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  1. Personally, For home use, I’d prefer ridgeless. It allows me to easily swap baskets if I want and to clean / soak them. In my opinion, there’s no need for ridged versions in a home environment.
  2. @olek, this is the thread of a mod for a coffee roaster, not a coffee machine!
  3. Bingo. Same here... I’ve always worked full time (since I was 18) and went to Uni in the evening - the only proper university which had BSc programmes going on in the evening was Birbeck College in Bloomsbury back then. Took me 4.5 years to finish my degree and eventually I got there. I was delighted I was able to have the luxury of pre-ground Lavazza on a Moka Pot at the weekends!
  4. Story of my life. Now I have two Pavonis. [emoji2957] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I honestly think you’d be better off on Home Barista rather than here for this sort of question / discussion.
  6. No - there isn’t it. They are fine. It’s just a different design which requires a cooling flush for temperature management. Unlike dual boilers.
  7. Did you read how HX machines work? If you are happy, then all is good.
  8. Welcome. As you know, there will be plenty of people here who would be happy to spend your money for you [emoji6]. Grinder: get the Niche. You won’t regret it. It’s a single dose and ideal for the home, unless you want a flat burr hopper fed grinder. Machine: personally, I’d avoid an HX machine and I’d favour a Dual Boiler (DB) instead. I’d avoid even more if you live in a hard water area and are planning to use bottled water. I’m assuming you have done your homework and understand the different designs. Best thing ever is to drive to Bella Barista and spend a few hours there to see the machines on the flesh. What’s your usage pattern?
  9. Packaging the machine on its original box (previously not included), bubble wrap, padding, and any other additional packaging will add another £15 (exclude the postage itself) to the collection in person price.
  10. Bumpy bump. Got an audience on eBay providing I’m willing to post, so no sale yet. I’m now willing to post at buyer’s expense and risk. Happy to arrange with prospective buyer a suitable posting arrangement. ParcelForce insured will cost around £25 or thereabouts.
  11. I do agree with [email protected] - what they did is certainly not right, deserves an apology to you and should’ve been handled much better. After all, you are the customer! Who knows what happens inside those companies, their staff.... do they really know their products given the size of their stock list? Regardless, you’ve pointed out with evidence that them, as a company, have contradicted themselves by saying to you that they are SSP burrs but answering a customer on another public instance that they - or st lest the person who replied to it, doesn’t even know what they are. The fact they said to you they were and it simply isn’t, to me, should be a simple matter of a misunderstanding, a swift return and an apology. After all, a returning and happy customer is worth far more than the one they never comes back. Whether it was a naive mistake on their part or not, it’s irrelevant. It should’ve been handled better all together. For a lot of us here however, and a lot of the Pavoni users, they are a go to destination for the UK and worldwide owners. I follow other Pavoni groups and am yet to hear a horror story from them. Hopefully this was a one off, and I hope you settle this soon.
  12. I have to say I’ve ordered lots of bits and bobs for my Pavonis through them. Excellent service, a bit expensive, but no complaints yet.
  13. I’ve been using Ashbeck for years, as a lot of us here, without issues. The post above however says otherwise and Lockhills is a better alternative, which I’ll give it a go when my Ashbeck bottle is finished. On a Gaggia Classic, however, I’m not sure due to its aluminium boiler.
  14. [mention=2844]coffeechap[/mention] [email protected] may be able to help.
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