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  1. @thamuhacha - The Porlex will actually do the job, to an extent, as there are some drawbacks - being stepped is one of them, but you can mod it. But you’d be upgrading in no time, when you find out you have to crank for 2 minutes at least, constantly with some force. I do not recommend. 😂 go with one of the recommendations from @Morningfuel and you’ll be fine.
  2. But at the moment, you don't even know if it can pull one decently, let alone three.
  3. I have no idea. It would be best to check the small print (Overseas purchase, a product that's not in actual production, etc, etc).
  4. Join the club mate! 😂😂😂😂 ‘Order no. 120 ready at collection point “B” please’. Branding excercise failure. Obviously didn’t do some basic research on target markets. Gosh… and I don’t even work in marketing. exactly. I’ve worked in software engineering for a while now. Everything is great when the programmers test it, and use it. Then the cold reality hits home. How can anyone release a product without the release of meaningful information is beyond me. likewise, how can anyone actually buy a product that hasn’t even been demonstrated to perform to an acceptable standar
  5. Tried an espresso, and a flat white. Personally, I can’t taste any of the tasting notes expected with an anaerobic (maybe very vague). It’s nice, comforting. I noticed that, compared to the coffee a I usually like, it’s significant darker. I’ll keep going, will try with temperature decreased by a couple of degrees snd see where it goes.
  6. That’s the key factor for me. If he was smart, he would at least had the machine sent to some of the key enthusiasts around the world, for their feedback. Doesn’t need to be published. He can then iterate over, and do it again, until the overall feedback is positive. Seems to me he’s skipping restricted alpha testing, and going straight to beta testing on a production level. Crazy. It might be good, it might well work, but without the evidence and facts showing it works… it’s a risky business. edit: like, how’s this any different from a La Pavoni, or a Ponte Vecchio? We all know
  7. Yes! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👍👍👍👍👍 - ask @Cuprajake - he knows, from experience. 👍
  8. Why don't you buy a home grinder rather than a big commercial grinder? With that sort of money, you could dab into lots of the high end stuff. (Option-O, Monolith, Then you don't need to worry about retention.
  9. The Minima has an E61. You can always add the Lelit flow control paddle to control pre-infusion if that's what you want. Just the pump of the Minima is noisy compared to the Elizabeth. You can expand on the Minima. You can't on the Elizabeth. Elizabeth warms up really quickly. Minima taker longer. Minima is no-frills (proper "yes"-burn steam and hot water wands, whereas the Elizabeth has the insulated, "no-burn" type. Very different form factors too.
  10. @Usagercoffee - Last time I used a FP I used this method:
  11. I see. Well... I can't help you with that. 🙂 - I drink exclusively espresso, so no clue about French press. But given you will steep for a while - If you follow Hoffman's methodologies - I'm not sure the water temperature matters too much. The few times I did it I just boiled the kettle, let it sit for a minute and made a French Press. But again, you have a fancy kettle, so you can try and let your taste buds guide you. Remember, change only one variable at a time. So, if you change temperature, make sure everything else remains exactly the same. (steeping time, dose, prep, grind size, e
  12. Which machine have you? And, which coffee are you talking about here?
  13. @Usagercoffee - welcome to the forum. Rule of thumb says the darker the roast, the colder the temperature required. But there’s more to it than water temperature: there’s pre-infusion, there’s dose, there’s flow, there’s grind, there’s ratios. 96C seems too high, sometimes even so for a light roast. forget about “the de-facto” temperature and let your tastebuds guide you. Aim for a ratio of 2:1 (e.g: 18g, 36g out in approx 30s, depending on machine, starting at a 94C temperature) and let your taste buds guide you. If it’s too bitter, decrease the temperature until you find the sweet s
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