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  1. Different ends of the coffee spectrum. I have a plumbed L1 and it’s as simple and reliable as can be, prepare, pull, enjoy great espresso. By its nature, declining pressure and temp, designed to deliver in the cup. The Decent is so cutting edge. Temp, flow, pressure, software updates, bugs and continuous improvement, gravimetrics, the list goes on. I’m in the queue for one so will compare with my L1 and Vesuvius but I see it complimenting and increasing understanding / learning of profiling which can be applied to the V. At the moment, not based on taste in the cup, if I had to choose one
  2. I know - I bet he’s hoping it doesn’t go for more per $ as greens than he’s selling it for. It’s guesswork at the moment I suppose but the video can’t have harmed it value.
  3. There is a roaster in the US selling this for $49 /4oz or c £330 /kg. Can’t afford to have trouble dialling in at that price - £5.70 every time you get it wrong would be painful!
  4. Your charge temp is too high. It’s almost 30c higher than the temp the probe shows when you reach FC. Should be much closer temps. I agree with @Rob1 try charging at 180. It will slow the overall roast and your FC will happen about 178 I guess. FC will be later, in time, as well which will give you a better developed roast. Also read the manual and follow that as it’s pretty accurate. There is always smoke when you dump the beans - the nearer you get to , and into, 2nd crack the more the smoke.
  5. After those changes it’s back to normal. Can’t believe the name change had any effect as it’s just a text field so I’m guessing turning the steam boiler down a few degrees may be the reason, although 130 is what I believe the Factory was set at. Still worrying as I don’t understand the root cause. Not keen on turning the temp up again as it might induce an issue. I think @Paolo_Cortesewould be the one in the best position to shed some light on this as the message is in an area of the screen that’s not even mentioned in the User Guide or Manual. No reply yet though. Might email him separately.
  6. I've got a Royal with the Octopus mod plus Auberin timer, also titanium burrs. I think I've also got a brand new set of stainless as well. Reminds me I must get some photos as I never use it anymore .
  7. You could almost fit all your coffee gear in that! - mmm.. maybe you need a small fleet of them. Interesting project .
  8. You will never be able to sell the apron now
  9. Don’t get carried away by the Village name - elbow bumps only😀
  10. Connecting to the Lunar for true stop at weight gravimetrics is such a great step forward, especially as I already have two! The Bluetooth scale that is currently offered is quite tall and you would lose a lot of height under the group whereas the Lunar is tiny (and waterproof) by comparison. If you don’t connect a scale it can still stop at weight using a flow calculation. Once calibrated it is apparently within a few grams. One thing about the group head controller, new in V1.3, I like is the idea of is being able to take over and adjust a pre planned profile on the fly if things a
  11. Well this is weird. After I changed the boiler temp from 130 to 127 the text was still there. Then I made 2 changes. One I renamed my machine to Vesuvius from Vesuvius1 - this is just a user entry screen and you can call your machine what you like and more relevant I noticed the date was showing Fri not Thu. I changed it to Thu and now both text have gone when machine on or off. Or it may have been the temp reduction that needed time to be effective. Anyway, I’m keeping it at 127 and leaving the date so fingers crossed one of those sorted it.
  12. A new message showed up when I turned the machine off. Lectura dosis which I think is “reading dose” in Spanish. Maybe I should just learn Spanish if I can’t get it sorted! Touch screen is definitely much much warmer on the left hand side.
  13. Not sure if it’s normal and is on all machines but from the base of where the group meets the front panel , on the left hand side of upwards including just to the left of the screen it is hot to the touch, the steel panel not the group which is always hot. To the right of the screen is cool. So the area that’s hot is from above the two boiler lights to the left hand side of the screen going down to about halfway down the group on the panel. Maybe it should be like that but I don’t remember this getting hot before, only the group. Probably clutching at straws.
  14. Haven’t tried anything yet. All the other text on all the other screens in perfect and in English so would be suprised a loose connection would affect just the one screen in only that area. My guess its message about the boiler that was to appear when it sensed an issue but was removed from the initial program before launch and replaced with another way of highlighting it but something has caused it to now appear. Most other warning screens appear in red, out of water , over temp etc.., and this isn’t so no idea at the moment.
  15. The machine was off from Sunday until Wednesday morning, completely unplugged and the message was still there when turned back on.
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