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  1. For those who do not live in GB or not familiar with our charities and societies: Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty of La Pavonis
  2. I’m the one to blame for the first post [emoji106]. It works really well with the Niche and the Pavoni as it not only works as an adapter but also as a funnel. It has every day usage with me. Ps: and that steam tip too. [emoji2]
  3. Long shot but, is anyone having a spare lever they want to part with? Maybe someone who has fitted an esperto kit? Thanks.
  4. My machine is 7 years old. I tired to solve the swivelling base syndrome but that flange would not budge. So I just live with it. Annoying though.
  5. I’m not keeping it there! [emoji3] - it was just provisional until I was sure everything was good inside. :-)
  6. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] - one day I’ll develop some real skills [emoji106]
  7. Probably. But I didn’t have one, so used one of those precision screwdrivers as the the upper metal part seemed to be a perfect fit. Maybe I am too inexperienced and too gentle, so I always worry about damaging things. One thing is certain: the bamboo skewer fits perfectly and comes out with ease. With the added benefit of staying put! But then again, removing the steam knob is not something one needs to do too often (maybe every five years?) so the original pin will get back in at some point.
  8. My experience in Brazil is that the third wave coffee scene is in its infancy in major cities. The fact that São Paulo is one of the biggest cities in the world and very cosmopolitan, and yet it’s hard to find a decent coffee shop. The Brazilians have not yet discovered coffee in my opinion. Unfortunately most of the high quality beans are exported. You’ll find that, although the coffee equipment coffee shops have look good, the extracted result in the cup and sometimes the quality of the beans is far from desirable. If I were you, I’d buy a couple of bags of ground coffee (if you don’t want to take s grinder with you) and an Aeropress. By all means do try the local coffee shops, but don’t expect them to blow you away.
  9. I’ve been to Coffee Labs in São Paulo and don’t rate it.
  10. By looking into that machine, it’s a thermoblock heating system (no boiler) with a pressurised portafilter (put any coffee in there, it will apply pressure and push the coffee through a tiny hole. The coffee will kind of look ok, but it’s not real espresso and certainly will not be extracted correctly. Temperature stability will be an issue and I doubt about the steaming capabilities. If you buy that, make sure you don’t come back to this forum. Not because we are being snobs, but because you’ll be wondering what the espresso would taste like if you had a different machine, as that one would have reached its capabilities and revealed its inconsistencies and flaws very early in your journey. The same line of thought would apply to the grinder. We refer to this as “upgraditus” in this forum. If you have a budget in mind, we should be able to give you some advice on what you could get. Good luck. Ps: BTC machine. I might have just realised I might have misunderstood your question. Again, BTC also have their flaws. Usually the water is not hot enough, and the lack of control will frustrate some users very quickly. Will the espresso taste better? I don’t know. But I feel you are comparing apples and pears.
  11. Ha! Same here. I have a Niche and a Feld. I used to own a Kinu M68, which was excellent.
  12. The wonderful feeling of, having managed to get the retention pin of steam knob out - a PITA - in order to service the steam valve (oh boy the seals were in a sorry state), the joy of having found something much easier to remove next time: It fits perfectly. It is a cut from barbecue skewers :-) - I’ll see how it goes. Or I can have the whole thing in if I want it. Not sure about the ergonomics however.... [emoji23]This is the big sister of the one which originated this thread.
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