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  1. I disagree - if you want a turbo, don't scrimp on it. There's a world of difference between a cheap turbo and a decent one. A good direct drive one, paired with Zwift or whatever, is much more likely to keep you engaged. [Edit] Disclaimer: I'm a cyclist. Very much subscribe to Rule 42. [/Edit]
  2. Previous listings have stated transferrable warranty:
  3. Got it - same issue as Obviously knocked the cable loose - let's see if that sorted the temperature alarm
  4. Cranked spanner was the right tool for the job - thanks. Got the temperature probe switched... but... it doesn't appear to power up First time I turned it on, it went on but showed a empty green screen on the display, rather than the usual boot up message in blue. I turned it off to check I'd had all the connections in place - now it doesn't seem to show any sign of life at all.
  5. Hm, that might be a good option. Might buy one. Issue I was having was that you have to angle a spanner in over the service boiler/water inlet and under the lip of the chassis. Then there's limited space for leverage with the hot water and steam delivery pipes. Also, with angling downwards, it's difficult to apply effective torque (and avoid unduly stressing other components in an undesirable direction). I'm out for a couple of weeks now anyway, I'll have another go when I get back.
  6. I think I might struggle with enough access to loosen the fittings that lead to the group head (unless I also take the steam boiler out). All the fittings so far seem to have required a very large spanner to loosen them. Certainly when the new temperature probe has an o-ring on it, I didn't imagine I'd need to take the boiler out in order to have enough leverage to remove the old one.
  7. Thanks! I think if I can get the boiler out, I should be able to get enough leverage on it. I ran out of time with it though, it's going to have to wait for a while.
  8. Right, gotten those out of the way finally. Temperature probe still seems to have all of the torque behind it, though.
  9. Gotten the compression fittings undone, and the olives are properly jammed in the fittings. ? (Stainless steel pipework, which might be the reason - never had issues getting things out of compression fittings with copper).
  10. Water here is really soft, I'm not even remotely concerned about limescale.
  11. Paolo's sent me a new temperature probe - anyone have any hints on getting the existing one out without having to take the boiler out? It's right under the frame - I can get a spanner on it, but I can't get enough torque on it at that angle to move it (all the fittings seem really tight).
  12. To clarify - this isn't regarding a potential sale. It's regarding an issue I'm having with a Vesuvius I purchased previously. Had issues getting through via email - this appeared to be a thread that Paolo was checking.
  13. I'll drop you a PM on here, rather than pollute this thread further
  14. @Paolo_Cortese I've sent a few emails to your elcor.it address regarding a fault.
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