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  1. Why? Genuine question. I've been through this process, and decided on the Elizabeth. Would love to hear your thoughts. 🙂
  2. OK. I'm sorry, I haven't got a clue. I don't understand how backflushing a machine can cause so many issues - gauges stuck, not heating, etc, etc. Good luck trying to fix it, but based on the information you provided, I'm clueless.
  3. OK. And where did you put the powder? In the tank or inside a blank disk/basket?
  4. What do you mean? Which powder, how did you clean it?
  5. in your video, did you just tried to open the steam tap and the tap is completely stuck? Or am I wrong? When was the last time this machine worked? Did you have it from new?
  6. OK - looks like that pressure gauge is stuck. 😞 How old is this machine @Andreii?
  7. Says video is private. You want to make it "unlisted".
  8. but he also said he tested the steam and hot water wands, and said they are not working. That would have released any pressure inside the service boiler? All seems "crazy" to me. Looks like there might be a few bits broken or not everything is being disclosed. @Andreii - When you say that the you are getting a reading of "the voltage in (AC) is less than 1v... when the machine is pluged into the socket" - Presumably this is when the machine is also on? Anyway, out of my depth. I'll keep checking to see if a resolution has been found.
  9. I still can't believe the gauge reads 1.2 bar and the machine is cold. How's that possible?
  10. So, the machine pressure gauge labelled caldaia reads 1.2 bar or above (as per your picture). The hot water tap (right) is not working - presumably no water comes out. The steam tap (left) is not working either - presumably no steam comes out. The water in the group is cold. Are you sure the pressure gauge labelled "caldaia" is reading 1.2bar or above? If it is, you must have a faulty pressure gauge. From what you describe, your machine is not heating up. From your photo, I can't explain how your pressure gauge reads 1.2bar+ though! Looks like you might have not only
  11. I think you are getting mixed up on the terminology. It's important this is understood correctly. On the left there's a gauge. It's called "caldaia". On that side, there's a steam wand/tap. In the middle, where you get coffee from, that's called the group. You machine is equipped with an E61 group. On the right, you have a hot water tap. There's no way cold water can flow from any of the taps. It can only flow cold from the group. So, I ask again. Please answer each of them. Is the machine on? (yes or no)pressure gauge labelled "caldaia" is around 1.2bar on the dial?
  12. So... Machine is on; pressure gauge is around 1.3bar on the dial; you open the hot water tap or steam tap and nothing happens?
  13. @Andreii - The gauge on the left, which reads "caldaia" - meaning boiler in Italian, is the pressure inside your service boiler. At that pressure, the water in there must be quite hot, over 125C. Questions: - Does steam come out? - Does hot water (from the tap) come out? If the answer above is yes to both, then there's nothing wrong with your heating element. So, it's fairly safe to say your machine is hot and it's is heating up. Maybe I'm misunderstanding you completely? Maybe a video of the problem would be better than two pictures?
  14. @P1Fanatic think what that's doing is cleaning around the group. Why bother. Instead, drop the shower screen daily or every other day, clean the screen, clean the gasket, clean around the group and refit. Will take less time and be less messy than that routine above. I'm not sure if there's much value in backflushing an E61 daily with water. Maybe every few days? Keeping the group clean by removing the shower screen and gasket and cleaning around it far better than the routine described above. PS: The above brush is... https://www.bellabarista.co.uk/pallo-group-head-brush-chang
  15. Yes, you are right, but I'm not sure exactly what's the best place to mount the gauge, as the closest to the group the better. Given the group is pretty much bolted to the boiler, you don't have many options 🙂 In my opinion, there's better things to do with the Classic. A bottomless portafilter, A PID to control the temperature, and the correct pressure set (I think on the newer Classics you need to change a spring) is better than a pressure gauge and some sort of dimmer to control the pump flow rate, IMHO.
  16. Thanks. So for coffee machines (and human consumption) it’s best to run with he remineralisation cartridge rather than the blank cartridge. Is that correct?
  17. @Marcus Athaydes - hi there. So you’d like to mount a pressure gauge on your Gaggia Classic? Why would you want to do that? I understand you want to check the pressure and potentially adjust the over pressure valve. But this is a “once in a life time” event kind of thing. You can do that bu mounting on the portafilter. Personally, I’d save the money and the hassle to cut a hole on the machine. The pressure will show whatever you set it to, and will decrease by 0.5bar (if that) throughout the shot. Day in, day out. There’s nothing t gain from this on a Classic.
  18. Watch 10 seconds into the video and your question will be answered. 😉
  19. Is that for both, with or without the remineralisation cartridge? In other words, is it advisable to use the Osmio Zero without the remineralisation cartridge in prosumer coffe machines, sometimes equipped with brass boilers, or stainless steel boilers or both?
  20. In all honesty @yahyoh , if you are OK with opening the machine up etc, I’d suggest you exchange the LCC around and see if it fixes the issue. It’s quite a straight forward replacement. You can even suggest to replace the Gicar box, but that’s a bit more involved. Given your reseller seems to be top notch, you could even run it past them? I doubt it’s sensor etc as the issue seems to be with both temperatures - brew and steam). it’s such a shame. Anyway, good luck with your espresso machine journey, but I bet by now you must be fed up of Lelit!
  21. This is crazy. How unlucky can you be? Didn’t the reseller check the machine over before shipping?
  22. Small world indeed! I'm sure either of those machines will be great for you. I have an Elizabeth, which an entry level dual boiler machine, and I'm very happy with it. Slightly more expensive than the ones you are after, however. So, if you were to go blindly, would you go for MaraX or BZ10? Which one do you see yourself using it based on what you've seen so far (I know it's a lot to take on!)
  23. Ha! I also live in West Berks, in Thatcham! Where abouts do you live?
  24. as you stem the temp will drop. But if you are not steaming, it should hover around the set point.
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