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  1. @prezes - interesting. So the presenter shuts the flow almost entirely and the needle doesn’t move? Very strange!
  2. Ha. I was curious because you said you bought it from amazon.de. - Any reason why you didn't consider buying from a UK shop? Presumably with Amazon DE it was cheaper, but, was VAT added?
  3. @europa - Welcome aboard! I take you are based in the EU?
  4. yeah. Use whatever email gets to them. I don't own an ACS machine, so I don't know the details, but couple people I know, as I said, had no issues sourcing spares from either sources.
  5. You could say the same for any machine really. @BlackCatCoffee is an authorised dealer and no doubt he's able to source parts. Failing that, contact ACS and they will send you parts. I know of a couple of people who pursued those routes very successfully.
  6. I think you are referring to the anti-vac valve. If the valve was stuck shut, causing the boiler to not really pressurise, you’ll see a total lack of pressure when you steam first. And then it will pressurise properly. From what you describe, I don’t think that’s the problem. You can check his without even opening your machine up. After bringing the machine up to temp, release some steam via the steam wand, for about 5 seconds. Do you have a massive temperature or pressure drop, that the machine takes a significant time to recover? If so, then the valve is the culprit. If this happens, please shoot a video next time. But, from what you describe, I doubt that’s the case.
  7. I have no idea. The only thing I can think of is that, because with the much weaker, stock spring + vent spring, the pre-infusion chamber will open and therefore you have more space to fill, which could influence the reading. I have no idea. Whereas, with the stronger spring from the Lelit kit, that chamber is effectively disabled and never fills up. All speculation, I have no idea.
  8. Which spring was in there? Coffee sensor or the original MaraX? edit: I’m also losing it… I can’t remember if it’s you @prezes or @kico who have both kits!
  9. Errr…. Back and forth? Looks like we’ve gone full circle! on Saturday, @kico started all of this… showing us a link to this very video! 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣👍👍👍👍
  10. I have a 600g (large I think!) brushed stainless steel one. Works fine, no complaints.
  11. I'll not say anything about the Minima that just popped in the classifieds then 🙂
  12. @geezer79 - No worries. Just to check... After changing the temperature unit to Fahrenheit, did you set the machine to 250F (i.e.g: 121C or thereabouts?)
  13. @Omid - There are a couple of Elizabeths on the Classifieds for sale at the moment which would suit your budget really well. I think we are starting to see the effects of going back to normality - and fortunately or unfortunately - people will start selling their coffee gear as they will find themselves more and more back in the office again.
  14. if you like the Minima, then the warm up issue can be resolved with a smart plug. Personally, I don't have a set schedule, and I only drink two coffees a day. So for me, I like to turn the machine on, wait 15-20 minutes and have a coffee. And turn the machine off.
  15. There should be - with a strong spring above 10 bar or so, you are effectively removing the pre-infusion chamber. Less space to fill up, therefore less time to pressure.
  16. Yes. But flow profiling might be even better, because then you have full control. The thing is, you need to decide what you want, and then decide which one is best. - Minima allows you to do 500 billion back to back coffees without issues what so ever. Elizabeth, Pro-300, Silvia, given the boiler size... not as much. - Elizabeth has a very quiet pump, Minima not quite; - Elizabeth has pre-infusion capability, Pro-300 and Rancilio no don't. Minima does not, but allows you to add a flow control valve for flow profiling. - Elizabeth allows you to tune the PID for brew and steam, and the temperature of the steam boiler can go up to 145C. Great for a machine with a 600ml boiler... Not so important on the minima with a 2.3L boiler (or close). - Rancilio, Elizabeth, Pro-300 heat up very fast. Minima not as much. - Elizabeth has fancy electronics (pre-infusion, timed switches, fancy hot water tap, etc) - Rancilio and Minima not so much. Profitec-300... It has a pstat to control steam pressure. Why on earth would you do that if it uses a PID to control brew temp...
  17. The nature of PID algorithms is to smooth an oscillation (read overshoot and undershoot). I very much doubt that it’s showing the actual temp is it only drop by 1C after a gusher or backflushing, without overshooting.
  18. That’s a bit extreme! Hope your new machine is set to F by default. So that I understand, are they asking you to send the machine back because it was faulty from the outset or because you, as the user, should not have changed from C to F? If the latter, that’s indeed extreme.
  19. Ha! Of course. You need to also change the temperature of the boiler if it didn’t change automatically. You need to change to the correspondent value in Fahrenheit (121C = 250F). You don’t need to go into advanced settings for that, you just increase the temp using the arrow.
  20. Never used them. But, given the hardness of the water in certain parts of the country, it won’t last very long. Plenty of people who do it. Just remember to descale every couple of years and you’ll be fine.
  21. I think they are both the same in my opinion, but you can argue the Minima is more box standard than the Elizabeth. But then what do I know.
  22. I totally agree. It's a worthwhile investment for E61 group heads, in my opinion. Let us know if you manage to change the settings. 👍
  23. I do have an Elizabeth. I don't know how it compares to the the Minima because I don't have one. But when I made my decision, I certainly did not want the Pro-300. Outdated and bulky, not for me. As for the Minima, I'd love to own one but I don't have the space, and the good thing with the Elizabeth is that it's up to temp and ready in 15 minutes. You'd need to wait 35 minutes at least with the Minima. The Minima however has bigger boilers, it's built like a tank, no frills, and also gives you the ability to, in the future, add a flow profile, something I now kinda wish I had bought a Minima (but yes, there are also other factors as stated).
  24. I'll buck the trend: When I contacted Lelit with an issue I had, they were extremely helpful and helped me track things down. Presumably they are doing their due diligence as, if the user then breaks the machine because they want to install an accessory and the user then claims under warranty, the responsibility of the warranty is with the reseller, not with Lelit. Can you imagine if then the user says "But I emailed Lelit and they said it was OK...." I would even go as far as saying they are doing the sensible thing whilst the machine is under warranty. I bet the response would be different if you said the machine was not under warranty. 🙂
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