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  1. cant crack open the boiler because the bolts are messed up, cant do any descaling of any kind because the water isn't flowing from the group head
  2. bumping this thread just in case anyone else has some advice
  3. I was just thinking of tracing the wires back from the solenoid to the other end and making sure there are no torn cables, no connections that have come loose etc. I had a visual look at them, they seem fine sussex, hastings
  4. I have extremely poor electrical skills, as far as I know its basically magic, what would you advise me to do at this point? I am happy to dump this gaggia and pick up a new gaggia if needed, I think they go for $140ish on ebay if I remember right, and I've owned this one for YEARS maybe its just time to replace it
  5. I dont know what to tell you guys, the solenoid valve is working fine, I must have taken it apart cleaned it out and put it back together 5 times now. I dont really know if the solenoid valve made a noise when operated, I dont recall hearing it before, and it isnt making a noise now.
  6. I feel like 1 or 3 would be the problem, I have cleaned the solenoid valve scrupiously/taken it apart and ensured all waterways are cleared and the machine is still not working
  7. Well I would say, the solenoid valve is working fine. Is there anything else that would be the issue?
  8. How should I know if the valve is clean and OK for reassembly? I have cleaned and removed the screen and block yes I do live in a hardwater area, I'd like to open the boiler and properly descale it but sadly the bolts are jammed hard, I wonder if they sell new ones on ebay...? What kind of sound does it make? the wiring visually looks fine
  9. had a gaggia classic for many years with lots of delicious coffee, today it suddenly stopped working - went from pumping out a normal amount of water to nothing at all in an instant machine was cleaned once a month with detergent pump sounds like it is working fine, the water is being pumped out of the steam wand when wand valve open and all three switches on control panel set to down I took the machine apart thinking it was a solenoid valve issue, but I opened the valve up put my mouth to it and gave it a blow, no problems or obstructions. Gave it a long soaking in detergent anyway e
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