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  1. Bumpy bump. Got an audience on eBay providing I’m willing to post, so no sale yet. I’m now willing to post at buyer’s expense and risk. Happy to arrange with prospective buyer a suitable posting arrangement. ParcelForce insured will cost around £25 or thereabouts.
  2. I do agree with [email protected] - what they did is certainly not right, deserves an apology to you and should’ve been handled much better. After all, you are the customer! Who knows what happens inside those companies, their staff.... do they really know their products given the size of their stock list? Regardless, you’ve pointed out with evidence that them, as a company, have contradicted themselves by saying to you that they are SSP burrs but answering a customer on another public instance that they - or st lest the person who replied to it, doesn’t even know what they are. The fact they said to you they were and it simply isn’t, to me, should be a simple matter of a misunderstanding, a swift return and an apology. After all, a returning and happy customer is worth far more than the one they never comes back. Whether it was a naive mistake on their part or not, it’s irrelevant. It should’ve been handled better all together. For a lot of us here however, and a lot of the Pavoni users, they are a go to destination for the UK and worldwide owners. I follow other Pavoni groups and am yet to hear a horror story from them. Hopefully this was a one off, and I hope you settle this soon.
  3. I have to say I’ve ordered lots of bits and bobs for my Pavonis through them. Excellent service, a bit expensive, but no complaints yet.
  4. I’ve been using Ashbeck for years, as a lot of us here, without issues. The post above however says otherwise and Lockhills is a better alternative, which I’ll give it a go when my Ashbeck bottle is finished. On a Gaggia Classic, however, I’m not sure due to its aluminium boiler.
  5. [mention=2844]coffeechap[/mention] [email protected] may be able to help.
  6. Is the Faustino an Eureka Mignon with new clothes? As the Fausto is a Zenith with new clothes? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. This has now gone to eBay. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. I think the post above summarises it well, and, to me, it depends on what do you want from your setup. I, for one, settled on a La Pavoni Europiccola (well, I also have a Pro but that’s for sale) and a Niche Zero, and I love the fast heat up time and consistency of the workflow. The maintenance is also extremely easy. Once you get the hang of it, it’s bang on the same again and again. I don’t have thermometers or pressure gauge on the group and I’m purely guided by taste. However, I’m solo drinker and only make a cup or two per day. If you make more, or have visitors, the workflow with a Pavoni can be interesting. Overall, I would personally stay away from HX machines as I did not get on with cooling flushes at at all, not due to temp management, but because of the waste produced when using bottled water. As you know, an E61 group on a DB machine is consistently excellent but it has its disadvantages such as heat up time, descaling (think carefully what you feed it with!) and maintenance. Before that I went back to basics - filter coffee, Moka pot and a Feld2 grinder, as I really wanted to take a break and rethink. It’s very easy to get carried away on the upgraditus route, buying bigger and bigger. Before that I had a Profitec 700 - Dual boiler machine, e61, paired with a Kinu M68 and a T64 grinder also from Profitec. I had a Rocket Cellini HX too very briefly. Before that, I had a Gaggia Classic paired with an Eureka Mignon. So, my advice to you is think of what you want from your setup. Think about the practical sense. And find something that suits your budget. And lastly: don’t overlook the grinder. If were me, I’d upgrade the grinder first.
  9. I was looking for the lever.... [emoji2957] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Hi. Welcome. A video would help to explain what’s going on.
  11. I have 2 of those. They are good, but they seem to have rusted inside. [emoji15]
  12. Hello, Roasted Medium Professor Steam here. [emoji1787] - I too had a nozzle delivered, and all I can say is that it wasn’t much different to the longer 1.4mm version I have. This however could be due to the fact it only screwed halfway [maybe an oversight on the assembly line] and therefore, they had a similar distance to the hole from the exit of the pipe. Upon close inspection, albeit unscientific, I found that the other nozzle I had was maybe 1.5mm, but it seems to have a tapered shape as a 1.4mm drill bit would only fit half way through it. Therefore, upon analysis of the data collected in the past 72 hours, I’m wondering whether: - 1.4mm is a good hole diameter for the Pavoni Pro; - as there’s less water in the boiler on the Euro, and therefore less capacity for steam??? - I’m no physicist - a smaller hole - maybe 1.2m diameter - could be beneficial for that machine. Nick, thanks for allowing me to be part of your research team. [emoji4]
  13. Mildred, are you saying they are both equivalent and as far as you know there’s no difference at all on the steam quality? What was the mai difference between both apart from the black dot? From the pictures, it seems they one of the holes was slightly at an angle?
  14. Also, may I inform any interested parties that the brushes seen on the photo above are far too big to clean the group. [emoji1787]
  15. Good work! Have you tried swapping the steam arms around to see if the angle gets better? If I put the steam arm of the Pavoni Pro I have on the Euro, it looks like the one you have on your euro, pointing forwards. And, the Euro on the Pro makes it point right down. I know it’s nonsense as it should be the same, but it obviously isn’t!
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