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  1. Indeed. The Feld2 is a great grinder. Used myself for Aeropress / V60 daily at work, and even for Espresso for a couple of months prior to the Niche arrival. You can't beat it. It's great. I'm sad to see my go, but it's better in the hands of someone who will use it every day rather than relegated to the back of the drawer.
  2. Yep! I don't have a MaraX, but I know someone who has a MaraX, a Cafelat 8mm and a Rocket bottomless PF and is a very happy chap! @Jason11 🙂
  3. Thanks! Let's move to PM to agree on payment & delivery details. 👍
  4. Thanks. I have chatted with the new member, and explained to him the rules. Until the rules are followed (i.e.: The member can post in that FS thread with a post confirming the member wants to buy it, it's still for sale). Rest assured I'm not going behind the scenes and have no intention to break the rules currently written on sand 🙂
  5. Sadly I gave up on TapaTalk + This Forum. It's more likely I'll buy a De Longhi Dedica than this to ever work properly in a consistent way. 😞 - sadly.
  6. I'll have that at asking please, providing it is a newer version which has a mounting hole for the Niche grinder. Edit: If that's the one pictured in the link you sent, then it does, so yes, please, I'll have it at asking. 🙂 - It needs to have the hole in the middle.
  7. For the sake of transparency and compliance with forum rules, I have had a forum member who PM’d me with an offer. the member offered £110 posted. I replied I’d do for £112 posted. @Giles1986
  8. This is an area I don’t understand very well. But, if you grind finer and finer, then you’d extract more. the good thing is that you found the sweet spot for your equipment paired with your accessories and beans: whether it’s 30s or 50s doesn’t matter, as long as it tastes good!
  9. When backflushing, and when you remove the PF at the end, has the soap been dissolved? Have you checked for blockages in the dispersion plate or shower screen?
  10. I’m always logged in, without any of the short circuits you mention. It’s a web app. Adding to the home screen as a shortcut will not change its functionality. As long as you tick that remember me checkbox, your token will be stored in the session (cookie) and the authentication will happen on request. This is the usual behaviour. edit: if your token is not valid or not present, then he fallback behaviour is to be challenged for authentication, which will therefore present you with a login screen where you’d provide the credentials to authenticate yourself.
  11. When you brew coffee normally, is he pressure released? If that’s the case, the valve is working, but doesn’t explain the issue you are having when backflushing though. With machine off, try to attach a silicone hose to the drain pipe and blow air in (with your lungs). Any blockages you can feel?air should flow normally back through the group.
  12. Something is not right with your machine then. Because, whether you fill with water before locking the PF or not, the pump will fill the blind basket up with water. If you are not getting water through the solenoid and down the drip tray, then you might have a blocked solenoid? Which Gaggia Clsssic have you? Which year?
  13. The activity stream doesn’t show anything new for me (mobile web, safari).
  14. I tried the site. Looks like there’s s lot of content, but it’s incredibly difficult to use! Very cluttered.
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