For travel, the Flair is a much smaller package but I never used the Flair at home whereas the Robot I am each day - despite having the option of an L1 or Vesuvius.
  2. @Mudlark13 If you bought this plus accessories from Bell Barista, assuming it was in stock, it would cost £300. As this is has only been used on a couple of trips to Germany (I don’t use it at home) it’s in virtually brand new condition so don’t want to move on price. If it’s not gone by Christmas I’ll keep it as I’m away during January and this is MUCH better than the Robot as a travel espresso solution.
  3. @dsc It was in US dollars but converted was £350. Fedex delivered but invoiced later for a £53 custom charge. I think my Flair with the additional pressure gauge and additional pistons / baskets which are needed to help workflow adds up to £300
  4. Glad these sold out quickly at the £699 price - was tempted to get one just to do the profiling mod. Temptation removed thankfully!
  5. I’ve have 2, bought some time ago, the small and the large, but never seen one with Latte and Cappuccino marked on them. Mine just have lines.
  6. Every Saturday we’re at Barnes Farmers Market (10:00-14:00) SW13 9HG on Sunday at Stroud Green Market (10:00 - 15:00) N4 3HB. At Barnes park in Nassau Road at Stroud just park on street unless Arsenal are playing at home - not that often fortunately 😀 As I mentioned probably best in the last hour of the market otherwise you might get roped in serving coffees!
  7. Not sure where you’re based but if you are near London I use an EK43 with Titus burr carrier with an original plumbed L1 and a Vesuvius at two Farmers Market on Saturday and Sunday. You’re welcome to come and have play although towards the end of the Markets would be best - they get busy this time of year! ( A Niche is on decaf duty but you know all about that grinder😀)
  8. Stevebee


    Not sure about the user manual that comes with the machine as I haven’t got a Sage, but online the user manual for Breville Barista Touch does show how to adjust the top conical burr. I looked as my brother in Denmark has recently bought one and had the same issue. Rather than adjust the burr he decided to wait until the beans I sent him arrived.
  9. The OP has already confirmed they’re using Lavazza beans, not knowing roast date etc.. Sage themselves have posted YouTube videos showing the effect of old vs fresh beans on the shots, mentioning that for some old beans the machine will struggle to grind fine enough and to ensure they use beans with a roast date. Sounds like there is nothing wrong with the machine, just try it with fresh beans to confirm.
  10. When you use the normal double basket it’s the coffee that provides the resistance to slow the flow of coffee. This in turn extracts all the great coffee flavours, under 9 bar pressure, for your espresso which is why it will taste good. With the Dual baskets it’s the design of the basket that slows the flow. It will extract less coffee from the grinds. Once you dial in fresh coffee with the double basket you’ll find a significant difference in taste. However, the Dual one, as you’ve found, can enable you to at least get something drinkable from sub optimal beans
  11. How to adjust the burr is covered in the User Manual - looks straightforward enough but fresher beans is the best way forward. Yes, they call it Dual Layered. It’s used for pre ground coffee that is too coarse for the machine (which it sounds like the Lavazza are as well). It has the standard holes in the 1st layer of the basket but the second layer normally has just the one hole creating a bottleneck for the extraction, although not sure what the Sage ones look like. This has the effect of slowing the shot as the grind itself can’t manage to do so. Don’t know what it tastes like as I’ve never used one.
  12. I think you can adjust the time the shot is extracting on this machine but that’s probably not the issue here. If they are old Lavazza beans the Sage will struggle to grind these fine enough to give enough resistance to slow the extraction down reduce volume. Sage have a YouTube video showing the difference between fresh beans with a roast date and old beans with only a Use By, for the Oracle Touch I believe. You can open the burr and adjust the burr so that the 1 to 30 on the wheel gives a finer grind but personally I wouldn’t bother as you’d have to reverse the change for fresh beans. Either get some fresh beans which will taste better anyway or maybe use the pressurised basket for the remainder of Lavazza bag. With 18g in, look for 36g to 44g out - not the 120ml you are getting
  13. Well when I looked at the results the overall winner.... used a Gene! Makes quotes of “useless” seem a bit churlish
  14. Stevebee

    scale wanted

    They’re half price at a site in Ireland at the moment - details under the sub forum “Deals”
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