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  1. No worries. Will let you know if I'm heading anywhere nearby and this is still unsold.
  2. Would love to take you up on the Piccino but location is the issue - take it you don't have a convenient trip up to Scotland planned anytime soon?
  3. Hi So I have been the very happy owner of a 2nd hand Pontevecchio Lusso (from eBay) for the past 4 months. Unfortunately about a week ago after it had been on for a couple of hours it tripped the trip switch. Everytime I tried to turn it on again it did the same. I've isolated the cause to be the heating element (no trip switch activation when its removed from the circuit). After doing some research I've realised that my machine does not have a low water cut off, and I can't remember the water level at the time but I assume I must have boiled it dry and thats what has affected the heating element. All the information I can find online seems to indicate that the Lusso has a low water cut off - do I just have a very old machine made before this feature was added? Also in the process of removing the heating element I have managed to knock off the thermostat. The only ones I can find to replace it are those with the low water cut off 'reset button' on the back. Will this still work normally with my machine? Thanks Ben
  4. Hi whiteyj, is there any chance I could get a dosing funnel for a pontevecchio lusso portafilter? I've got a spare I'd be happy to send you if you haven't got a schematic for it already. Thanks, Ben
  5. Hi guys and gals I've just found myself the new owner of a Ponte Vecchio Lusso. Unfortunately the previous owner could not provide a 45mm tamper to go with it and no longer had the plastic tamper it originally came with. I've had a look via Google but haven't managed to find any 45mm tampers - does anyone know where I can find one or have one they'd be willing to sell? Thanks Ben
  6. 24 hours earlier and I think you'd have had a sale, however in the meantime I've won the Ponte Vecchio Lusso on eBay that Jacko gave me the tip on. Sounds like the better beginner lever machine so not too much regret on my part but we'll see if I can forget the appearances of the MCAL, otherwise I might be searching again in the future! Thanks Ben
  7. Unfortunately it's no longer in working order which is why I've started this thread. Noticed a loss of pressure and water leaking from between boiler and grouphead into the machine - i assume the gasket needs changing. With a combination of blowtorch and socket set I've managed to remove one bolt but another sheared off and the remaining two aren't budging and are essentially rounded out.
  8. Looks lovely, but pretty set on a spring lever. Not sure if have the patience for a manual!
  9. So my gaggia classic has sadly given up the ghost - the lack of coffee and upgraditis has me itching for another machine. I've been tempted by the lever camp for a while and love the look of the Elektra microcasa, any chance anyone would be looking to sell one? Preferably the chrome and brass version but not averse to the the all chrome one either!
  10. 01. fluffles 02. mrboots2u 03. MarkT 04. Unclejake 05. taxiboy 06. Step21 07. Rhys 08. Hairy_Hogg 09. GlennV 10. MSM Reserve: 11. PPapa 12. fatboyslim 13. Phil104 14. Bclarke
  11. Any chance of someone pm'ing the forum discount code? I just can't ignore the rocko mountain recommendations anymore! And while I'm at it it would be rude not to try the guat and Colombian...
  12. Yes still available. Just to double check you are offering of £95 + p&p (~£15 when whiteyj sent it to me)? If so, I accept the offer.
  13. http://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?26515-Bezerra-BB105-Grinder-OD-modified-%A3100 Not the prettiest of grinders but you won't get better quality in the cup for the price! I've got a 58mm tamper I can throw in to sweeten the deal as well.
  14. A shameless bit of self-advertisement but if you're looking for an electric grinder on a budget and have the space on the worktop I reckon this might suit: http://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?26515-Bezerra-BB105-Grinder-OD-modified-%A3100
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