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  1. Excellent! That’s great news! And thanks to @DavecUK who actually managed to evaluate the previous machine and suggest a few modifications to Lelit, including a better expansion valve and, very important, in an easy accessible place! If this was in the previous version (as per 1st line equipment video) you’d need to pretty much take the hole machine apart in order to adjust the pressure. Not great. As per the coffee.... try grinder a tad finer and aim for 33 seconds instead at a 2:1 ratio (e.g.: 17g in, 34g out).
  2. Shouldn’t invalidate your warranty I wouldn’t think. Did you buy from Bella Barista? If so, give them a ring and clear the process with them. It should be fine. It’s very easy. See this video. It’s the old Elizabeth, mind you. It’s the same case though. All you need is to take the top off, so only the first minute or two is relevant.
  3. @wave Most of the machines show 10 when backflushing. You can adjust yourself. Take the top of the machine off and locate the OPV. Can’t be missed. 👍 Turn the nut and that’s it. Job done. Aim for 10 when backflushing. Turn that nut pointed by the two arrows. Try a quarter turn and go from there. I don’t know if it’s clockwise or anti clockwise. Maybe @DavecUK knows and can advise you better. The other arrow pointing towards the top points to the safety valve.
  4. Which grinder? What’s the pressure when backflushing (I.e: using blind basket)? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Hi there, just wondering if you had any further progress with this machine?
  6. It depends on the coffee and the grinder too. I don't think there's a set in stone value - You just do what works for you. I have a Lelit Elizabeth, same pump as the MaraX, and I tend, for the beans I like - lighter roasted, using the Niche - to favour a longer extraction around 40 seconds. But that's me. There's no reason you can't do 25s or 30s too, although, saying that, with all the machines I had (with the except of the La Pavoni which I never bothered timing) I always aimed for a 32-35s shot with medium roasted beans. Just experiment and see what works for you. A good starting poin
  7. That looks like a very nice box 😉 👍 - Does it fly?
  8. You could have had the Elizabeth - pretty much the same price, sometimes cheaper, depending where you buy it 🙂 Regardless, as you researched yourself, you won't be disappointed with the MaraX. Seems like a great machine.
  9. I've been in touch with Lelit support too for other reasons, mainly related to the group. They are brilliant. Looking forward to hearing from you! EDIT: Where did you buy the pump from, out of curiosity?
  10. Every day day, with the same cloth you use to wipe the shower screen, wipe clean where the PF locks (between the group and the dispersion plate) and where the gasket is. Make sure that's clean, because, if it's not, the portafilter won't lock where it should, a seal won't be form and you'll have a leak whilst brewing 🙂 Alternatively, you can use a group cleaning brush. I find a combination of both works best.
  11. Coffee detergent will remove all of the stuff when you backflush. after brewing s shot, flush some water. Then, wipe it clean with damp cloth/sponge. I left mine for two weeks, no backflushing, 3 coffees a day, and remove the shower screen. Remarkably clean on the other wise. it’s all on this thread. There are photos and I did a video with my routine, which shows what I do at the end. Works for me. 👍
  12. Thanks. At a guess, @DavecUK is on the right track. - @rogher I owned one of those machines before, and it shouldn't be doing this. The rotary pump pressure is too high, and I think it's forcing the OPV (expansion valve) to open and drain to the drip tray. I'm assuming the pressure has never been this high before, right? It should be around 9 bar. I think you can adjust the pump pressure quite easily. Try and adjust the pump pressure (NOT THE OPV - Leave that alone) back to 9 bar and see if the noise goes away. Failing that, I defer to Dave's knowledge. 🙂 Here it is (vide
  13. @kevin, this is great. Even better than descaling, it’s best to prevent scale build up all together. Take a look at the Osmio Zero, or if that’s not convenient or feasible, think about using Volvic, Tesco Ashbeck or Waitrose Essentials Lockhills. Those bottled waters will scale, eventually, but it will be a few years before there’s any insignificant build up. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. @mr-bean - @BlackCatCoffee has a deal on the minima for forum members, including a free bottomless portafilter I believe. 🙂 https://www.blackcatcoffee.co.uk/collections/domestic-coffee-machines/products/acs-minima
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