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  1. @Priscilla - if you want to rule out the knob being damaged, check a few posts around this thread: you can try a different know and see how it goes. They don’t cost a great deal. I’m extremely gentle with the steam knob on my machine. I close it very gently, and I never open all the way (I.e.: go all the way gently and then back 1/4 turn - and then remember roughly where the position is).
  2. @postexitus - I agree with Dave. Maybe a drip after drawing water is normal... But I've never seen after almost 1 year of Elizabeth ownership what I see in your video. Something is not right. If I were you I would: - Report this back to your retailer and log a case under warranty 😞 - With their permission, ask them if you can open the top of the machine, so you can see what might be going on there.
  3. You could… the other option is to get hold of the 230V element and control the voltage with a simple voltage regulator.
  4. @Priscilla - when you rotate the knob with and observe the shaft on the other wise hi side the machine as per se) does it rotate? As Dave says, remove the knob and see if it’s damaged. What sort of force do you often apply when closing or open? Do you open it all the way until it locks?
  5. For a machine off that age, you are looking at the £600 mark for something in mint condition. £500 seems about right, but I’d expect the PID control box to come with it. GLWTS.
  6. Yeah. For me, if I had a an HX machine, or a lever machine which would require more water, there’s no way I’d be using that. Not strictly because of the inefficiency of the process, but due to the chore needed to produce such a small amount of water.
  7. I agree totally. But what else can I do? If I buy an Osmio, it will use electricity and I will have to dispose off the filters (landfill), and no one will drink from it but me. Thankfully, because my machine is very water efficient (no flushes, no cooling flushes, no OPV into drip tray etc) I only do that once a week. So, in the grand scheme of things, it equates to having 2 LED light bulbs constantly on. in the winter, at least, it helps heating the room. I’m open to suggestions, I really am.
  8. For a moment I thought you were talking about the pressure on a shower! 😂👍 - thankfully it was just a consistent typo. 👍
  9. How far from zero are you now? Are the burrs damaged at all?
  10. That sounds about right as far as I remember with the Mignon. With a VST and a Gaggia Classic, I had to dial about 3 steps back from zero. How far from zero are you? edit: I’m glad this is sorted out.
  11. Go @Burnzy! 😂😂😂😂🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞
  12. @Burnzy - I remember your early posts… this must be so frustrating for you. I would by now have thrown the grinder out of the window! £25 quid or so will get you a new set of burrs. I do wonder whether that might be worth a go. Seems like a small price to pay in the grand scheme of things.
  13. @shadow745 - Your post above sums up. You are happy with what you’ve got, it’s your end game… for you. Other people may think whatever you’ve got is a joke (I have no idea what you have, so no disrespect). All I’m saying is that’s all relative. No one here is saying the Niche is the best grinder ever. But it’s unrivalled as an electric single dose grinder within that price range, with a proven track record. As you say however, there are new ones coming to market now at a similar price range, which is a good thing. I would however like to know what kit you have. I had two
  14. Have you ever used one, or had coffee ground from one? Aesthetics are hugely subjective and personal. It doesn’t influence what ends in the cup though!
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