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  1. Hey guys, I was hoping for some advice, I’ve spent a good deal of time lurking here and reading others posts, some really useful wisdom but wanted to follow up with a question. I’m opening a mixed use space, predominantly we’ll be a gallery and gift/homewares shop, I’ve just taken over a lease and this is what it previously did, to good effect. But the shop is in a fantastic location next to the train station on a busy commuter line, and I think the introduction of coffee, mostly for takeaway, would help draw in footfall and also keep tourists happy through the week and weekend. It’s situated in a busy tourist village and there isn’t really anywhere doing great quality takeaway coffee near the shop or station. We have a few bakeries that seem to specialise in a winning combo of poor quality coffee, high prices and grumpy service, but nothing apart from that. Anyway, we’ll probably have one space or two to drink inside, but we’re talking a few seats and a table, it’s A1 and we intend the coffee element to be ancillary to our main trade as a shop. However, as a coffee geek myself I want to do this well but also wary of shelling out substantial sums of money for something that isn’t core to the business. I do expect that takeout trade could be fairly constant over lunch times at the weekend, or perhaps early morning for commuters, whilst during other times pretty quiet. My question though, for something like this, quiet at times, brisk but not rampant trade at other times, are there any decent reliable machines you’d recommend for a cost conscious startup? Ideally I’d have a Mythos One and a LM Linea along with an EK at the back, but not sure I need or can afford that! I’ve been looking into some of the 2 group (1 group could be a little too limited?) Expobar machines, Fracino or if a good used deal came up a La Spaziale or San Remo (I have two distributers of LS and SR within a 20 minute drive, and the SR Zoe is very pretty!). What are your thoughts on those manufacturers, or anyone else I should look at? I’d love to get a machine for roughy £2K but if needs be I would up the budget or consider 2nd hand, but conscious it could be a money pit. I’ll probably pair them with a Macap or Mazzer SJ grinder to keep costs down, we’re in a softish water area but will run it filtered (Claris or BWT - Not looking for RO) and we’re single phase electric circuit and want to keep it that way. Sorry for a long one, wanted to avoid a cryptic and vague first post. Also, we should hopefully open 1st week of December, I'll be sure to post back! (Some posts I searched the OP never returned! )
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