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  1. Great question. Let's just say it was due to timing. The weekend got in the way, which gave me time to reflect about things and look around for alternatives (not necessarily on the same price bracket, mind - I do think the Behmor is excellent value for money based on what I've researched and owners feedback). So I decided to give it some time until I make my mind up again, whether with a Behmor or something else. Should this have happened mid week, I would have most likely had a replacement.
  2. And from day one, it had good water in it. 👍
  3. Just to put some closure on this one. Looks like lucky me, got a lemon, which I understand it happens. This is just how things are these days with mass produced goods. Fantastic service from Hasbean though. I reported the issue to Behmor, who, sadly, didn't acknowledge the issue, stating it was "just fine", when obviously it wasn't. Once I reported to Hasbean and summarised the outcome, without hesitation I was offered a refund or replacement, which I opted for the former. So, for me, back to square one. Needless to say, thank you all for helping me out on this one and confirm t
  4. Bargain of the year @ckrhodes - well done.
  5. Bear in mind the Mignon doesn't register changes straight away, that might be what you are struggling with. Do purge 4g after an adjustment and see if that improves. Also remember, always adjust with the burrs spinning when going finer.
  6. Thanks. So there’s no risk of shortening the life of the heating element in the same way as it was the case with the Gene? (I.e.: using a 230V element in the UK)
  7. I have asked this question before but no one answered. So I'll ask again, as maybe now that the roaster is out there, more is known. So this roaster has quartz elements. Are they not as sensitive to voltage as the Gene was? By that I mean that the 230V heating element of the Gene is not good for the UK with mains voltage being 240V. A 230V was said to shorten the life of the heating element. On the Behmor, you can choose which voltage you are operating at: 220V, 230V or 240V. But how about the Sandbox Smart R1? How does it know which voltage it has to deal with? Is it part of
  8. I started, got the parts... Tried a few things... But found meddling with the circuit of the hot air gun a bit intimidating, as I don't understand how it works. I might give that another go sometime. @Rob1 - I did say that on that thread 🙂
  9. Hello. Unfortunately appears that I have got a lemon. 😔 I’ve been working with HasBean and Behmor, but the weekend got in the way. Hopefully I’ll get this sorted out soon.
  10. @DavecUK - completely agree. I find there’s a misconception that a dual boiler sole advantage is the ability to steam and brew at the same time, similarly for an HX. Sure they can, but it doesn’t mean you won’t find some shortcomings as delineated in the posts above. As discussed on another thread, the little Lizzy seems to be an exception to some dual boilers - like ECM and Profitec, where the machine gives brew priority. The Lizzy seems to be some sort of steam priority or heavy bias to steaming temp over brewing. On both scenarios, one of them will always suffer. Some machines do allow both
  11. @CoffeeTim - try it. There’s no harm. Often those are fitted to compact the grinds before leaving the chute, in order to achieve a consistent timed dose and reduction of static.
  12. Maybe yes, I’m coming across weird. 😊 - but this is not the point I’ve been trying to make, obviously unsuccessfully! 🤣 . My experience tells me that, most of the time, a product is best used as designed. I’ve been on that road, tried to mod grinders, just to find the first impressions of the mod are often negated after a few days/weeks because there will be other shortcomings. My point being is, if the grinder was designed from scratch - rather than other cases where manufacturers just have a commercial grinder and think of ways of adapting it to home use or single dose - classic exampl
  13. Maybe the Elizabeth is the machine for you then. But if the Sage is still working, I’ll keep it. I see the Liz as a sideways step rather than an upgrade.
  14. Thanks for this. What I find strange is why a brand new grinder should be modded. Basically the consists of adding a pot of mints or similar to the burr chamber in order to pad it and therefore reduce retention. My question is... why didn’t the manufacturer do that themselves? Why have so much space around the burrs? This is what I question... if it’s being designed from the ground up, why not make it right first time? obviously I might be missing something.
  15. I did it this morning, coincidentally. Absolutely no issues with 250ml of cold milk. There has been times when the pump kicks in to refil the boiler when the shot is finished. So you need to make sure the steam wand is purged and the boiler re-filled prior you start your shot. But as a rule of thumb, to be safe, with the Elizabeth and due to its tiny boiler size, you are better off always steaming after your shot, always making sure the steam wand is purged well beforehand.
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