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  1. Sorry that’s exactly what I meant! whichever way, pm me or tag me to get my attention to the thread. thabk you
  2. my Olympus grinder is still for sale, happy to lower price to £550 for a quick sale, please PM me if interested as I cannot come to check the posts very regularly, thank you.
  3. This is still for sale by the way, asking price now £600 as coffee machine has been sold, thank you
  4. Hi Alex many thanks for your reply and offer which I am very happy to proceed further with lets move over to private message if ok with you am replying from my mobile and a bit tricky to view posts many thanks
  5. thank you unfortunately I have been at work from early this morning and am now travelling to Liverpool, I won't be back home until probably 1am so I will measure/check for you but am afraid it will be that late! sorry
  6. thank you for your interest, pics will be up by 10pm tonight promise (sorry am being delayed at work!!!) Here is a link to the machine from the shop I bought it from: although this is the MKIV 'plus' they are the same size: https://www.bellabarista.co.uk/brands/the-new-izzo-duetto-mk-iv.html
  7. hahahaha, as it does not fit in with my 'carnivore' lifestyle really, I just drink water, eat meat
  8. I am selling my Izzo Duetto MKIV which is only 3 years old, as I am giving up coffee. I bought it new from BellaBarista 3 years ago, I have been the only owner from the start. I looked after it carefully as I've been a 'coffee-nut' for years It has been cleaned every fortnight (pulyCaff), has a Brita Purity C150 Quell ST Filter which you can have, it is good until Dec 2018, this fits under your kitchen counter, descaled (no scale came out on descaling so filter must be doing good!) It's in great condition, has a TINY 1mm dent (which is not deep) on the head unit (will post pics tonight) Comes with (these items will come with machine, I cannot give you a lower price without items, the price is for the machine ONLY, gadgets are a 'gift' with the machine): 3 portafilters, 2 original from machine, one has a 15g VST basket, one of these is a bottomless portafilter. Has new silicone gasket and I have an extra one to give you Has EMS shower screen fitted Timer to plug it in and set the time you want the machine to wake up for you Extra 18 and 20g VST baskets, EMS single dose basket, 'OE' dosing funnel (to make sure your coffee all goes in your portafilter and not on table ) 2 tampers Tamper mat/station Coffee scale All of the above at £1200 COLLECTION ONLY from CR8 postcode you are very welcome to come to view/try before you buy, mainly evenings late and weekends (just PM me for arranging) I 'may' be able to deliver up to 20miles from my home but do not assume I can, ask I am also selling the Olympus 75e grinder (separate thread) PS can't remember how to embed photos in posts, below is a link to the photobucket folder with photos (2 are below but there is more), please click on link it will take you to the photo folder, let me know if any problems, thanks http://s646.photobucket.com/user/joparkeruk/media/Izzo%20MKIV/IMG_0559.jpg.html http://s646.photobucket.com/user/joparkeruk/media/Izzo%20MKIV/IMG_0560.jpg.html http://s646.photobucket.com/user/joparkeruk/media/Izzo%20MKIV/IMG_0561.jpg.html http://s646.photobucket.com/user/joparkeruk/media/Izzo%20MKIV/IMG_0562.jpg.html http://s646.photobucket.com/user/joparkeruk/media/Izzo%20MKIV/IMG_0563.jpg.html http://s646.photobucket.com/user/joparkeruk/media/Izzo%20MKIV/IMG_0564.jpg.html http://s646.photobucket.com/user/joparkeruk/media/Izzo%20MKIV/IMG_0567.jpg.html
  9. Hi all I have given up coffee (yes can you believe it????) I have kit to sell as a result: grinder and coffee machine (listed separately under 'Alex Duetto MKIV 3 years old' Regarding the Olympus 75e it is black in colour, has short hopper for full details of grinder you can look up this 'BellaBarista' link: https://www.bellabarista.co.uk//eureka-olympus-75e-espresso-grinder-silver.html?gclid=Cj0KCQjwvqbaBRCOARIsAD9s1XD0WmIJ0h-T-hc1CYyNVm6TENr-NFc2EGGaelRM_O3I-AM21jf6sQYaAq5dEALw_wcB 3 years old, no issues in how it works, excellent grinder, no marks/scuff, will post pics this evening. Asking for £650 (600 if bought together with the coffee machine) this grinder is £900 new Please do not PM me with offers, offers will most likely get declined, this is a good solid professional grinder and really at 3 years old it's still a baby! COLLECTION ONLY from CR8 postcode, happy for you to come and view it/use it at evenings/weekends Thank you PS can't remember how to embed photos in posts, below is a couple but for the rest (there is more) please click on the photobucket link and you should be able to see all photos, do let me know if any problems viewing them, thank you http://s646.photobucket.com/user/joparkeruk/media/Olympus%2075e/IMG_0569.jpg.html http://s646.photobucket.com/user/joparkeruk/media/Olympus%2075e/IMG_0570.jpg.html http://s646.photobucket.com/user/joparkeruk/media/Olympus%2075e/IMG_0571.jpg.html http://s646.photobucket.com/user/joparkeruk/media/Olympus%2075e/IMG_0572.jpg.html http://s646.photobucket.com/user/joparkeruk/media/Olympus%2075e/IMG_0573%202.jpg.html http://s646.photobucket.com/user/joparkeruk/media/Olympus%2075e/IMG_0574%202.jpg.html http://s646.photobucket.com/user/joparkeruk/media/Olympus%2075e/IMG_0575.jpg.html http://
  10. yes am so sorry I have not been back on the forum as I have been having quite a 'tough' time in my life (I know, no excuses!) let me post some photos for you, but the machine is in excellent condition thanks systemic Kid for the tag, helped
  11. Hi, I bought this well kept second hand Quest M3 (230v model) off DaveCUK, it is a great little roaster and was very happy to buy it off him however due to personal circumstances I am not really making use of it and I am also in need to sell some equipment/things I have in the house. It has a spare heater element just in case, I can also give you 3kg of green beans to get you started. Also with it come accessories (LED light to look at bean colour, mains adaptor to control heat/power via volts rather than with the dial on machine, wooden spatula, tray for receiving roasted beans, cleaning brush, some coffee bags and a 'hair straightener' to seal the bags with, works wonders). For collection only (surrey/kent borders near jct 6 of M25) asking £600 for it, good deal considering it would probably cost £1000 at least to get it imported and this is the 230v model, also the original version with thicker drum.... much better! Photos coming later by tomorrow latest, thanks
  12. Yes Jeebsy, that is 'exactly' where the 3 beans were. Guess it was to be expected not opening up the burrs for a good ten months :D (though I must say they looked quite clean!)
  13. thank you, I kind of 'guessed' at the end I turned the dialling knob all the way until the bottom burr was quite high, then put the top burr on, but the 'casing' it is screwed on was not touching the machine, so turned the dialling knob until this 'just' touched the machine (don't know if I am making any sense without a video/photo), put it all together again and put the grinder on 2.5 where I used to have it to do my coffee with and it seems 'ok'/similar to what i used to have, so must have done something right the 3 beans were stuck in the middle of the burrs not 'in' the burrs themselves, I think this is a common thing on the eureka 75e which is dealt with the regular cleaning routine when you take burrs apart etc, however I've been guilty of cleaning this grinder with 'beanz' so far and never took it apart, mainly because I could never undo the screws they were so tight! Tonight I got my neighbour over to try, he struggled a lot to undo screws but did eventually now I've done it back up not so tight so that I can do it myself in future on a weekly basis (as I go through 1kg of coffee a week on my own)
  14. Hi my eureka 75e started playing up lately, at no notice whatsoever the burrs will not turn at all (or grind at all) at first 'opening up' the burrs from setting 2 to 9 and then back to 2 would do the trick, then today it did not. I turned the settings knob so much I lost count of how many times so I ended up opening up the thing now, got the top burr off, gave it a good clean, there was 3 coffee beans stuck in there (maybe they caused the issue to begin with), but now because my 'dialler' has been turned so many times I don't know how to align the burrs to '0' does that make sense? I can't remember if I had a manual nor where it is if I had it bella barista website is down/not responding, was going to look in there if they had a PDF of the manual no youtube videos that I can find how do I do it? I am desperate for a coffee :D thank you so much
  15. oh gawd what is this guy on? (the guy from Made by Knock not simonm23 of course!) he is so inconsistent it's unbelievable, he can be superquick in replying one day then 'ignores you' the next 2 months! I tried to buy one of his tampers last year, but I gave up and asked my credit card provider to refund me the money after 3 months of him having my money but not replying to any emails/twitter/facebook messages, like I did not exist at all. Now 3 months is pretty long in my book, so if he was busy or sick must have been quite considerable.....
  16. well, last July I ordered a tamper which was in stock....waited a good 3 months then filed a dispute via my credit card and got my money back as they never bothered to reply to my messages (facebook/twitter included!!)
  17. @Rob666 could I also have a code please? I have already clicked on banner on post N1 and am waiting to place my first order of green beans thank you so much
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