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  1. Hi can I take a set of espresso cups? Black colour please. Pm me if that's alright and we can take it from there.
  2. nyvelocet


    Hah. Thanks. I won't mention that to my wife, I binned the aeropress in a rage after the water went all over my hand. Wish I'd known i could have just replaced the seal!
  3. nyvelocet


    If anyone has an aeropress they don't use much or don't want, let me know. The seal went on mine so thought I'd ask on here in case anyone has one that they don't really use any more. If I buy a new one it comes with all the other crap I don't really use! Thanks
  4. Hi, could you let me know how old it is?
  5. Can I take the espresso Cup please if it hasn't already been nabbed? Can only see 1 in the photo but if I've missed more I'll take 2!
  6. Hi Joe, I'd like to take the last bag if you haven't sold it on Facebook yet. Pm me your payment details and I can give you my address. Cheers James
  7. Sorry Dunk, as in my pm I'm not keen to go ahead with the sale. Best of luck, sorry if I've delayed interest from others.
  8. OK. Sort out the details on pm? I'm an hr or so outside of London, so will need to work out the details depending on where you are.
  9. Hi Dunk, I'm keen to take it and have been browsing on here for a while for a second hand grinder, but was ideally looking for something around £200. Would you take £230 collected?
  10. nyvelocet


    Been a member for over a year. Finally got round to posting as I want to upgrade my current set up.
  11. How does hasbean compare to other online delivery sites? My In My Mug subscription has finished and I don't know whether to renew or try a different site.
  12. Yep, another one here. When looking at specific grinders, this site kept appearing.
  13. Have come back to it and decided to look properly as I want to upgrade my current set up.
  14. Quite a while, and I've now been a member for over a year without posting.
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