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  1. This is the main reason I suggested the Meross as they are not bulky and you dont use the use of one socket.
  2. I’ll take it at asking. Can move to pm and we’ll sort out details
  3. Meross are similar to Wemo but cheaper and smaller so you can plug them next to each other. The Wemo is wider and can block the plug next to it. Both have apps so you can turn on an off remotely via 4g.
  4. A new Feld 47 takes 150 turns to grind 16g at espresso grind. The burrs are not seasoned yet and it is very very easy to turn, with little resistance. Hausgrind 60 turns but quite tough. Feld 1 110 turns and effort between the 2. Feld 47 is a chunkier version of the standard Feld but really nice to hold. The longer handle helps and I personally prefer the easier grinding at the expense of more turns as you can build up some fast rpms. Solid grinder
  5. A great day and congrats to @RobW on joining the lever club and to everyone involved in organising, setting up (and tidying up afterwards). A great effort
  6. [quote name='Glenn']Still space for 1 or 2 more from NW London Leaving Northwood Hills at 0730 if anyone would like a ride @[URL="https://coffeeforums.co.uk/member.php?u=18572"]jaffro[/URL] - PM me your mobile number please so we can arrange pickups[/QUOTE] @Glenn sounds ideal for me if still available as I’m in West London
  7. It’s slower than my Feld1. That does 18g espresso grind in 107 turns (5.9 turns per g) The Feld 47 does the same in 158 turns (8.8 turns per g). The 47 burrs are still running in as it is new but not sure it will reduce to the same turns as the Feld1. These were the same coffee grind and both produced 36g out in 30s on the Vesuvius. The grind for the V is always finer than my L1, by about 3 marks on the Niche Zero.
  8. It's not every time, about 1 in 4 or 5, but enough for me to stir.
  9. Just an update of my usage to date. Having tightened the sensor it now won’t budge, even if I try to pull it out so much more confident now. Really should rtfm, well as far as no.8 anyway. In use, the idle temps on this new one are the same as the old. Difference is when the shot starts. It seems to respond quicker once the water flows. For me it shows 1c above the temp I set the PID. This is consistent every time. I believe this difference in perceived response time is due to the fact that this new sensor has less contact with the group head than the previous one due to how it attaches via the adapter. This means it is responding more to water temp which is good news. I personally like the look of this one but I know some do think anything attached to an E61 spoil the look. I think of it as a tool giving great information ad actually like the look. Once attached correctly the sensor will not budge (I’ve tried) and for my use it is invaluable as I use the Vesuvius at a Farmers Market at weekends and ambient temps could play havoc with shot temps without it. If you feel the need to know more about the temps of your E61, particularly if it’s a HX machine, I think this is an excellent choice. Customer service is also excellent. With Reiss, Paolo and now Tudor for my Coffee Sensor I have been spoilt for excellent service, which is important to me.
  10. I’m guessing youre in the minority then as I do, along with many others from DavecUK to Coffeechap, not exactly newbies. It’s not every shot but enough to ensure that I stir every time.
  11. As I had the original one with no problems, I didn’t anticipate an issue with the new one so maybe I didn’t read the instructions as far as No.8 ! I think the fact that “don’t use a spanner” and “finger tight “ were the only phrases in capitals in all the instructions. meant I thought this part was important and might damage the ferrule if overtightened. I think number 8 should be the one in capitals :-) With hindsight. It was maybe not the brightest thing to look directly at it on the first run through. Got lucky with where most of the water hit (beard) so just a bit sore underneath all the hair. Not returning it as now it is tightened enough it works perfectly. The temperatures it shows are the same as the previous version so it must be inserted at the correct depth again. Obviously can’t compare side by side as I only have the one E61 group but it does seem to be a bit more responsive than the original. Use the original all the time at the weekends to monitor the group idle temp and adjust the temp setting accordingly.
  12. Just a word of warning if you get the new Taylor sensor. Mine arrived and I assembled as per instructions on the site, the key being assemble FINGER TIGHT the nut that contains the plastic ferrule. Fired up the Vesuvius and when up to temp, loaded the portafilter and started the shot. 14 secs of 2 bar preinfusion - fine, was watching the thermometer, then as soon as my profile went to 10 bar it blew the thermometer out along with 93 degree water straight into my face! Lucky I have a beard which I think helped. Re-assembled after the shock but this time tightened with the spanner NOT finger tight. Worked fine but still wary. This nut with the plastic ferrule appears to be the only thing keeping the thermometer in place as far as I can see, whereas the original was a one piece screw in thermometer which couldn’t blow out.
  13. The Socratic study concluded that layering specific particle sizes had no effect on tds or time. However, apart from the control, they excluded fines (300um). When these were included the time was halved and the tds higher. The control probably represents real world. So if fines and boulders have such an effect, it might be significant where they are in the portafilter. With an on-demand full hopper, I’m guessing they would both be produced at a constant rate as there is pressure from the beans above. With single dosing there could be more fines produced at the start with more boulders at the end of the grind. Even Socratic concluded that they need to do more work to explore the effect of fines. Without stirring when single dosing this possible difference in fines / boulders distribution could affect the shot. As I have actually used a Niche and tried stirring, not stirring, grinding direct into cup, grinding into the portafilter what I’ve found is that I have more consistant shots after mixing the grinds either in the cup or portafilter.
  14. I’m sorry, your post seemed to be just your opinion. Must have missed the bit that contained actual facts.
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