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  1. I'll do £495 posted if you chuck in some cam grease that you won't need on your minima 😂
  2. Would you do £490 posted?
  3. Its a nice offer. But with the world in the situation its currently in, I'm not sure when I'll actually be able to see them to pick it up. So would probably be best to try and sell it to someone local.
  4. Yeah I completely understand the reluctance to ship. I'll have to just wish you good luck with the sale and I'll keep my eye on this thread incase it happens to still be for sale next time I'm coming up (I'd imagine that will be quite a while away in the current state we are in)
  5. Looks like a cracking deal. Are you tempted to post? With the current situation I don't think I'll be traveling up your way any time soon. And my family are in Handforth so even thats a bit of a journey up to you.
  6. Cool. I'm in Bristol but have family in and around Manchester so depending on how much you were selling for and indeed if you do decide to sell I'll keep my eye out in the for sale section.
  7. No idea what people might think its worth. But price and location depending, I could be interested.
  8. How much are the beautiful black minimas with wood knobs you have in stock @BlackCatCoffee?
  9. I wouldn't be giving it to my dog. But Osmio do recommend using it to water plants.
  10. I had a subscription with Extract but bags would always come a week or 2 past the roast date. Coffee always tasted decent but I've cancelled subscription now so I can shop around and try other roasters.
  11. 3 minuites and 15 seconds this morning. Trying to balance my phone on the shelf above the coffee machine has returned disappointing results. I'll try and make a better video on the weekend.
  12. I'd say they are worth more than £80. Around the £150 mark is much more realistic. With new burrs these are bullet proof grinders that are more than capable. Just a bit ugly in comparison to the more modern domestic grinders.
  13. I won't make a video as I'm shy. But I'll use a stopwatch in the morning to time with Niche and La Pavoni I'm expecting to be around 3 minutes. Will update in the morning. Great thread this. Ps I'm a faffer
  14. I'm just going to post here too, just incase I want to sell something soon.
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