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  1. I have used Rave quite a bit, have been disappointed with Fudge and Suarez. My favourite now is . I have just received a bag of test roast from The Barn in Berlin. Will give it a few days to rest first though.
  2. Box! Naa ! No room for boxes in my life![emoji6] Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
  3. I have put around 8.5kg through. But was bought from friend. So no idea. Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
  4. I believe it's on the shopping list[emoji6]
  5. Jo. Not much different here in Germany[emoji6]
  6. I struggled with the VST at first and when I got the IMS I had no problems at all.
  7. Glen, as I use mainly light roasts I quite like the IMS. I have just changed to 18 in 36 out and have stayer with the IMS for now.
  8. I have both, and at the moment I am using the IMS 18g. Do you have any thought or observations?
  9. iPhone best thing since toast[emoji12]
  10. I´m going away this winter to work and will away for 3months at a time. I have a Gaggia TS HX machine, will it be okay with just the rest water in the boiler? Or is there anything else I could do? OK it will need a flush before I use it again,but any other suggestions.
  11. Having tried the plastic tube and weight with my Macap I'm not all that impressed. I used an old tamper that fit inside the tube. But this would bounce off the bolt holding the bottom burr, causing quite a lot of scratches to the metal. Ok if I had a longer piece of metal you could hold it and stop it touching the bolt. Just a thought. I have gone back to using a jam funnel and the glass bowl I weigh the beans in. Seems to be just as good.
  12. Would like to see how you modify to single dosing.
  13. My Macap has a plastic cover over the nut. But as I brush out the grounds from the burr opening its no big deal.
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