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  1. My journey was the opposite. I had a Profitec 700 (dual boiler, E61) and found it too big, took too long to get up to temp. For 1 coffee a day before a long day at the office, it was too much. So I bought a La Pav, and could not be happier. But now with this Covid-19 nonsense and god knows when I'll be in the office again, I find myself spending more time at home and use the machine more. I also would like something where I can turn on, wait 20 minutes or 60 minutes, and find the machine idling at a stable temperature. Ability to set that target temperature accurate, combine with the temperature stability and fast heat up, is key on a new machine. As you know, I'm now thinking of moving on from the Pavoni after 2 years. I still have doubts whether I should do this. Will I get better quality in the cup at a comparable cost/benefit ratio? I don't think so. Will I regret moving on from the Pavoni in 2 years time? Maybe. The other aspect is upgraditus, of course. It's always nice to have something new and different...
  2. Dual Wall = Pressurised. Water under the trip tray.... Err... Hopefully you mean water INSIDE the drip tray? Water will be underneath the drip tray cover/grate.
  3. I’m baffled. I used to own a Mignon a while ago. With a VST 18g basket, and an E61 machine, I used to grind very close to burrs touching, like, maybe 3-4 numbers back from the “zero” point. If went 2 numbers towards zero (when the burrs touch), it would choke the machine. Nothing would come out. This is from memory, mind you. When you single dose, you need to grind significantly finer. From your other thread, I gather you are single dosing. I suggest you don’t. Fill that hopper at least half full and try again. Let me know if anything improves.
  4. Fill that hopper half full, purge 4g out. 18g in the basket. Keep to your finest setting. Let us know how that goes.
  5. Good. Did you notice any difference in the flow though? I mean, can you go finer if you wanted to? I really can't believe you are in the "finest' setting. 🙂 - There's another thread that I'll take a look where you talk about the grinder. Let me read that.
  6. Don't change the grind settings. If it's your first shot in the morning, purge 4g. Grind 18g into the standard double. Using a toothpick or similar, distribute/fluff up the grinds. With your tamper, gently level and then tamp until you feel the grinds are compressed. There's no need to stand on the tamper. Just make sure everything is levelled off and compressed. Let me know what you get. Your Mignon should choke the machine on the finest setting, to the point that nothing will come out of the basket, not even 3 minutes after running the pump!
  7. No way the Mignon could not grind fine enough so it's so fine you'd think it's black flour. What's your basket prep like? This is most likely your issue. Also, what makes you think the Mignon cannot go any finer?
  8. So. For the sake of clarity: if you dial significantly coarser - say, 2 full revolutions - burrs further apart - the noise remains the same?
  9. It sounds like the burrs are touching? What happens if you turn the dial counter-clockwise (going coarser), by 1/4 turn? Do you still have the sound?
  10. I suppose I'll have a go then... The group of the Minima is very different to the group on the Elizabeth. Yes, it's a 58mm group, the portafilter and the group gasket is the same. And that's it. The Minima has an E61 group (but it's only the top part, so it's solenoid operated. It it's not a full E61 group mechanically operated. The advantage of that is that it doesn't require periodic maintenance and lubrication). The Elizabeth has what they call a "ring group", mounted immediately at the bottom of the boiler (no different to a Rancilio Silvia in that regard). The Minima was originally intended as a "MINIMum" version of a prosumer dual boiler machine. It has big boilers, an E61 group head (pretty much industry standard). However, the maim objective is to give the best to the user whilst keeping the cost down. So, the pressure gauge is mounted on the group (that's a good thing, IMO). It's basically no frills, no fancy. Just works with trialed and tested components. The Elizabeth is a domestic machine, full of cleverness and features. It's compact, suitable for a kitchen. It has small boilers, and lots of clever software to manage all the machine functions such as backflushing, timed shots, pre-infusion, etc. Components and software are somewhat proprietary. In summary: They are different class of machines. Get the Minima if you have the space, and wants to buy something more standard, traditionally made. Or the Elizabeth if you want cool technology and a clever machine which helps you make your coffee, with a fast heat time. The Minima can be compared, functionality wise to machines like: Expobar Brewtus IV, Profitec 600, Profitec 700, ECM Synchornika, Rocket R58 (any many other dual boiler, E61 machines). The Elizabeth can be compared to: Sage Dual Boiler, Profitec P-300. Hopefully the above is useful.
  11. MediumRoastSteam

    Mara X

    Are you back in business with the MaraX? New machine or same one?
  12. Thanks! I'd be interested for sure. But I only want to part with any accessories as part of the sale of the machine or afterwards. Until them, I'll keep using it. 🙂
  13. 😂 - There's no use for the gauge, apart from making sure your machine is at the pressure that you want it to be. Me.... I adjusted the pressure by mounting a gauge on the steam wand, so, every year, I check the pressure.... (and adjust it if I need to) 🙂 - It's a rather bulky addition to the machine, IMO. Doesn't serve much purpose. I can see the pressure profiling gauge being useful though, if that's your thing.
  14. You don’t have false pressure. Your machine has an anti-vac valve!
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